1. Adam says

    I was never a WWE fan until my nephew got interested. Since, I’ve watched countless hours of the show with him. I am actually a fan of CM Punk and think this apology was genuine.

  2. DRoseDARs says

    A sally? Lolwut? Is that an Aussie/Brit thing? I agree with others that the apology seems genuine; definitely wasn’t written for him by his agent or the WWE lawyers.

  3. Paul R says

    Amazing progress that WWE of all sports (whether or not you consider it real) is this hyper sensitive. Sure, it could just be the gay dollar. Or it could be genuine. Either way, it’s pretty stunning. Ten years ago this never would have happened.

  4. JerzeeMike says

    I actually know a WWE wrestler who’s high up on the roster and, believe it or not, WWE is the LEAST homophobic organization in sports/entertainment. I heard wrestlers talking smack to each other and when it gets close to being homophobic the other wrestlers call them out on it. Antigay remarks and behaviors are seriously frowned on in the WWE and considering how many LGBT employees they have it’s not surprising.

  5. slatefish says

    I wonder anyone ever got around to telling him that “punk” is pretty common slang for being, well, a gay person, especially in prison.

  6. Mo says

    CM Punk is on his way out of the WWW, which could be why he isn’t being punished? At least if you believe what you read (hard to do with wrestling) his contract is up after the next Pay-Per-View. WWE has teamed up with GLADD recently and runs an anti-bullying promo during every show, so this looks bad. Before people go congratulating WWE for their braveness this all might be because of Linda McMahons failed Senate run. I agree with everyone above in saying Punk was ligit sorry for his words. Having watched his entire run in WWE I believe he is a thoughtful and talented guy. This was probably frustration, overworking, and being stupid in the moment. WWE athletes work 300 days a year and travel all over the world to places like Australia, pumping out a first-run product 52 weeks a year.

  7. MDK says

    CM Punk is a really good guy who is also pro-marriage equality. In fact, he tweeted congratulations to the people of NY after they passed marriage equality. He plays one of the “bad guys” in wrestling and he just got carried away interacting with a fan, that’s all. Not a big deal.

  8. Brian says

    Wow! Tracey Morgan made very inappropriate jokes and apologized twice but was roasted on this site but this guy gets a pass from all of the commentators. This is very interesting. Tracey Morgan was telling jokes and CM Punk was attacking another human being but by virtue of something that he is, and that Tracey Morgan obviously isn’t, Punk’s apology is deemed sincere. I am floored by the blatant hypocrisy! That being said, I believe he is sorry just like I believe Tracey Morgan was sorry for his behavior!

  9. BEAHBEAH says

    The circumstances between Tracey and CM were completely different. CM was in a verbal altercation with another person. In the heat of anger, we pull out the most hurtful/ugly things we can possibly say to someone. Slurs like fa**ot, ni**er, b**ch, etc. are base words used to cause maximum impact. Doesn’t make anyone homophobic, racist or sexist, just incredibly stupid. No excuse, which is why he should have apologized.

    Tracey Morgan was giving a freaking comedic performance and went into a hideous rant that wasn’t funny by any stretch of the imagination. How it can be read as a joke I have no idea, it certainly wasn’t presented as one. That being said, I accepted his apology too. It seemed sincere to me and I truly don’t believe he believes what he said.

  10. MDK says


    That’s because they are two different situations. Morgan is a comedian who started talking about wanting to stab his son if he was gay as part of his “comedy” routine. Punk is a heel (bad guy) pro wrestler who was in a legit verbal altercation and was upset. Punk’s character is mouthy and obnoxious and he got carried away with the heelish insults. Neither was right, but Punk’s outburst was both tamer and was much more understandable and his apology was swift and very sincere-sounding. He also has a reputation for being a pro-LGBT rights guy. (I’ve always thought he seemed like a secretly gay man, myself). People are treating it differently because it is a different situation. That’s not “hypocrisy” — that’s discrimination. (the good kind).

  11. Rassy says

    I find it interesting that so many posters have stuck up for this man. Of course, nobody’s perfect and certainly it is common for people to use hurtful language.

    However, I don’t accept that people use hateful language in the way suggested by Beahbeah. I have been in very heated exchanges in my life, but I’ve never called anyone any of the words listed. To say it’s OK to use language of that nature in any circumstance legitimises its use across the board.

  12. BEAHBEAH says

    Never in my post did I say it was okay, I said it was stupid and there was no excuse for that language. My point was that using the word “fa**ot” does not automatically make one a homophobe.

    He was angry, stupid and admitted it. His apology is fine with me.

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