1. dishy says

    Incredibly beautiful. That says it all – being denied the right to marry was so ingrained in us all our lives that one realizes the huge change marriage will make in our lives!

  2. Steve says

    I never used to cry at weddings, but now I now why others do… totally teared up for this!
    So sweet. Now I want to (find and) marry the man of my dreams on a beach.

  3. Scott says

    The tears get caught in my throat. My partner died right before our 10th anniversary of being together and we would have had a ceremony on our anniversary. I weep with joy for the couples that will have the right that was not an option for us at the time.

  4. Bryan says

    “Sugary?” Not enough suffering for Glenn’s Homophobia Newsletter?

    The remarkable thing about the Gaga phenomenon is that for the first time in history a pop diva has unflinchingly and explicitly come out in support of LGBTQ people, and the result is that lesbians ignore her and gay men attack her for resembling Madonna.

  5. nick says

    BRYAN That may be true but as someone who works with over 30 LGBT youth 14-22 on a daily basis they find Gaga to be a true role model. They latched onto Born This Way with everything they have.

  6. Matt says

    Your post brought me to tears. I don’t know you but would like nothing more than to hold you real tight right now. Please try to stay strong.
    With peace and love, Matt

  7. Rob West says

    I know cynics will say it’s just a music video, but it’s much more. Beautiful, Powerful, I know there are some who will never feel this, sad, very sad for them.

  8. David says

    @PG: Why does @Sam’s comment make him cynical? Rethinking traditional monogamous relationships doesn’t always equal sad, bitter and cynical queens. It merely suggests they found a way to mold relationships to fit the couple and not tradition. I applaud that even though I’m (soon to be) married in a 100% committed monogamous relationship. Way to be, Sam!

    Loved the video. So beautiful, especially with Celine Dion’s song… oh, I mean…

    (I kid, I kid, don’t smite me for poking at the Gags!)

  9. Harold Venable says

    @Nick – Excuse me, little Nicky, but don’t go making assumptions about those over 30. I’m over 50 and totally a little monster. I can’t help it, she’s irresistible!

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