Maryland Governor O’Malley Announces Support for Marriage Equality Bill, Calls It ‘Administration Priority’


Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley announced his support for a marriage equality bill in Maryland today at a press conference.

The Washington Post reports:

O’Malley (D), a Catholic who supported civil unions earlier in his political career, said a gay nuptials bill would be “one of the handful of bills that will be an administration priority” in January.

“At the end of the day, I think all of us need to look at this issue from the eyes of children of gay, committed couples and ask ourselves how one family could be protected less in the eyes of the law than another family,” O’Malley said at a news conference in Annapolis. “I don’t think that’s an injustice that can be allowed to stand.”

Last year, as a marriage equality bill passed through the state's legislature (it ultimately failed), O'Malley said he would sign such a bill if it came to his desk, but this is the first time that O'Malley has expressed outright support for a bill and said he would work to pass it.


  1. ohplease says

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for Barry to call his fellow Democrat to offer his support.

  2. Married in MA says

    This could turn out much like NYS if everyone works together. Let’s do it!

  3. daftpunkydavid says

    this is welcome news from o’malley. i don’t really care that it’s blatant political opportunism, because if it does work, the consequences will be awesome. but that’s precisely the problem. o’malley doesn’t seem to have the conviction that this is the right thing to do, like cuomo did. and so i’m afraid he won’t push hard enough, especially given that the opposition in maryland will be more organized and more vocal than they were in new york, where they were apparently more concerned about the preventing older victims of the catholic church pedophilia scandal from suing their attackers.

  4. Larry says

    President Obama has done more to achieve gay rights than any other President in U.S. history so all this Obama hate is totally idiotic and frankly i’m thinking some of you posting it aren’t even gay, just a bunch of teabaggers.But anyways i really hope we get marriage equality here in maryland, I remember how i felt disappointed the last time with O’malley for doing nothing to support us.

    I guess after the surge of popularity that the new york governor cuomo recieved O’malley finally decided to help us.

  5. Ken says

    Before everyone gets too excited about this, just remember, Maryland law is the same as Maine. If it passes the legislature it will be subject to a vote of the people and will not go into effect unless it passes. Last polls I saw were slightly in favor of marriage equality, but it will be very close.

  6. robert in nyc says

    And if a republican were in the White House, there would be no repeal of DADT considering that the majority of the GOP voted against it and would most definitely NOT support repeal of DADT either. Can any in the Log Cabin and GOProud name one piece of equality legislation the GOP will introduce if they win the election next year? Name one then ask yourselves, why are you voting for them. Oh I forgot, they’re only intersted in their portfolios, lower taxes which they delusionally believe creates jobs but can’t explain why those same tax cuts for the wealthy in 8 years of Bush produced NOTHING, but more debt.