1. Robert says

    Yes, they won’t hurt you,but hell if you get bit. I’d probably scream bloody murder if that happened to me. Ew, and it was crawling all over him too. Scary!

  2. tinhouston says

    we used to look for them when i was a kid. and grandma used to say it was good luck to have them around the house, as they helped to keep other critters away from the house….

  3. Jim says

    @Anferny – they are carnivores but they don’t eat humans. Mostly they eat other insects but I think there are reports that they might catch other things. Some gardeners use them to kill garden pests. Another interesting point, the female will most likely eat the male during the mating process.

  4. Patrick says

    Praying Mantis eat “bad bugs” and therefore a protected species in most states. If you have them in your garden, you are in luck!

    If you are a male praying mantis, you are better off being gay; after mating, the female praying mantis (which is much larger than the male) eats him. So much for afterglow.

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