1. The Milkman says

    Yeah. Y’all are gonna need a bigger pool.

    And 38 grand? That might cover a kiddie pool on the roof of an apartment building in Hell’s Kitchen.

  2. Asher says

    Pooh on the comment above.

    I think this looks awesome, and I hope they make it happen. And the setting, off of Brooklyn Bridge Park is fantastic.

  3. John says

    Ahh – escaping the heat and grime into a pool of children’s piss and poo “tea” – lovely as it seems, I’ll just go a friends house instead or take a cold shower.

  4. john p says

    I can’t wait! There aren’t many outdoor or olympic pools in new york. So if I could spend my summer swimming outdoors and not in basements… I’d be thrilled! I like the idea of a mixed use space so that “elite swim clubs” (which, I guess, I’m part of) can mix with recreational swimmers, can mix with kids and families.

    Their design looks like those spaces can be separate (so I don’t have to deal with people doing water aerobics as I’m trying to do laps). I think there are also some parallels to the highline that could and should be made. Let’s get people out enjoying nature and our city:)

  5. NY2.0 says

    Arent they already constructing a carousel in that area? I like the idea but if it’s one thing, NYC knows how to overdevelop a beautiful spot.

  6. says

    It needs a better name. I suggest Floating Efficient Typhoid Infection Device. Then people could say “I’m going for a dip in the FETID pool.” (I’ve seen the East River)

  7. Paul R says

    If that’s going to be a public (free) pool, it needs to be a LOT bigger. The plus design is cool, though. I assume they’ll drain it in the winter, but it’s going to require some strong material to survive the winter.

    @Nate: that’s the ultimate, very long-term goal. Easier said than done.

  8. Your Mom says

    Ah, what a bunch of pool party poopers. You should be more concerned about a mobster’s corpse bobbing by you as you do laps.

  9. ratbastard says

    Handily located right by the projects on the LES.

    Oh yeah, an accident waiting to happen. You think the Christopher Street Pier has ‘problems’ with urban youth, wait to see the problems this ‘cool’ idea will have.

  10. ratbastard says

    And before anyone says it, yes, I’m aware the picture shows it on the Brooklyn side.

  11. MLH says

    The concept is noble, but the design is out of scale for a place like NYC. They would need to build about 100 of these. It’s only got 4 lanes, but it’s a great idea for smaller towns on the water. I think lakes would be more feasible that rivers.