1. Gay American says

    wow – these religioius Fakes will find Jesus anywhere……There IS A Name for SEEING faces in objects….Its Nothing new..its something the Human Brain automatically does…I see it all the time in wall paper, wall designs..especially IF you are sitting on the toilet and have time to really stare at a Busy Wall…and yes, I see MANSON

  2. Codswallop says

    Ummm, that paper is heat-sensitive, which is how most modern receipt printers work so they don’t have to keep changing (and paying for) ink or ribbon cartridges. Far be it from me to cast doubt on the actions or motives of Christians, but if you heat something up you can draw whatever you want on that kind of paper and it’ll have that same ‘misty’ look to it.

    Someone ought to produce a ‘divine image’ of Harvey Milk on a receipt and see if the media is half so willing to report it.

  3. Mike says

    It’s so doctored! It would be more believable to me if it weren’t so obviously painted on. No it wouldn’t, but still it would look more realistic. But whatever, take your Jesus reciept and sell it to a crazy for 10k, it is a good idea.

  4. Craig says

    It’s heat-sensitive paper, that darkens on its own if it’s exposed to heat. My ATM receipts do this in my wallet all the time — although I don’t get Jesus faces, just random blotches. But, then again, they didn’t get a Jesus face either; my first thought was actually Mahatma Gandhi, but you’re right, it’s Charlie Manson.

  5. says

    Nobody knows what Jesus looked like. Idiot Americans see a face with a big nose and a beard and instantly think: JEW! It MUTHT be JEEZUTH!

    It could just as easily be Marty Feldman, but I doubt he’d be haunting a walmart.

  6. Chuck Mielke says

    No, it’s definitely Jesus as played by Fidel Castro coached by Osama bin Laden while dressed as Rasputin in a play by Christopher Lee under the direction of Crispin Glover with wardrobe by Ray Magliozzi.

  7. John says

    That’s hilarious, mrmnyc! I also thought that it looked more like Charles Manson than anyone else I could think of. I’m not trying to be disrespectful – I believe in Jesus and all – but I think it is a strech to think that this resembles the “classic” Jesus.

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