True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard, Rutina Wesley, Kristin Bauer, and Alan Ball Shoot ‘It Gets Better’ Videos: WATCH


Three cast members of True Blood — Alexander Skarsgard, Rutina Wesley, and Kristin Bauer — and its creator Alan Ball, have released videos in support of the "It Gets Better" project.

Watch them, below.


  1. Alex says

    Am I the only one who finds it condescending to watch it gets better videos for actors? Especially straight ones. It seems to me like they were sort of pressured to do these

  2. daws says

    I love these videos, they’re so uplifting. And omg, Kristin’s video…I started tearing up when she did seconds into it. That was just beautiful.

  3. daws says

    @Alex: I don’t find it condescending at all nor is it a problem that they’re straight. I find your comment rather infuriating though. People do something good and you piss all over it. Nice.

  4. philip says

    How effective are these videos for gay youths? Straight folks telling you it ‘Gets Better’ doesn’t mean for troubled teens or even young gay adults. What they need are positive role models from gay community: Gay individuals in stable happy long term relationships(give them something to look forward to) or gays and lesbians who overcame adversity and now have successful careers while also making difference in their communities and families.

  5. Michael says

    I disagree guys…Getting anyone out there getting kids to think about how their actions may effect others and letting the bullied know that not everyone thinks the way that their churches, families,other adults and kids are treating them is important. Celebrity being used in such a positive way is admirable.

  6. J H Robbins says

    These commentors that think that only someone GLBT should comment on GLBT issues need to revisit history. Christians helping Jews in the Holocaust, whites marching in Selma alongside African Americans for civil rights – and that’s just 2 that came immediately to mind. History is replete with people crossing various cultural divides to help one another. I find it heartening and I also think it sends a strong message to the anti-gay forces too. But as I have often said-there is nothing so good that some bitter queen can’t come along and piss all over it

  7. Daniel says

    Noticeable absent is a video from Ryan Kwanten, who was allegedly coming out soon. Then he goes and makes a comment at Comic Con about how he enjoyed being raped by all those women on True Blood. Sad.

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