Niagara Falls to Provide Rainbow-Colored Backdrop for New York’s First Legal Same-Sex Marriages

Niagara Falls knows it has a cash cow in New York marriage equality and will be one of the places where a couple is married at the stroke of midnight this Saturday.

Niagara Politicker NY reports:

The inaugural couple will be Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd, Buffalo residents who have been trying to wed for over a decade and who have five children and 12 grandchildren between them. According to a release from New Yorkers United for Marriage, the couple will marry at Luna Island while the Falls behind them will be lit with the colors of the rainbow flag.

Mark Grisanti, a Republican whose vote in favor of same-sex marriage proved crucial to the passage of the bill, is expected to attend.

There will also be a group wedding ceremony there on Sunday, Niagara Tourism announced earlier this month:

The event, which is aimed at highlighting the passage of the marriage equality act, is expected to be one of the first official LGBT group wedding ceremonies in New York State. This wedding ceremony, being held at Niagara Falls State Park, will reinvent Niagara USA as a premier marriage and honeymoon destination, as well as translate to a tremendous economic impact for the regions tourism industry.

“According to Empire State Development, New York State would garner upwards of $400 million in economic benefits over a three-year period due to the passage of the marriage equality act,” said NTCC President and CEO John Percy. “Niagara Falls has long been considered a premier wedding and honeymoon destination throughout the world. Now, with the influx of a new demographic of romance tourists, Niagara USA will once again be viewed as the Honeymoon Capital, for all.”


  1. Married in MA says

    I think it’s sweet. I sure hope that there’s lot of television coverage on Sunday. I have a feeling that a vast majority of it will be positive!

  2. says

    @Jonathan – Yeah, it’s a bit tacky, but the Falls are always tacky at night. They are lit up all different colors like how they do the Empire State Building, plus the lights of casinos and tourists. Hopefully there will be plenty of daytime events that capture the natural beauty :)

  3. luminum says

    Yeah, I agree that Niagra on the Lake is a sad development, but at least the falls are still there to make up for it.

    I always thought the best rainbows were the natural ones when the sun is shining and the mist is rising from the falls.

    No way to capture those, I guess…

  4. Jim says

    That’s lovely, but what it fails to mention is that the happy couples have to be in Niagara Falls, one of the ugliest towns in the US, filled with fast food joints and chemical factories, so the whole place smells like ammonia and chicken wings.

  5. Gregv says

    Same-sex couples have already been getting legally-recognized marriage licenses in Niagara Falls for the past eight years. All they had to do was cross the bridge to the Horseshoe Falls to a country where liberty and justice for all is a reality.

  6. THE QUEEN says

    I’ve heard Donald Trump will donate one million dollars to the gay marriage fund if Ellen de Generes goes over the falls in a pink barrel.

  7. ratbastard says


    Canada’s gay marriage law[s] are a result of the courts. NY state’s law is the result of the democratic action of the elected state assembly. They deserve extra credit for that.

  8. Jamie says

    Ratbastard, to set the record straight: Ontario’s discriminatory marriage laws were found unconstitutional by Ontario’s Supreme Court. The province corrected that.

    Though the issue was presented to the Supreme Court of Canada, the Court deferred to Parliament. In fact, Canada’s equal marriage legislation was forwarded and passed in Parliament…democratically, by elected officials.

  9. Randy says

    To add to what Jamie said, marriage equality was re-confirmed in Canada in a vote in a Conservative-led parliament in December 2006. Equality won, 175 to 123. This ended the political threat of repeal.

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