News: ‘True Blood,’ Monogamy, Military Marriage, Volcano

LafayetteJesusTB  road Census figures show that about 1,600 gay male couples and 1,860 lesbian couples are raising adopted children in Oklahoma.

 road The New York Post keeps it predictably classy while reporting on a transgender sex workers' death: "Fire Kills Tranny in Dairy Den."

 road Kevin Alejandro, who plays Jesus Velasquez on True Blood, explains why his fictional relationship with Nelson Ellis' Lafayette Reynolds works so well: "What makes Jesus and Lafayette work is just how opposite of each other they are… It's a nice balance."

 road Sears revoked an accidental $69 iPad deal, disappointing dozens of customers, including a mother whose son has Asperger's Syndrome and uses an iPad for school.

 road Michele Bachmann's political philosophy in a nutshell? "Same-sex marriage was not much of an issue here when Mrs. Bachmann..arrived at the Statehouse as a new senator in January 2001… Then, in November 2003, the Massachusetts Supreme Court declared that state’s law banning same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Mrs. Bachmann sprang into action."

IndonesiaVolcano  road Once considered Rupert Murdoch's protege, former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks was arrested for her role in the phone hacking scandal that threatens Murdoch's media world.

 road Top London cop Paul Stephenson has resigned as commissioner after hiring a former News of the World editor accused in the phone hacking scandal.

 road Casey Anthony was released from prison this morning, and an angry mob was there to greet her.

 road Movie magic: the final Harry Potter flick breaks records with $476 million worldwide gross during its opening weekend.

 road Indonesia's Mount Lokon continues to erupt, and today let loose its largest ash and smoke cloud yet.

 road The Batmobilie prepares for filming in Pittsburgh.

 road At least 700 hundred New York religious leaders backed the state's marriage equality legislation.

 road Monogamy's many faces: "What we find is that the idea that it takes a village to raise a child is absolutely true. Humans are what we call cooperative breeders. It takes multiple people to raise offspring, and that's the mechanism by which we're socially monogamous. People commonly mistake sexual monogamy and social monogamy. Few animals on the planet are sexually monogamous."

GingrichDebt road The next LGBT military battle: "With the military’s ban on openly gay troops expected to end this fall, advocates for gay and lesbian service members are already looking ahead to the next battle: winning equal benefits for same-sex married couples."

 road Zac Efron makes a great looking race car driver.

 road Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign is $1 million in debt. Can the anti-gay Republican hang on through primary season?

 road Gay and lesbian prison guards in the Philippines are prohibited from frisking inmates of the same sex.


  1. says

    Contary to the nonsense in the linked “New York Times” article, reinforced by SLDN hack Aubrey Sarvis’s ignorance, there is nothing in DOMA or any other law to prevent the military from letting gay couples without children live in military housing.

    As the Pentagon Working Group Report makes unequivocally clear, they are simply CHOOSING to not use their legal discretion to let them because that would be seen as giving gays special rights. Sound familiar?

  2. mstrozfckslv says

    Sir Paul Stephenson, the Met Commissioner, Britain’s senior police officer, has resigned because of his connections with the scandal & right after the arrest of Rebecha Brooks with a huge swipe at Prime Minister Cameron in his resignation

    The Cameron torrie gov will fall due to this scandal…….if only the entire murdoch family + roger ailes at fox would fall as well

  3. mstrozfckslv says

    PS Holy SH@T

    Milliband, head of labor party is calling for UK to basically confiscate all Murdoch newspapers all murdoch TV shares etc anywhere near UK soil …………and sell them off to third parties without a cent going back to Murdoch

    HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow if Cameron falls then Milliband would most likely become Prime Minister and ouch for the house of Murdoch

  4. Frankie says

    People should be free to enter whatever kind of relationship they want(open, monogamous, poly). But I find the whole “monogamy is not natural” argument to be a vague and intellectually lazy argument. In nature, mothers also eat their young, males in general are rarely involved in child-rearing, and sons have sex with their mothers.
    As humans we don’t look to dumb beasts for our code of behavior or principles.

  5. Ninong says

    I can see how some might think that the head of Scotland Yard might have been influenced in his investigation of phone-hacking and murder committed by a News of the World employee just because he employed Neil Wallis, a former deputy editor at News of the World who was also simultaneously employed as a media consultant by a British luxory spa. Some might even think that paying Wallis £1,000/day for his services as a media consultant may have had something to do with Sir Paul (Stephenson, not McCartney) being gifted with a free five-week, full-board stay for him and his wife at the spa but that is not the case. Sir Paul wants everyone to know that it was his connection to his close “family friend,” the director of the spa that resulted in his FREE five-week stay, valued at £1,200.

    Some might even think that Scotland Yard was literally in bed with News of the World but that’s not the case. It was all just a matter of coincidence, said Sir Paul just prior to submitting his resignation.

  6. StevenElliot says

    am I the only one who’s noticed how damn hot Zac is getting? He’s really growing into his shoes…..oh wait! one of those pics shows Zac’s feet and his shoes are pretty small. Hope that doesnt mean what I think it means

  7. walter says

    maybe newt can put his campaign expenses on his tiffany’s account or could pawn his jewels? another hypocrite goes away in 4-3-2-1. bye bye newt.

  8. bicurious says

    Zac is a petite guy so naturally he doesn’t have big feet. His shoe size is generally a 7 which is maybe on the smaller end of normal but not super small. I wish I could comment on the other body part STEVENELLIOT was alluding to but I don’t know anything about that part–but I’ll ask around tomorrow.

  9. gregory brown says

    I am happy to see Zac Efron’s rapid evolution from vapid twink to handsome adult man. Both states are enjoyable to observe but the newer model Zac is infinitely more attractive. And he’s a reasonably good actor, too.

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