1. Nick says

    It was a great episode of Real Time- much better than last week’s episode when Mr. Coulter kept interrupting everyone with irrrelevant, neo-con drivel.

  2. epic says

    @Jon is that the best you can do?…really? I hope for the rest of you sad, petty little life that Marcus Bachman is the best you can do….We have all the proof you’re a troll on the inside.

  3. says

    Dan Savage is imperfect, just like the rest of us. But he has managed to do a hell of a lot more good than any of our highly-paid lobbyists have managed to do… he’s figured out that the only message that resonates with the American people is one that is full-throated and unequivocal, not some mealymouthed press release from HRC. If his talent for mockery and derision against the bigots can start to sway public opinion further in our favor (which I think it clearly has), then anyone’s petty little problems with him seem rather ridiculous by comparison.

    Dan’s THE best and most effective voice we have in the popular culture. Bar none.

  4. QJ201 says

    @The Milkman.

    Totally agree. When was the last time anyone could quote something good from the head of the HRC or NGLTF. As a matter of fact, how many gay people can name the leaders of the HRC or NGLTF?

  5. mike says

    Dan is a true hero … human, imperfect, yet making the world a better place, everyday.

  6. alexInBoston says

    We need more people like Dan Savage to get out there and “Make Change”!!!! if any of you nay sayers can do better please get out there and do it!!!

  7. says

    Dan Savage must have an awfully big ass crack to accomodate all the folks who try to lick it at the same! Mark my words: This tragically immature man is an unpredictable loose cannon who’ll end up doing the Gay Rights movement far more harm than good.

  8. Anthony-S says

    @ Stuffed Animal,

    You don’t have to applaud if Dan’s humor isn’t your cup of tea. You can say it’s a matter of personal taste. But I wouldn’t want to think that what you’re upset about is whenever people give fundamentalist Xtians the ridicule and contempt they deserve. You couldn’t be contemplating anything as asinine as kissing fundie Christian ass, could you? Please tell me that you’d never go there. Sucking up to fundie Xtians? Don’t do it! Your reputation would be shot forever.

  9. Anthony-S says

    @ Stuffed Animal,

    I should have clicked on the link to your wretched self-hating Jesus-worship sight (complete with a picture of Jesus being whipped before crucifixion). You’re a pathetic parody of fundie Xtian idiots like the Marcus Bachmann. No wonder you’re so upset when anyone criticizes the way Marcus Bachmann flits around like a deranged ballerina and makes a fool of himself with his hate propaganda. I should have known when I read your original comment.

    So you don’t like someone with brains like Dan Savage criticizing fundies like you? I suppose you could go to Home Depot and buy some large nails and a couple of two-by-fours and crucify yourself in protest.

  10. Codswallop says

    Actually, there IS a quote I seem to hear a lot from the HRC. “This is a terrible idea! The timing is all wrong! What? It worked? Oh. Well then three cheers for the HRC! WE did it!!! Don’t forget to give us your money!”

  11. jr says

    @ MILKMAN,

    do you really think that dan’s “full-throated and unequivocal” voice is swaying centrist voters to our side? rush limbaugh also has a full-throated and unequivocal voice.

    reality is they both preach to their base.

    how much of an influence does this round table of intellectual manhattanite liberals really have on the average ohio housewife?

  12. Henry Holland says

    “do you really think that dan’s “full-throated and unequivocal” voice is swaying centrist voters to our side?”

    Oh gawd, enough with the mythical “centrist voters”. Why is it those mythical creatures almost always end up voting (R), but with regrets! oh yes, the regrets: “If only so-and-so wasn’t liberal on immigration law/taxes/gays/[pick and choose from dozens of issues], I’d have voted for him/her!”. Poll after poll shows that liberal positions are popular with the majority of voteers and WAY more popular when there’s no Democrats attached to them. Dan’s not a politician, he has more latitude.

    “how much of an influence does this round table of intellectual manhattanite liberals really have on the average ohio housewife?”

    Mark Cuban is an intellectual? That’s news to me and every other sports fan.

    Your average Ohio housewife most likely wouldn’t vote (D) unless Harry Reid personally drove to her house with a dumptruck full of $100 bills and deposited them on her lawn and even then it’s 50/50 on whether she follows through in the voting booth.

    What Savage does is old-fashioned “keep the base fired up” politics. Voters in this country are notorious for voting against their interests for the most trivial of reasons, why would anyone think that a calm, reasoned debate about the issues is going to make a difference?

  13. Anthony-S says


    Most of the comments support Dan, but if you want to know why “Stuffed Animal” is attacking Dan, just click on his link and check out his web page, if you dare: Bible-based self-hate 101 for gay men! You know, Jaragon, as institutionalized homophobia crumbles before our eyes for the first time in 1600 years, both straight homophobes and gay homophobes are drawn out of the woodwork. Religious BS makes strange bedfellows. Very entertaining, no?

  14. BC says

    Oh yeah, Dan would hate it if anyone called him a name but he can name call like all he wants. He does not speak for me.

  15. Henry Holland says

    “Oh yeah, Dan would hate it if anyone called him a name but he can name call like all he wants”

    Right, because calling the Bachmann’s con artists and grifters is the same as Dan, just by virtue of being gay, being called a faggot, Sodomite and Satan!

    Oh, wait…..

  16. mark says

    I like Dan for his truth telling.

    His column can be interesting too.

    He did well backing up his opposition to “pray away the gay” with the support from professional psychological associations.

    However his name calling undermined his point.

    He’s had better nights.

  17. just_a_guy says

    yeah, i don’t think i could ever fall out of love with mr. dan :–). He’s a person, and he speaks his mind, with HIS OWN mission, which just HAPPENS to involve a lot of CONCERN for, well, frankly, the younger developing people we all once were (regardless of our sexual orientation, btw). And I think he did a terrific job here, too. Dan isn’t running for Congress, people. He is speaking from the heart–or at least he does at his best I think, with a little Dan-style snark thrown in for good measure, ha.

    (And I think stuffedanimal is irrelevant, sorry.)

    I DO think the camera angle didn’t suit Dan here. Something looked awkward about the way he was sitting. I’ve never seen that from him before.

    And Mr. Maher is kickass as usual. Thank you, TR for bringing it all to us :).

  18. just_a_guy says

    Interesting point about the NEVER raise ANY taxes pledge noted towards the end. Kinda striking, corruptish…

  19. Really? says

    Dan Savage has never claimed he was talking to swing voters–more like swinger voters. What Dan does brilliantly is tie homo identity politics to the whole issue of sexual repression in his column—showing young straight people and couples that our fight for equality is tied to their sexual freedom. The same fundie and theocrat asshats who want to shut down marriage equality are turning back the clock on abortion rights and contraception. Give them one more inch and they’ll happily go after the no-fault divorce laws next. You know all those under 35 people who the polls say are overwhelmingly in favor of gay rights? Dan is getting them into voting booths by appealing to their enlightened self-interest.

  20. StillmarriedinCA says

    Dan Savage is a hero. He, unlike most of us, has actually made a profound difference in the world and made it better.

  21. Phil McKann says

    When Dan hatefully flaps his pecker holster like that, he only galvanizes people. I sympathize with gays less now than I did five minutes ago. What he is doing is not constructive. To the contrary, they’re fighting words to the new and growing demographic of America, who are not and will not be pro gay rights. I recommend thinking before making incendiary comments for no reason.