1. Rowan says

    Poor Obama.

    The gays hate him and think he is anti gay and the right hate him because they think he panders to the gays!

    If only these evangelists would read some of the comments about Obama on Joe My God, Queerty, Towleroad et al…lol, they’d soon change their minds!

    Maybe GoProud and that Kerry Elvenwhatshername should email them??

  2. says

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA! “Obama, a weiner, with ears, stiff necked, and uncircumsized. Which means he has a hard on for God (America) but he’s not showing it…”

    Wow, just wow.

    Years ago, a similar loon kept putting manifestos with the same kind of wording along with a video in the newspaper vending machines of the paper I worked at. Except he thought Shania Twain was Satan. In the video, he took a Shania doll, smeared it with dung and set it on fire.

  3. says

    They’re so proud of their ignorance, they can’t help but shout it to the world! Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for these types. See it every day in my local papers opinion page.

    Someone needs to spray paint the message:
    “Trailer Trash on board” over this insanity.

  4. Acronym Jim says

    Perhaps someone should just point out to the owner that the license plate bears three sixes. Perhaps it would inspire this person to burn their own trailer in order to cleanse it.

  5. RONTEX says

    Does anyone else see that this trailer is photoshopped into this background? Did they do it for the dramatic sky or is this a fake? It’s funny and sad at the same time.

  6. NY2.0 says

    This picture should be posted on every gay website to show the fools on the left who like to bash Obama about being slow with gay rights who the real enemies are. The more I see things like this the more I want to vote for Obama… Anyone that makes these people go off the rails crazy like this has got my vote!

  7. Francis says

    It’s getting better, Marco. Getting there. Lots of work to do. But animals like this were the norm no more than 15 years ago. These days, they’re seen as the crazy bigots they are by most. There will always be insane individuals walking this Earth.

    Also, 100% cosign NY2.0’s post. Our community can never forget who the true enemy is. It ain’t Obama.

  8. It'sACamper says

    You do realize this is the back of a smallish RV or travel trailer e.g. camper…not a truck. Judging from the taillights, late 70’s vintage. From the looks of it, I would suspect it’s the owner’s home.

  9. says

    So . . . what’s the difference between this Neanderthal calling Gay people “queers” and ignorant LGBT activists doing the same thing? There’s not a damn bit of difference. We can’t “reclaim” what hasn’t been given up. However, we can raise our standards in regard to what’s worth claiming and what isn’t.

  10. Tomkzinti says

    I’ve seen this RV in person. It’s an old 60’s Dodge RV IIRC and the guy that drives it is a white-haired, balding old man. That hand-written text is all over both sides as well. Truly a sad sight. The rear window being blocked in an RV isn’t a ticketable offense as far as I know. Lots of RV’s have rear window curtains anyway.

  11. Lance says

    Im actually a little worried about this being myself from Portland. I moved here from Texas because Oregon was known as very liberal and overall accepting but if you take a look at the news as of late, there’s been a huge uptick in gay bashings etc. I’m not sure what’s changing here but it’s cause for worry.

  12. vwdavy says

    this would make an awesome tee-shirt that could be sold via Towleroad website, with profits going to the HRC, or some group like it that has its mission to eradicating this type of stupidity and that is super high-profile.
    a sort of special middle finger salute to the owner of the trailer, in a way.

  13. Redebbm says

    Rrepublicans, this is what you promote. Own it. I’m tired of this party lying on Economics and then Distracting with God, Guns, and Gays. Own your hatred and bigotry and how it promotes. Not all republicans are like this guy, i know several very well meaning ones. But i fail to see how it makes sense to promote a conservative agenda with people screaming these messages. This driver isn’t the only one.
    Re: Michelle Bachman

  14. Jay says

    This guy has a perfect right to speak out about his nutty beliefs and make an ass of himself in public. That’s what makes this country great. Although I wonder if that run-down trailer looks unsafe to be on the road.

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