Truth Wins Out Infiltrates Marcus Bachmann’s ‘Ex-Gay’ Clinic

Posing as a man struggling with his homosexuality, Becker called Bachmann & Associates and was immediately referred to a counselor named Timothy Wiertzema. And, not surprisingly, their six counseling sessions together were predictably religious and repressive.

From Becker's report:

In the second session, Wiertzema also began what amounted to an extended fishing expedition to find a “cause” for my homosexuality, asking me if I had experienced any physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. In later sessions we would turn again and again to my first sexual experience at age 14. He also insinuated that “there’s maybe a feminine sort of tie” between my self-consciousness about my high speaking voice and my sexuality concerns and that I had somehow conditioned myself to respond sexually to male stimuli by masturbating to gay pornography.

After I mentioned a (fictitious) memory of discovering a hidden stash of male pornographic images in the bedroom of a friend’s older sibling, he said that this experience “obviously… had at least a little bit of a part” in the development of my homosexuality and asked, “What if you would have saw [sic] female pornography [instead]? Maybe you would be talking to me right now about your addiction to lust.”


Becker's article goes on to highlight how Wiertzema zeroed in on his masculinity and claimed that God wanted men to find women attractive:

Despite the fact that I never once mentioned having insecurities surrounding my own masculinity, Wiertzema took it upon himself to reassure me in our fifth session that “…because you have feelings of homosexuality, [it] doesn’t mean you don’t have masculinity. I’m just gonna go ahead and say that.” I was encouraged to further develop my own sense of masculinity and my personal definition of what it meant to be a man.

When I mentioned that I can objectively acknowledge a woman’s beauty without having any sexual feelings toward her whatsoever, I was told that whenever I saw an attractive woman I just needed to reinforce in my mind that she was, indeed, attractive, and that God made her this way and made me to notice her. After all, “God designed our eyes to be attracted to the woman’s body, to be attracted to everything, to be attracted to her breasts.”

Taken together, Becker's time at Bachmann & Associates led him not back to the closet, as Wiertzema would have hoped, but to a damning conclusion:

There can no longer be any doubt that Marcus Bachmann’s state- and federally-funded clinic endorses and practices reparative therapy aimed at changing a gay person’s sexual orientation, despite the fact that such “therapy” is widely discredited by the scientific and medical communities.

It’s time for Michele and Marcus Bachmann to stop denying, dodging, and stonewalling. They owe it to all Americans to provide a full and honest explanation for their embrace of these dangerous and fraudulent practices.

Becker's report will surely put more media pressure on Michele and Marcus Bachmann, but it could also pose two serious problems for Mrs. Bachmann among the Republican voters she hopes to court.

One, it reminds right-wing voters that the husband of a candidate who opposes "big government" spending is receiving state and federal dollars for his business. And, two, it reiterates to more moderate Republicans that Mrs. Bachmann endorses a morally dubious practice that seeks an homogenous America, a concept that runs counter to what this nation represents. They can't seriously support such a candidate, can they?

As for Democrats, Becker's article presents them with the opportunity to come out against Bachmann & Associates and other "ex-gay" clinics, but I'm not holding my breath for that one.


  1. lessthan says

    “They can’t seriously support such a candidate, can they?”

    Yes, yes they can, because Jesus told them to.

  2. Rovex says

    Well i think she is too extreme to get voted in as president. While the swing is rarely very high in the US elections I feel that such a right wing candidate would put off the small percentage of undecided voters.

    If its her v Obama, Obama will have to really mess up the economy in the next 12 months to lose.

  3. Rick Bushnell MD says

    You all… for your own education, these people are the very embodiment of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    Read and be aware>

    Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition in which people have an inflated sense of self-importance and an extreme preoccupation with themselves.

    Causes, incidence, and risk factors

    The causes of this disorder are unknown. An overly sensitive personality and parenting problems may affect the development of this disorder.


    A person with narcissistic personality disorder may:

    React to criticism with rage, shame, or humiliation

    Take advantage of other people to achieve his or her own goals

    Have excessive feelings of self-importance

    Exaggerate achievements and talents

    Be preoccupied with fantasies of success, power, beauty, intelligence, or ideal love

    Have unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment

    Need constant attention and admiration

    Disregard the feelings of others, and have little ability to feel empathy

    Have obsessive self-interest

    Pursue mainly selfish goals

  4. Marc C says


    Isn’t it twice as conceivable that the Republicans will thwart any corrections to the economy that Obama will make and 3x as likely that corporations will?

    Until we legislate against corporations as being “persons”, which they are not any more than they are Government entities, the economy is unlikely to improve. Our jobs and our wealth are being shipped overseas and our security is being gutted.

  5. Matt26 says

    Very good article, which clearly shows their “clinic” has nothing to do with therapy, medicine, psychiatry or psychology.

  6. Brian in Texas says

    While I despise Michele Bachmann and her views. She is the most GENUINE of any of the Republican candidates. She says what she means and she means what she says. Pawlenty, Huntsman, and Romney are cheap empty suits! I hope Bachmann wins the Republican nomination because she will be a disaster in the general insuring Obama’s second term.

  7. Pete n SFO says

    with respect, Andrew, I disagree with the optimistic summary conclusions…

    Tea partiers won’t like the gov’t handouts & moderates won’t like the craZy bullshiz, BUT… ppl suspend logic for emotion in elections.

    Still, I’m glad for this guy’s work b/c it WILL become more difficult for media to continue to give her a pass. When it’s over & done, bloggers will deserve ALL the credit for doing the job mainstream media seems to have all but abandoned in favor of Casey Anthony non-update.

  8. ralph says

    Let’s not be naive and get carried away. The mainstream media has glossed over or ignored the anti-gay element even after she signed that ridiculous pledge in Iowa. This will be ignored as well. It’s one of those harsh and frustrating political realities of America.

  9. Brian in Texas says

    Let me repeat: It would be a GIFT if this woman won the nomination. The smart Republicans don’t want her to win. They want the empty suit so they can mold it into whatever they need it to be to fool the electorate and beat Obama. There is no molding Bachmann; she is what she is.

  10. Josh says

    I know I’m becoming a broken record, but did CNN even report on Marcus Bachmann calling gays, barbarians?

    How can CNN do an expose on ex-gay therapy but not mention that Roland Martin and his wife have done this type of psuedo therapy and so does Michelle Bachmann’s husband?

    CNN often gives evangelicals a pass for being anti-gay and it is sickening.

    Where is Don or Anderson on this?

  11. r says

    I wonder if Mr. Bachmann has ever undergone reparative therapy himself.

    What are Mr. Bachmann’s credentials to operate this clinic, and what are the credentials of Mr. Wiertzema and the other counselors?

  12. Beef and Fur says

    Could that picture of him be anymore fey? I can see why he runs a clinic like that. All they have to do is stand the clients next to him. That man would make a leprechaun on ice skates look masculine.

  13. Rick says

    @Brian I have to disagree. We do not want one of the two major political parties to become a party of extremism of the sort that this woman represents. I want to see rabid homophobia of this sort become unaaceptable in both parties, just as rabid racism became unacceptable.

    We have begun to make some inroads among moderate Republicans, as the vote on DADT repeal in the US Senate and the vote on same-sex marriage in the New York Senate demonstrated.

    And that trend should be encouraged.

    The Bachmanns of the world need to be made into total social pariahs by everybody, not given any form of respectability, which is what a Presidential nomination would represent, even if she lost badly (Remember that Goldwater lost badly, too, but his nomination gave right-wing attitudes respectability, which eventually cleared the way for Reagan’s election).

  14. Bart says

    I don’t believe one goes into the “reparative therapy” business because of one’s faith. I believe one is fascinated with that subject because their own true sexuality has been repressed by their misguided faith and every day people like Marcus Bachmann and associates struggle with the mask they wear to cover their true selves, which they feel are bad or not normal. It’s his own conflict that leads him into this sort of terrible work, the subconscious motivation being that he wants other men to suffer as he is.

    What draws me to these conclusions are a few traits he shares with other closeted homosexuals who do everything in their power to deny their true selves. One thing, his own words. In statements he calls gay men “barbarians”, a very odd and quite masculine and aggressive term, something most men strive to have rather than not have. And the idea that gays need to be “disciplined” to avoid their true selves…which a very Catholic idea of how to repress all sexual urges as if that makes you pure. But the concept that your sexuality needs to be disciplined and closeted is something a closeted man understands very, very well. I don’t think the word choice was random but very specific to someone who knows what he’s talking about.

    The other obvious sign of Mr. Bachmann’s repression is the woman he’s chosen as his mate. A loony, rightwing, ultra-coservative Babie doll, which subconsciously he thinks makes him look like more of a man since he landed her but actually does quite the opposite. He also thinks it masks his true self when in fact his own prancing and mincing, his effette mannerisms scream that he truly desires not to be the man he’s pretending to be by hiding behind this woman.

    And lastly, this whole concept that “God told him to marry this woman.” Again, it then is not about attraction but arrangement. Whatever it is in his life, in his background, he’s so fearful of his true self, he makes up voices in his head and then psychpathically believes that he must follow them against his better nature.

    People like Marcus Bachmann are sad, sick and angry people. who wouldn’t be if their whole life is a lie predicated on a false notion that God won’t love me? And in the process, Bachmann and his kind want others to be in the same pain they are in and using their dubious therapy they’ve found a way to do it at government expense.

  15. qjersey says

    Can we get the Federal government to institute a policy (similar to our existing abortion policy) that NO public funds may be used to “cure” people of homosexuality?

  16. David says

    With the erosion of his base in states like NC, I think our president is in real trouble unless this nut job is nominated. Looking at the electoral map makes me very uneasy. Let’s hope the media continues to give her a pass until after the RNC.

  17. nikko says

    Well just check out Marcus waving like he’s at a Gay Pride parade…woo hoo, you go, girl!!

  18. JJ says

    I’m so torn. Obviously, Michelle Bachmann is ignorant and dangerous and her presidency would be catastrophic for the U.S. and the world at large. But, I’d love, love, love to see a gay man in the White House! 😉

  19. walter says

    marcus can’t wait to be first lady. he will even buy a new party dress for the ball, but pity the poor marines in the band.

  20. Rick Bushnell MD says

    The Bachmans….be careful, these people are not well…. Rampant homophobia and narcissism are a bad combination.

    “[homosexuals are] brute beasts…part of a vile and satanic system [that] will be utterly annihilated, and there will be a celebration in heaven.”

    Jerry Falwell: Quoted in Jim Hill & Rand Cheadle, “The Bible Tells Me So”, Anchor Books (1996), Pages 69-70.

    “I believe that one day the world will judge the witch hunt against homosexuals…as an unbelievable injustice perpetrated by supposedly ‘moral’ people against innocent groups, just as harshly as it judges the Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust. Both the Church and the Nazis believed they were acting in good faith.”

    N. McLean, Burlington, ON. Letter to the editor, The Globe and Mail, 1998-APR-11

  21. JOE 2 says

    I doubt that Michele Bachmann seriously believes she can be elected President – in fact, I doubt that she even wants to be President. I think she’s just trying to garner enough attention to segue into a lucrative career as a media pundit, author, reality TV star, lecturer, whatever.

  22. says

    “Will Becker’s revelations doom Representative Bachmann’s presidential campaign?”

    It was already doomed before Marcus pranced into the picture. I suppose this could doom it further. In the unlikely event she gains traction in the primaries, the Republican powers-that-be will sabotage her campaign, because there is no way in hell they will let her be the nominee, much as I would love her to be. Sadly, we’ll have someone far less unpredictably crazy to vote against.

  23. Danny says

    @ Bart’s discussion about the Bachmann marriage: I’ve noted the same things and have compared them to the Anita Bryant/Bob Green (Mr Anita Bryant) marriage. She was a very, very angry women (how I remember her angry, screwed up facial expressions when she discussed homosexuality on the Phil Donahue program in the ’70s!) who was married to a man who clearly wasn’t giving her what she wanted/needed at home. Same kind of fraud in the Bachmann household. A lot of grist for the clinical mill.

  24. galore says

    Obama managed to disappoint way too many segments of the voting population with his ineffective style.

    He won’t get a second term.

    Whoever gets the Republican nomination will be the next president.

  25. Lez says

    If Michelle Bachmann had a red beard I would think this was a photo for an upcoming episode of Modern Family!

  26. anon says

    Let’s just say this is probably too much “background” for her to gain the VP slot. Romney’s not going to want anything to take the spotlight off of him.

  27. EJ says

    Has anyone heard Marcus Bachman speak ?

    That guy is as guy is as gay as pink ink.

    Give me a break !

  28. thom says

    Right on, Joe….This is clearly an attention-getting issue. In her heart, she knows her sorry a** doesn’t stand a chance on the greater stage of politics. She simply is clueless and like Palin, she really doesn’t want to “rule” she wants to rake in the big bucks with books, be a Fox news “talking head”…the “big bucks” are out there, missy!(and she knows it) As for Miss Markilena Bachmann, he’s having a grand ol’time struttin’ and prancin’…and boy, doesn’t he look like he has the beauty pageant wave and smile down pat?…It is so clear that he is a person who loves the lights and glamour…swingin’ on Missy’s skirt all the way to the bank..No mistake, she will fade away come the real GOP nom process. She will be a gnat on the radar. she’s okay with that, I believe…her real goal is get a “real” job that pays “real” bucks…and I guess WE will continue as taxpayers to fund Markilena’s “therapy” vocation and her family’s idle farm will still get the hefty Government subsidy compliments of…guess who? Us, again.
    Leave. Shoo. Go Away….trolls…

  29. evolutionisfact says

    I see the nice pro Ronald reagan t-shirts you idiots are peddling at the bottom of this screen! Yup, sends a real nice message. How about Towleroad just runs an ad for loony Bachmann for president!!

  30. Jon John says

    Save me, I’m Queer!! The government will pay you lots of money for my treatment! You are such a good Christian.

  31. MoJo says

    “…Marcus Bachmann’s state- and federally-funded clinic…”

    Tax-payer dollars are funding this BS!?! This is a Fruck’N outrage if it’s true!

  32. Tyron says

    Virtually everyone (including those providing the treatment) knows this is quack therapy – those involved are only in it for the money. Which brings to light an issue that that should resinate with the tea baggers (who don’t give a damn about gay therapy). The fact that Marcus Bachmann willingly and greedily grabbing federal money for his practice. Baggers don’t care much about anything beyond smaller government and “their” taxpayer dollars – to think that the husband of their false idol is grabbing taxpayer money should infuriate them.

  33. says

    When will the Bachman’s of the world wake up and go after those of the so-called “Hetero” society for their own misgivings such as pornography, sleeping with other married men/women outside the marriage bed, the numerous pastors of Protestant churches who are pedophiles? Why? Because they hold the strong arm of the political mavins in the local, county and national governments and cover each for the other… Their churches don’e talk about the errors and horrors of their own sexual bubbles which is agianst God, but attempt to use “Homosexuality” which was never, ever really mentioned in the bible until man’s political agenda decided to put it in… The word for Sodomy was replaced with Homosexuality… believe it or not!