1. Bronxboy47 says

    I love that picture up top where the black dude is practically an afterthought. It’s a perfect visual representation of the African-American experience.

  2. walter says

    see new york isn’t only place with shallow gay men. it is so good to know that. what next the a list of weho or beverly hills? logo uses programing that does it best to show gays in a bad light. we were better off when we were ignored by television> logo is no friend to gays anywhere.

  3. Tyler says

    I live in Dallas and while I’m now married up and don’t go to as many social events as I use to, as little as a year ago I was still very much part of the “scene” these boys run in. I can assure you NO ONE KNOWS WHO THEY ARE! It’s laughable. The “cowboy” doesn’t even live in Dallas, he lives in Oklahoma. The one person who was semi-well known – a local photog – dropped out after being cast when he realized what a poor decision this was. First, there’s not an “A” list in Dallas, but if there were, these boys wouldn’t be anywhere near it. Kthanksbai.

  4. says

    Also – “Husbands” a new sitcom comedy from the writers of Will & Grace is coming exclusively to the ‘Net. CBS tried to talk the producers into putting it on with a few changes and the producers said no. Its about two gay guys who marry just because they can then fall in love with each other. Also, don’t miss Fran Drescher’s new show, “Happily Divorced”. Great writing, good cast and it has been renewed for a second season.

  5. MikeBoston says

    I wish I could sue Logo for these shows for the damage they are doing to us.

    I guess we wanted equality so they are showing everyone that gay men can be empty fame-whores just like the twits on Real Housewives of Wherever.

  6. Bart says

    From this, you would think every gay man in Dallas is barely average looking, prissy-acting and a boring, self-absorbed idiot. You can forgive the last one of those, that’s what these shows cast and rely on, but the first two — it’s criminal that they couldn’t get better looking guys without the stereotypical gay mincing and lisping. What does it say when a gay men are more attracted to the blonde girl than an of the “boys”?

    Seems the only thing bigger in Texas is the disinterest.

  7. says

    I was as guilty as any, addicted to all the Housewives and A List but it dawns on me there was a time when we actually watched entertainment. How would we find a Barbra Streisand today? When this show’s “cast” ponders who will be the breakout “star”, you now the bar has been lowered yet again.
    I wish somewhere we were celebrating those who strive for excellence, in anything, rather than reward these half wits for their celebrity and mediocrity.

  8. says

    I just remembered why I moved out of Dallas.

    Since the TV series Dallas is going back into production next spring maybe the two shows can be merged with a metrosexual JR, and Bobby as a member of PFLAG (alas, Pam won’t be on the show but Christopher will). Though nothing will top the original series season 1 episode when the short-arc character Kip Mainwaring drawls “but Lucy…Ima ho-mo-sex-ual.”

  9. Drewboo says

    Rumor has it that they are starting to film the Atlanta version amidst previous statements that they were not considering Atl. Craigslist ads and local casting calls are looking for a groups of wealthy popular gay men for a reality series. Of course like every other city, no actual power gays want to be associated with this show so it will end up being a bunch of spoiled queens living off their parents debt. An actual power gay whose friend is being cast told me it may be an exclusively African American cast which goes along with the real housewives of Atlanta stereotype of Atlanta. I just wish it would be more diverse. And I hope this rumor is not true because all Atlanta needs is the queens to have more Atlantitude.

  10. Jonathan Seagull says

    Lived in Dallas all my life…and who are these guys? What a poor representation of Dallas gays. Thanks LOGO, but we can do without your community support. This is too cliche. What if we do a reality show centered around all the gay/lesbian parents and committed couples I know in Dallas to show America exactly why we all deserve marriage equality. There’s enough drama in parenting that you’d get some pretty provocative issues. But this? Two steps forward, two-step back.

  11. Codswallop says

    Can’t LOGO just change its name to The Insipid Channel and be done with it? I don’t care if you go to the tiniest, most isolated gay bar out in the boonies, you’ll find the same self-important, self-dramatizing archetypes swanning about, just as annoying, just as dull.

    I’d rather watch Fox News than this, and I’d rather nail my feet to the floor and do jumping jacks than watch Fox News!

  12. jotto says

    O come on people lighten up we cant all be activists!! .. This Seems like a pretty accurate representation of young urban gays so far!
    and as a 20year veteran of the NY and la scene I not afraid to say it..
    Oh and hate on the vapidness or ignorance of some of the things people say but keep you self loathing anti “swishy” “lispy” remarks to yourself. I LOVE my swishy, lispy side, I was born that way!! But then you are probably too “straight acting” and “masculine” to understand that.

  13. Brian in Texas says

    The term “A List” when it comes to these shows is tongue and cheek. These are people who are social climbers, a bit shallow, and see THEMSELVES as an A-Lister.

  14. Lazlo says

    Ugh. I live in Texas and we’re not all cowboy attire wearing, horse riding, country drawl speaking stereotypes!!!!!!!!! So ridiculous. Houston would have been a better location to film, despite the fact that I’m relieved its not being filmed Houston. LOL

  15. RBearSAT says

    LOL @Lazlo. So true, so true. However, as a Texan myself I can say that cowboy gays ARE pretty damn hot.

    What probably makes me the sickest is how many Texanisms they tried to squeak into the teaser. How many times have we heard that “high hair” one? We have a local musical playing now in San Antonio called “High Hair and Jalapenos” that pulls in most of the Texanisms, and in much better taste than these wannabes can try.

  16. jaragon says

    I don’t think these shows do any harm to that gay community- it just proves that we have trashy desperate fame whores just like straights. And this actually makes the New York show look good.

  17. says

    Perfect timing. I was getting tired of hating the vapid, inconsequential idiots of NYC’s “A-List.” Which we all know is more F-List aspiring to D-List, with true A-List status eternally elusive. Now there’s a whole new batch of wannabe fame whores to loathe. I’m drooling with anticipation.

  18. says

    The shows are fairly accurate representations of mainstream gay culture. That’s the sad part.
    It also says plenty about gay culture that we think the A-List should be about money. The real A-List is about brains and kindness and fairness and education and taste and character.
    But of course queers are too obsessed with looks and muscles to recongnize brains or character, which is why we have this kind of TV.
    Please don’t cry about bad TV, or bad leadership, without taking a hard look at low gay culture.

  19. J H Robbins says

    Let me apologize before the fact – this is not Texas; they are not Texas gays. Dallas isn’t (shouldn’t be) a part of Texas. An Austin A-List would have been a lot more real. Or Houston. Or San Antonio.
    We are so sorry.

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