1. FernLaPlante says

    I also take slight issue with the reporter saying she is the original celebutant. I think famous hangers-on go way back before her. Andy Warhol’s factory churned out many hacktresses. She has never been original in anything she does.

  2. excy says

    Actually, Paris Hilton is an american dream. In a country that celebrates financial success, she is a total winner. Of course she was born into money but her personal wealth has been estimated at more-or-less 45 million $ US. Not bad for an “airhead”.
    Look at the cult of celebrity. This woman has milked it for all it is worth. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. There is no shortage of wannabes.
    Her life is/has been a roller coaster ride….but she has always been a friend of the GLBT community. There are a lot of other despicable human beings that would like to take us down. Save the condemnation for them.
    I actually wish her all the best. You Go Girl!

  3. Shane says

    Hate to tell Paris, but she’s several years past being a has-been. She and all the wanna-be whores like the Kardashians are just human debris society would benefit without.

  4. justme says

    @FernLaPlante, you are so right. If she’s the original celebutante, what does that make Gloria Vanderbilt? Or Doris Duke? Or any of the others who were born before 1980?

  5. peterparker says

    @EXCY: Paris Hilton is a friend to the GLBT community?! In what way, pray tell?

    The morons who run L.A.’s Christopher Street West Pride Parade decided to make Hilton the Grand Marshall a few years ago. She showed up, rode a float and waved to the crowd in order to collect her fee. But she refused interviews with the GLBT press.

    I’ve never known her to advocate for any our causes. Marriage equality/Prop 8/DOMA? Don’t think I’ve ever heard her weigh in on any of those. She’s been missing in action on DADT. And there was that unfortunate New Year’s Eve video that Andy reported on 3 or 4 years ago in which she and her sister Nicky referred to people off camera as ‘fags’.

    If this woman is a friend to the GLBT community, I think we should just decide to go it alone.

  6. Rowan says

    EXCY is smoking crack.

    Dude she was NOT born into money in comparison to all her friends which is why shes been working her whole life. Like the Getty’s the grandfather left all the money to charity.

  7. Christian says

    Props for the “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” comment. When are they gonna re-make it, starring Hilton and Kardashian? Yeah, I just groaned out loud from typing that.

  8. Robert says

    As a PR agent myself, I see the news making more of this than is really necessary. Its very obvious that her PR agent was cautious of the questions that he was asking her and wanted to try to keep Paris in as much of a positive light as possible. Paris in no way acted spoiled or walked off, it honestly seems like her agent was telling her to stop the interview for a moment to redirect where it was going. Its not good when you are constantly being hit by questions that may infer you are a has been or washed up, especially when these interviews are supposed to illicit interest in any projects or endeavors you are currently working on. Paris seems like a smart woman, but the media continually wants to make her into a punching bag. She has even admitted that she has an on-screen persona vs. who she really is. Her onscreen antics are what her producers are hoping will get more ratings. And besides, its not like Oxygen is the most watched TV channel ever. And reality shows never really get a lot of ratings, even for the bigger more popular shows the ratings usually suck. Kudos to ABC for asking some hard questions, but to paint Paris as spoiled or having a tantrum is just yellow journalism.

  9. tim says

    look at mr. pr man…lots of words turning round in your head to justify an absolutely vacuous profession…your profession creates people like paris

  10. Mack says

    I’ve never invested much time thinking about Paris Hilton, save that instance years ago when at Hilton’s height my niece proudly claimed that Paris was her role model, and I begged her to consider Gwen Stefani. Aside from that, haven’t watched her shows, heard her music or read an interview with her. This is the most time I’ve ever spent concerning Paris Hilton.

    Aside from the fact that I find her a disturbing role model for kids, my thought from having read the posts here is people are wickedly mean.

    We’ve all heard bitchy banter at bars and parties, but through the anonymity of the internet, I have to say that I’m really disappointed in the level of callousness exhibited by my lgbt brethren.

    Wouldn’t you all speak louder in tuning the woman out and saying nothing about her at all, rather than being so unkind?

  11. Rob says

    Agree with Tim. Reading Robert justify the work of vacuous PR people makes me cringe. (And Robert, you mean “elicit” not “Illicit.”)
    Paris Hilton is a cute mess, whose only name recognition in public life comes from sullying her family’s elegant brand with a particularly filthy sex tape. It’s a car crash we keep craning our necks to see.

  12. Jack M says

    I feel sorry for her. She has no concept of what the real world is like and probably never will. It’s a waste – she could have used her money and her “celebrity” to do some good in the world, but she has been brought up to think that she is the center of the universe. Very sad.

  13. diego says

    I am so in love with her and I wish her all the best, peopole should stop the hate to someone that is so not important, just love to a beautiful girl

  14. Tyron says

    Hey Paris, the Warhol estate called – you’re 15 minutes are up. I know it will be hard for her to go back to just being rich but it’s somebody else’s turn to be famous just for being famous.

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