NOM’s Brian Brown: New York Marriage Equality Passage ‘Stole the Right of the People to Vote’

Anti-gay activists aren't giving up in New York, despite the fact that polls show a large majority support marriage equality:

Brown Brian S. Brown, the president of the National Organization for Marriage, a national group that lobbies against same-sex marriage, said he did not consider the enactment of New York’s law to be a final defeat.

“The notion that you pass same-sex marriage and the issue goes away, that’s one of the biggest lies told by proponents for redefining marriage,” Mr. Brown said.

Instead, he described July 24 as simply the beginning of a new chapter in a long fight, though one fraught with uncertainty.

“The people of New York want to vote on this issue,” Mr. Brown said. “They don’t believe the process was either transparent or fair, and it basically stole the right of the people of New York to vote.”

The NYT reports on more opponents of equality in the Empire State, HERE.

NOM Leader Brian Brown Weeps Over NY Marriage Equality Passage [tr]


  1. Bart says

    Three things:

    1. – this is why we have elected officials, to make the laws of the country. Brian isn’t facile enough to understand that using his logic, we should vote on everything and skip electing people we trust to do it for us.

    2. – He has lost. He would lose. He will lose. Putting this up for a vote in New York would be a disaster for NOM and they know it because the margin would be huge and not in their favor. It’s simply chatter from a loser.

    3. – Brian failed. With a Republican controlled congress in New York, he and Maggie couldn’t keep this from passing. That’s a collosal failure. He should be replaced. This is his weak, weepy attempt to keep that from happening and to try and keep donations coming to pay his salary.

  2. paul says

    do these people understand the poltical process? the people do not get to vote on everything…and quite frankly should not vote on this issue in particular because most people are not sophisticated enough or educated enough to understand this issue. they think it is just about gay people wanting to push their lifestyle and to corrupt their children, when truthfully it is about protecting their families…and have access to the same benefits that hetero’s enjoy.
    gay people pay taxes too damnit!!

  3. petrof says

    It really is about the money to these people. Their whole livelihood depends on the huge flow of cash from the churches. If this were to dry up, they would disappear back into the sewers from where they crept.

  4. Brains says

    This fool just does not get it!

    The “People”, the dummies that they are, should not have the right to vote away the rights of any minority!

    Separate but equal, is not EQUAL!

  5. Married in MA says

    New York state is a lost cause. In no time at all, all New Yorkers will see that SSM is no big deal and does not affect them in any way. If it ever was brought to a vote, it would loose. Brian is crying over a lost career. Better revise that resume.

  6. Mark says

    By all means NOM, please do spend millions of dollars in New York! Waste your money here, so I can send my money to Maine to get equality passed there too!

  7. corvidae says

    Idea: Shouldn’t you try to get hate organisations banned, rather than fighting them at every turn? I believe in religious freedom, but I can hear you now “where does explaining your religious beliefs end and lies and smearing start?” Easy. Religious belief: “I don’t believe in …” Smearing: “… destroys families.”

  8. Hollywood, CA says

    Here Here, Ken! THEY HAVE NO FINANCIAL INCENTIVE TO STOP! This is no longer about what they even think is right or wrong, it’s about there income. I don’t knwo anyone who would willingly end their paycheck.

  9. Tom says

    As a Californian, I can tell you in New York, do not take these people lightly. Six months prior to Prop 8, “no on 8″ was polling in the high 50’s statewide. By the time the election rolled around—after six months of ads full of lies and distortions—we lost 52% to 48%. If it were no for the Bay Area and the north coast counties, the loss would have been worse. Thank your constitution for no initiative process in NY, but DO NOT count them out.

  10. MT says

    I have a question. Has any sort of polling been done in state where same sex marriage has been legal for a while that shows the attitudes of those residents towards same sex marriage? IN other words can we quantify the idea that in places where it has already happened residents have in fact come around to the idea that it’s no big deal and the world didn’t end for them like they thought it would? It would certainly kill all these arguments.

  11. jamal49 says

    Um, Brian, honey, um, I dug out my old high-school Civics class book and, how can I say this? Um, the people of New York DID vote for marriage equality because that’s how representative democracy works: you vote for the man or woman who you think will ably and capably represent you and then you trust them to vote your interests at the government level.

    Of course, if you have made a career out of hatred and probably wouldn’t even make a decent burger-flipper at McDonalds, then you probably would try and find some way to keep your job at NOM. It’s cushy. You get your name in the paper a lot and you have lots of face time on TV. You even get to be on C-Span, which sort of gives a slightly legitimate cachet to your bigotry.

    I know that you and Maggie and Rubicito Diaz are going to start the petition process like you did in CA to get it on the 2012 or 2014 ballot as a voter referendum, the NY Supreme Court will overturn it in a heartbeat.

    This is not California. We don’t do “voter initiatives” here. We get our rights the good old-fashioned way: we lobby and petition our elected representatives in Albany and we EARN our right to marriage equality.

    Any attempt by you or the rest of your ignorant, bigoted, hateful howling mob to take that away from us via ballot-box shenanigans will be firmly and decisively defeated.

  12. robert in nyc says

    Tom, they can try all they want. We don’t have the ballot initiative referenda system in our state. To repeal the marriage equality law would require a consitutional convention, a very lenghty, costly process which if convened would require I believe a two thirds majority in both houses of the legislature to pass. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

  13. Mark says

    Have u ever been to NOM’s website? It’s scary. Personal opinions and moral judgments are stated as if they were facts. No supporting evidence is offered whatsoever. Things are made up on the fly. Such as, for example, churches may lose tax exempt status unless they endorse same-sex marriage. This is complete bs. Churches have always had tax exempt status and the law has never required them to endorse ANY position as condition for tax exempt status. There is not a single gay marriage law that requires churches to endorse gay marriage as a condition for anything.

    This same situation is typical not just of NOM but or republicans in general. It’s never about facts with these people. They believe what they believe, they want what they want and it’s only about using power to get their way. The rest of us be damned. When you see it in this light, you understand that there is no point engaging them in anything other than an all out war to keep them out of power.

  14. Larry says

    Why is it that when equality wins, the people’s right to vote on the issue are “stolen,” but when a state legislature rejects same-sex marriage, that’s fine?

  15. acorlando says

    I was just about to post what Robert in NYC posted about New York not having an initiative process in their laws (like CA and other states.)

    It is a done deal. That boat has left the dock. But if NOM wants to squander its money on trying to reverse NY, let them go. The Marriage Equality dollars are going to be focused on other battles (like Minnesota, Maryland and DOMA overturn.)

  16. says

    If it were left to the populace, segregation would still be the law in the south, inter racial marriage would be against the law and women would not be allowed to vote. when will the anti whatever get it that certain rights are just that, rights that don’t get voted on, they just exist.

  17. Abel says

    If the country had voted on desegregation or interracial marriage, they would never have happened. Brian knows the only way he can win is through a popular vote where he can fear-monger by telling lies and convince the people that gays are demons. He should be ashamed, and I hope he loses his job soon.

  18. Jefe says

    This picture is horrible. While I do not agree with his opinion on the matter, I also do not think that we should poke fun at someone who is sad. Very insensitive, be the better person, take it down.

  19. Mark says

    Well, the scientific research findings about homosexuality are not on their side: every study has shown that sexual orientation is not a choice, that same-sex relationships are the same as heterosexual relationships, and that children raised by same-sex parents do NOT turn out any worse than children raised by heterosexual couples.

    The only thing they have on their side at the moment is the still-conservative (ignorant) public opinion, so no wonder they scream “let the people vote”. I wonder what they’ll scream in about 10 years when even the public opinion won’t be on their side. Every day is that passes is a day when old people die.

    Like they say in fairy tales: a dragon’s scream gets even louder when he is strangled.

  20. mike/ says

    do these people realize what would have been the outcome if people had been allowed to vote on interracial marriage? or any right for that matter?

    there is this thing called the ‘tyranny of the majority’ and the Constitution and the Courts have addressed it time after time.

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