1. MammaBear says

    She can say whatever she wants. If you watch Fox, you’ll believe her, and you won’t be exposed to anything that will convince you otherwise. Unbelievable.

  2. Mike says

    Talk about sex? Marriage equality isn’t sex. Why is it that whenever these nutjobs speak of gays it’s always in the context of “dangerous anal sex”. It is ALWAYS on their minds – which I think speaks volumes. No one seriously believes that Obama’s and Clinton’s views on same sex marriage are the the same as O’Donnell and Bachmann. That said, Obama and Clinton should just be honest and come out and give their support for marriage equality instead of continuing with this insane kabuki which does nothing but allow the wingnuts to use them as cover. Enough people support it already that isn’t going to affect votes for or against. If someone was going to vote for the democrats, their support for gay marriage isn’t going to cause them to change their mind and vote republican.

  3. Codswallop says

    Ahh, sounds like she and her advisors have been to see the great and powerful GOP oracles to receive the latest talking points. If the oracles are anything like the Wizard of Oz I hope they have a stack of those fake diplomas laying around because neither O’Donnell, Bachmann, Palin, nor Perry have a brain.

    “Her views on same-sex nuptials are exactly the same as President Obama’s, Hillary Clinton’s and Michele Bachmann’s.”

    Well there’s a rather stunning bit of spin-doctoring, isn’t it? That Michele Bachmann’s views on homosexuality are identical to Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s? I suspect that if you gave Michele Bachmann some sort of truth serum (not that she’d recognize the truth if it bit her) her views are far closer to Adolph Eichmann’s than they are to Clinton or Obama’s.

    But the word has come from on high to ix-nay of the ay-gays for now, it being deemed too devisive, so we’re being treated to various dramatic readings of “Hate gays? Who, ME?!” That they’re doing it in the face of their own documented previous homophobic statements says a lot about how stupid they perceive their intended (Fox News) audience to be.

  4. IZ says

    You know it’s all fun and games pointing and laughing at her until you realize that about half of America actually believes the bulls*** that comes out of her mouth. What a failed country we are if we have people like her trying to run the government. She needs to go back to hiding under her rock.

  5. princely54 says

    On other outlets she’s now peddling the story that he was ‘sexually harassing’ her. This toad can’t keep her story straight!! She plainly wants to be taken seriously, but it’s going to take more than a book for that. She’s a zero, and no amount of grey suits and conservative hairdos is going to change that perception (at least this soon).

  6. walter says

    why don’t all these clowns stick to fox news where they get to give the questions to be asked. palin, bachmann perry odonnell and santorum seem to only willing to answer the easy sh-t. don’t ask them anything about their previous statements. they don’t want to hear it. when will these clowns just go away for good.

  7. Codswallop says

    My guess is it isn’t just about the book, that that the GOP has decided O’Donnell with her young-ish enthusiasm is “relatable” to a certain desired audience, 30-something suburban mommies maybe.

    Bachmann isn’t just insane but she look it, Palin is a transparent idiot and she’s looking a bit “hard” these days, so in comparison O’Donnell is “fluffy” and appealing. That she’s a bona fide moron might even be a plus since they’re looking for voters without much in the way of critical thinking skills!

  8. IEW says

    I’m so proud of her for agreeing with President Obama. We can add her to the list of those willing to oppose DOMA. As to Hillary Clinton, good for Christine, we can now quote her as agreeing with, “But I think most Americans are fair. And if they believe that people in committed relationships want to share their lives and, not only that, have the same rights that I do in my marriage, to decide who I want to inherit my property or visit me in a hospital, I think that most Americans would think that that’s fair and that should be done.” It’s so nice of her to finally come out. Now she can go on Rush and explain what she meant on Fox. Then she can get back on her broom with a bullhorn and fly coast to coast shouting it down our chimneys. She’s just re-building her political credi-bull-ity. “Eye of Newt, pRick of Romn. . .”

  9. LincolnLounger says

    We don’t like it when people presume that all gay people are the same, but too many of us do the exact same thing to others.

    Not all Fox journalists are O’Reilly and Hannity. I think Greta and Bret Baier are terrific. Not all Fox News viewers like Christine O’Donnell (I think she and Bachmann are idiots and disgraceful.) Not all Republicans are evil, and not all Democrats (as we saw in NY) are our friends.

    Quit painting with a broad brush.

  10. Ken says

    Why does the media keep allowing conservatives to get away with the lie that their position on marriage equality is the same as Obama? Obama wants to repeal DOMA and opposes amending the constitution to ban same sex marriage. Bachmann and O’Donnell support DOMA and want to put discrimination in the constitution. These positions could not be more different.

  11. Jeffery Eric Thruin says

    She called him a “cheeky bugger” at the end, which is British slang for an “uppity or inappropriate homosexual”. I wonder which of her homophobic handlers gave her that line?

  12. Urmensch says

    Jeffery Eric Thruin, here in the UK, cheeky bugger is never used in the sense of uppity or innappropriate homosexual; no more than giving someone a pat on the fanny means touching or patting a vulva in the U.S.

    It is more like cheeky monkey or scallywag.

  13. Ninong says

    Why shouldn’t Piers Morgan question her about the defining issues of her ‘professional’ career? Christine O’Donnell made a living out of being the kooky born-again virgin, anti-masturbation, anti-abortion, abstinence-until-marriage, anti-gay marriage, anti-DADT repeal advocate available on call to provide comic relief on TV talk shows where everyone else on the panel held less insane views.

    She has never held a real job in her life. She paid her living expenses out of campaign contributions she received from the ‘faithful.’ She has run for the U.S. Senate three times already.

    Christine O’Donnell = Professional Loser!

  14. Ninong says

    Considering her earlier career as a non-virgin, the first question I would have asked her is how is she doing with her no-sex-of-any-kind-until-marriage vow.

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