Group Plans Marriage Equality Counter-Protest of NOM

Yesterday, I mentioned that the Westboro Baptist Church and NOM were planning rallies opposing marriage equality as same-sex marriages begin to take place this weekend. Here's Westboro's schedule. NOM plans a rally outside Cuomo's office.

Connectingrainbows The group Connecting Rainbows is organizing a counter-protest of NOM at 633 Third Ave. NYC, NY (Btwn. 40/41 Streets) between 3 and 6 pm on Sunday. Here's the Facebook page.

Here are a few additional links related to marriage equality this weekend. We'll have more, of course, in the coming hours and days.

Governor Andrew Cuomo will host a celebratory reception for gay rights advocates in NYC: "According to a tweet from Kaplan, a Cuomo spokesman said the party was moved [from Albany] because they 'had an overwhelming response from people who wanted to be a part of the reception but couldn’t attend.'"

Audra McDonald will be performing at the same-sex marriage officiated by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Oneonta, NY to open City Hall on Sunday for same-sex couples who want to marry: "City Clerk James Koury is opening City Hall to same-sex couples to allow them to apply for marriage licenses. Normally, there is a 24-hour waiting period to get married, but Koury is also coordinating an effort that could allow for a waiver. Koury's office will be open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday to issue the marriage license applications."


  1. says

    And Maggie Gallagher will eat a full package of Double-Stuffed Oreos while doing a poor job at tailing her Broadway musical writing son to “make sure he’s not being corrupted.”

    What a sad woman.

  2. wyocwboy62 says

    Joe B…there all a sad lot because they have to fight everything it seems in society…if they want a perfect x-tian world then they should take over a island some where and live there peacefully instead of causing havoc within society…like I have said before in the end the religious people will loose…they always do…look at hx it tells ALL! by the way Come out Come out where ya are Maggie….all people that have been so hateful towards the glbt are one themselves…we could give pages of list of people that are so insecure with their sexuality that they have to hate…that is a sorry lot, Ted H.

  3. robert in nyc says

    Why don’t these bigots all move to Utah, give them their own state and keep company with the Mormon cult, then force secession on them, cutting off all federal rights and privileges.

  4. Joseph Singer says

    As far as those Westboro people the very best thing people can do is to just ignore them. People know they’re assholes and publicity whores. Don’t engage them and they’ll take their tail home disappointed that they didn’t get a stir out of the queers.

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