D.C. Police Refuse to Take Report on Anti-Gay Attack on 5 Lesbians

Five women were attacked in late July outside the Columbia Heights Metro station at 3 a.m. after telling their attackers they were gay. An officer at the station took a report three days later, the Washington Blade reports:

Dc The report says the two suspects began to “flirt” with two of the women. It says one of the women responded by telling the men she wasn’t interested and she was with her girlfriend.

“Suspect 1 became enraged and stated, “You fucking dyke bitches, I will kick that bitch’s ass,” the report says. “I will take that dyke bitch into the alley and kick her ass,” the report quotes suspect 1 as saying.

The six or seven officers who arrived on the scene the night of the attack, in four police cars, apprehended a suspect and let him go, the women said. Meanwhile, another suspect filmed the entire attack on his phone. The suspects reportedly punched each of the women in the head and face:

The victim, who asked that her name be withheld, said she, Morse and the other three women targeted by the two men were horrified when the man that police released began to laugh and taunt the women as he walked away.

“He walked across the street laughing,” she said. “And I will never forget his face – he was just smiling. And we are five people who are in tears and he is just laughing at us.”

Meanwhile, a transgender woman, Camila Guzman, was recently found murdered in her apartment in Harlem. WABC7 covered the story here.

GLAAD urged the media to cover the story in a respectful and accurate way:

There has been little media coverage of Camila’s story so far, and that which exists is not respectful. “Camila’s friends and the transgender community overall are not happy with her portrayal in the news … We deserve respect and increased advocacy around the prevention of anti-transgender violence,” said Ruby Teresa Chavez, a friend of Camila.


  1. Francis says

    How absolutely horrible and really unbelievable. I’d really like to hear what the Third district office has to say about this and their view of what did and didn’t transpire. If what is being stated is what truly happened then there should be immediate firings of the officers who didn’t file the reports on what happened and take this incident seriously. There is absolutely no excuse for their deplorable behavior.

    More than anything, this story is just another glaring example of how little thugs like this respect women, and how hostile and hateful they are towards gay people. Obviously, their fragile egos just couldn’t handle rejection in favor of another woman and reacted with violence. But being out and about at 3 AM in a big city puts anyone in harms way.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    I agree, Francis, this event the behavior of the police is infuriating.

    The only way that police believe they can treat such an incident so irresponsibly is if they feel the victims are powerless and nothing will be done. I hope the cops get surprised when they are reprimanded and suspended (I doubt if they’ll be fired–they’ll claim it was a fight).

    The attacker? Human garbage. There must be a way to apprehend and charge him even though the cops originally let him go.

    Now, this thread will be interesting–no, actually, typical. We’ll probably hear from certain posters who didn’t have a damn thing to say about the Lawrence King murder, but they’ll have a lot to say about inner-city Black criminals. They love this stuff!

    Only thing is the victims here were probably Black Lesbians and so our resident White supremacists on Towleroad may not really give a damn.

  3. Francis says

    They had to have gotten the name of the man they apprehended. Just letting him go immediately and then harassing the lesbians, it’s almost too ridiculous to fathom, but we all know how some officers think about us gays and lesbians. And what happened to the third guy, they did nothing with him either? The district office has a lot to explain.

    As for commenters on here, hopefully everyone realizes this is a serious injustice and a horrible incident, and that this easily could have been any of us, lesbians or not. Homophobia is homophobia, it doesn’t have a color.

  4. JKM says

    This does not surprise me. I’m a DC native, born and raised, and the metropolitan police have always been a force of uneducated lowbrow morons with a long, long history of bigotry and hostility towards the GLBT community.

  5. Jeff says

    Absolutely shocking that these public servants are not doing their jobs funded by these ladies taxes. They should be fired and the police department should be fined.

  6. robert in nyc says

    Institutionalized homophobia is in all police departments across the country. There’s plenty of it right here in NYC where I live and I’ve had personal experience of it from two cops several years ago. Police commissioners can posture all they want about treating gay people with respect. To date, there has been NO sensitivity training in any police department I know of, least of all here in NYC.

  7. rafi says

    Incidents like these are what really, really bothered me about NOM’s pledge that Bachmann, Romney, and Santorum signed — specifically the part calling for a presidential commission to look into harassment of anti-gay people.

    Threats and “nasty tweets” deserve a presidential commission, but actual violence and deaths don’t?

  8. anthony says

    “Threats and ‘nasty tweets’ deserve a presidential commission, but actual violence and deaths don’t?”

    Well, supposedly that was what the Matthew Shepard Act was for…

  9. reality says

    DC cops are ridiculous. They toss their power around and never actually DO anything! I see them out on U Street ignoring all the real troublemakers. What a disgrace! There better be an explanation over this!

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