Defense in Brandon McInerney Case Suggests Lawrence King Asked for What He Got by Sexually Taunting His Killer

The L.A. Times reports that in the trial of Brandon McInerney for the murder of classmate Lawrence King, the defense has been loading up the "he asked for it" witnesses:

Kingmcinerney How school officials handled King has emerged as a major theme of McInerney's defense attorneys, who acknowledge that the boy pulled the trigger but say that he was pushed to the breaking point by King's taunts.

That King taunted McInerney:

It wasn't just that King, 15, had begun wearing makeup and women's spiked-heeled boots, witnesses testified. It was that he seemed to relish making the boys squirm at his newly feminized appearance and was taunting them with comments like "I know you want me."

And gay panic drove him to put a bullet in King's brain:

On the following Monday, the grievance was denied by the school's administration, Ekman said. King, meanwhile, continued to clash with boys at school and paid special attention to McInerney, according to court testimony. After lunch that day, he passed McInerney in a corridor and mockingly said, "Love you baby!"

History teacher Arthur Saenz testified that on that same Monday, Feb. 11, 2008, he noticed King "parading" back and forth in high-heeled boots and makeup near a bench where McInerney was sitting after school waiting to be picked up. A group of boys was laughing as McInerney grew visibly angry, Saenz testified.

Closing arguments are likely next week.


  1. JH says

    Your headline is inaccurate. The defense said nothing like ” he asked to be murdered” ///your whole coverage of this has been keen to overdraw every element of the facts of the story. The defense has raised the factual evidence that king was no passive victim in the months precedeing the awful murder. King is also on record for having sexually assaulted another boy in 5th grade and they would not allow it into evidence. There is a web page that has both prosecution and defense arguments side by side. That is a good thing to read for anyone who wants to know the cases being made by the two sides.

  2. says

    Once again, as usual, “JH” comes on to angrily show us all that his father never loved him and that he just wishes he hadn’t been born a homosexual. We get it, JH, you’re a resentful and reluctant homosexual who was a disappointment to his father every day of his f****ng life. Get over it and piss off.

    JH – one more wimpy uncle tom who blame “the faggy ones” for the hatred and bigotry of others.

    King simply did what angers a bigot most – to embrace and own the very things that had previously been used against you.

    The bully becomes “emasculated” because the intended victim defies them with their own colours.

    The defense is playing ugly and they know it. And JH is intentionally contrary because his daddy hated him for being gay and he needs to say and do “the opposite of what the other gays say and do” to get through the daily struggle it is to be himself.

    Not our problem, wimp.

  3. Rafael C says

    Great, so America is the land where I can get shot by another boy because I’m gay, and even though I’m dead, it is still all my fault… Then Michele Bachmann wins for president… then I get prosecuted and burned in public display.

  4. Polyboy says

    Yes, “sexual harassment=should be shot”

    If that were the case, the male population of the U.S. would be cut in half.

    JH, you are an apologist to murder.

  5. trev says

    Seems like a murdered gay child is worth even less to society than a live one, ’cause when he gets put down ‘it was his own fault, he brought it on himself, ect.’

    I know countless cases like these won’t be covered as much and scrutinized or garner as much sympathy from the public, but it always makes me grieve.

  6. Artie Rimbaud says

    An effeminate kid gets murdered in cold blood, and Christian apologists will tell you that Jesus wouldn’t have approved. But the Xtian apologist position is deeply hypocritical and irrelevant to Christian theology. Jesus didn’t found the Christian religion, Paul did, and Paul is responsible for the theology that Christians accept. Does Paul have something to say about the Brandon King case? Yes! In one gem from the New Testament, Paul tells people that the “effeminate” are unrighteous and will not inherit the kingdom of God. (I Corinthians 6:9-10)

    JH’s comment above merely reflects modern Christianity in practice. Saying otherwise is hypocrisy.

  7. says

    Wrong, Artie.
    “effeminate” is not the correct word – effeminate, remember, is a societal concept that does indeed change meaning from era to era, culture to culture. Scripturally It is in no way a condemnation, nor even a mention, of anything to do with “being effeminate”

    it’s a mistranslation from the Greek – originally meant to specifically refer to the young male prostitutes that worked in the temples.

    i repeat, “effeminate” is a mistranslation. it has nothing at all to do with that word, nor the modern concept of what that word supposedly means.

    the original greek was directly referencing young men working as prostitutes working in temples.

    so, that’s the truth about your post. thanks. hope it enlightened you.

  8. Davey says

    I don’t care what happened, who taunted who, who had a panic attack, who got abused by their father, or who wore makeup. None of that matters. There is no excuse for murdering someone. He’s guilty – plain and simple.

  9. JohnAGJ says

    Maybe King was acting like an ass, I don’t know since I wasn’t there. Yet who bloody well cares? He was an emotionally immature teen just like McInerney, as most are at that age especially when it come to sex and sexuality. Heck, I was teased, bullied, etc. as most kids were at some point growing up and guess what? Not once did I take a gun, walk up to my ‘nemesis’ and shoot him in the back of the head in cold blood. That is the only salient fact of this case as far as I’m concerned. Now if I and just about all the others I grew up with – gay and straight – could refrain from such behavior I fail to see why McInerney should be given a free pass. No. He crossed a line and whatever King may or may not have done is completely irrelevant now.

  10. ohplease says

    After enduring the bullying of this lowlife degenerate child-killer, Lawrence King fought back in the only way he knew how. Unless Lawrence King held a gun on his killer, his killer had no right or reason to kill Lawrence King.

    Of course, Lawrence King couldn’t threaten his killer with a gun, since the lowlife degenerate coward executed Lawrence King FROM BEHIND as he sat in his class at school.

    I only wish there was a hell so that his degenerate killer, his killer’s family, and his entire defense team could burn in it for all eternity.

  11. anon says

    Well, the multiple charges in the case mean that the defense can try for a manslaughter conviction rather than an acquittal. The benefits of juvenile court is that the impaired judgment of the young is taken into account with the indictment process and with sentencing. If things are done in adult court you end up with a lot of gamesmanship.

  12. JH says

    as far as I know, there is no one who contests that Mcinerney did not murder King. There are still a lot of facts to know so this doesn’t happen again. Everyone at the school knew there was trouble brewing and no one did anything about it. Both boys complained to teachers and counselors. Where were the adults?

    There are reasons for the travel advisories to Jamaica for gay men who want to show affection publicly. It is not because hatred is OK, it is because if they act that way, they may get killed, and gay men have been killed in Jamaica. Glad we have the travel advisory.

  13. Artie Rimbaud says

    @ Little Kiwi,

    I understand that the original scripture has been mistranslated into English. Nowhere in my post did I say otherwise. You are not “enlightening” me, you are putting words in my mouth. You are attacking a straw man that is not present in my comment.

    Please read my post:

    “JH’s comment above merely reflects modern Christianity in practice.”

    I was not arguing in my post that the bible hasn’t been mistranslated. I am stating the obvious fact that the vast, vast majority of English-speaking Christians (and almost all of the hateful ones) do not regard “effeminate” as a mistranslation. If you think they do, you’re on another planet. So really, what difference does it make in the real world if you and I both know that this is a mistranslation? The sentiments expressed in the present translation reflect “modern Christianity in practice”, as I said in my comment.

    I admit that, so far, you haven’t denied the hateful understanding that most Christians have regarding their “scriptures”. To that extent, you’re not lying, but merely offering information that is irrelevant to most Christians, especially the overtly anti-gay bigots. Have I enlightened you?

  14. Not JH says

    Alright JH, I’ll bite.

    I’ll concede, only for the sake of argument, that Lawrence King sexually harassed Brandon McInerney. You believe that the appropriate and legally justified response was for McInerney to put two bullets in the back of King’s head. No law allows anyone to respond to sexual harassment with violence.

    There was, however, no sexual harassment. The evidence at trial shows that King made comments to McInerney, at most, a handful of times and those comments were made during arguments. They were clearly taunts or insults and McInerney insulted King as well.

    To be quite blunt, JH, you’re an idiot. But what is more offensive than your stupidity are your claims that you are not excusing McInerney’s actions even as you are excusing McInerney’s actions.

  15. Jesus says

    One child is dead, another is forever changed and will likely end up in jail, two families are torn apart, an entire community is in mourning and confusion, and this is a product of our society. 15? These children grew up in the new millennium. How jaded must one be to justify this horrible incident? Those who spout hatred and homophobia put the gun in his hand, and the impetus to pull the trigger.

  16. LFB says

    @Little Kiwi, actually, “effeminate” is a perfect translation for 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (unless you deny Greek Primacy). The Greek text reads “ουτε πορνοι ουτε ειδωλολατραι ουτε μοιχοι ουτε μαλακοι ουτε αρσενοκοιται,” “neither prostitutes, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor the effeminate, nor those-who-bed-with-men.” Μαλακος literally means “milk-fed,” c.f. Russian Молоко, but glossing it as “effeminate” has the full support of the entire Ancient Greek corpus. Now, if you *really* want to argue hermeneutics, go with the term αρσενοκοιται, which may not have any equivalent in English.

  17. Andalusian Dog says

    We should feel pity for the reasons that @Jesus states, for both kids. Admittedly I feel much much worse for the victim, but I cannot fully justify a lack of compassion toward the other teen as well. The whole situation is absolutely heart-wrenching: there are no winners, there is no resolution, and there will never be justice for this crime.

    The only possible positive that may in small part come of this (and thousands of other pointless hate crimes) is that maybe someday this country will get behind the idea that sex is not shameful (and therefore really not that big a deal) or linked to one’s core identity and quality; and that gender identity and sexual orientation say nothing about the goodness of a human being. Maybe even young people can be taught that lesson, taking one more burden off their shoulders during this most turbulent period in their lives.

  18. JH says

    Little Kiwi
    I agree with you that modern ” christianity” is a big problem for more than just tolerance. But none of my comments were directed to you or were about Christianity. So I don’t understand your nasty comments to me at all. I was only suggesting everyone read the best and most complete record of the trial. That’s all. I’ll stand by that. I’ve justified nothing, I’ve excused nothing. I’ve suggested people be as informed as possible – so these kinds of things can be avoided in the future. I’ll stand by that too.

  19. Artie Rimbaud says

    @ Little Kiwi,

    LFB may actually be more fluent in Greek than you. You never know. Notwithstanding the opinions about translations from the Greek, the main point of my post remains valid. The vast majority of American Xtians don’t give a rat’s ass about the meaning of the biblical texts in the original languages, and you know that, Little Kiwi. The hateful English bible quotation by Paul, which I included in my original comment, is understood and accepted by Xtians in the U.S., and it’s one of the reasons why Brandon King is dead.

    Little Kiwi, please tell the other readers that you’re not afraid to confront the hate from modern Christians. I’m sure we’ll all be proud of you if you say that.

  20. JH says

    and I think we need to get the facts about the adults in this situation: at home and at school. For some reason, they would not allow King’s being beaten and thrown out of his home into the evidence. I teacher got it in, and the jury was instructed to ignore it.
    Everyone knew both boys were having problems with the other. No one did anything about it, and there was ample opportunity to avert this disaster. I blame the adults more than anyone.

  21. Artie Rimbaud says

    @ JH,

    After reading your reply to Little Kiwi, I realized that you made an oversight. Yes, most of the more charged language was from Little Kiwi, but I was the one who said, “JH’s comment above merely reflects modern Christianity in practice.” Now I didn’t mean that to sound nasty. I was simply making an observation because I found some of your comments problematic:

    1. You said, “The defense said nothing like ” he asked to be murdered” your whole coverage of this has been keen to overdraw every element of the facts of the story.” Actually, JH, I think the defense is very plainly trying to convince the jury that Brandon’s effeminate attire and behavior make him a bad person. I think that’s a lie, and it’s a lie that leads ignorant people to think that “he asked to be murdered”, as you put it in your comment. Obviously, the defense attorney and the apostle Paul disagree (see Paul’s vicious quote from Corinthians 6:9-10). We’ll have to agree to disagree about that, JH.

    2. You said, “The defense has raised the factual evidence that king was no passive victim.” Once again, your implying that effeminate attire or behavior makes a boy “guilty” of something. And once again, JH, you and I will have to agree to disagree.

  22. Artie Rimbaud says

    @ JH again,

    You might also take exception to the quote from Brandon King, “I know you want me.” But why express disapproval in Brandon’s case? Those sort of humorous comments are common in every school and place of work in the U.S. Would a girl be bringing violence on herself by saying the same thing to a boy? And boys even say the same thing to boys in schools, although it’s more common for girls to say that. I guess I can’t understand why Brandon’s attire and comments, humorous or not, should inspire violence. It seems like a double standard, and yes, I think the intentional ignorance and hate of the Xtian religion spreads this attitude. I was happy to read in one of your comments that you think Christianity in its modern form can cause problems. At least we are in agreement on that.

  23. Randy says

    Unless McInerney’s life was actually in danger, and there’s zero evidence of that, there is no defence to this hate-motivated murder.

    By the way, this gay panic defence to me seems to lock in at least 2nd-degree murder, because it admits a level of premeditation.

  24. djs says

    Larry’s life started as a crack baby. When Crack babies get older their behavior limits their ability to learn and develop socially. He was taken from his birth mother at age 2 because he was starving and neglected. Most of Larry’s life he had been on medications. When puberty hits a crack baby, their uncontrolled behavior begins to express itself sexually. There are thick files on Larry from Casa Pacifica that would leave no question in any ones mind about his perverse behavior, but he was a minor so none of this is admissible in court. I do not understand why Larry was allowed to attend a public school. Larry’s parents, the school and the county knew they had a teen with a very long and bad history of inappropriate sexual conduct and harassment. They did nothing to protect the other students from Larry or Larry from himself. This was NOT simple flirting or finally standing up for himself on Larry’s part. This was Larry’s pattern that had gotten him arrested, expelled from other schools and removed from his home and put into a home for severely emotionally disturbed children. Stephen Irshay, a renowned theropist, reviewed ALL of King’s history and testified at the trial. Find out his professional annalists of Larry before you judge any of this case.

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