1. Paul says

    Tranquilo – It happens on both sides but GOP consistently change policy to favor corporations and hurt people. Look at Union stripping, the attack on health reform from the right, their pathological resistance to closing tax loopholes on CEOs private jets and subsidies to Oil companies….If the so called Job Creators deserve such historically low tax breaks why are they commanding record profits and sending the jobs abroad and not hiring in the US ?

  2. tranquilo says

    I get that, Paul. I’m just saying it would be nice if the Dems weren’t as compromised themselves. Obviously, the GOP is worse. Nevertheless, either choice next year will offer a Treasury Department dominated by Wall Street, expanded war in the Middle East, and the likely undermining of Social Security and Medicare. For someone left of “Center Right”, it’s a depressing vote. Yes, Obama is better in many ways than Bachmann and Romney (Supreme Court picks come to mind). No, voting for him will not be a joy.

  3. Eric says

    I’m sorry.
    ” Yes, Obama is better in many ways than Bachmann and Romney (Supreme Court picks come to mind)”
    Are you kidding.
    Obama may have opportunity but he us better in every imaginable way than Bachmann or Romney.
    DADT will be history in the next 2 months. He’s pushing back on DOMA. He passed landmark Healthcare reform that while not perfect is already benefitting millions of hard working people.
    Oh and he’s not fringe religion nutjob.
    Demand more of Obama and hold him accountable to progress but don’t think for a second that our country can handle any of these GOP hate mongering neaderthal brained freaks.

  4. Dback says

    I love that even though Barbra doesn’t actually SAY anything in this ad (singing doesn’t count), she and the ad still manage to say quite a bit. :) Wickedly funny.

  5. Dback says

    If you fall below the poverty line, you generally don’t pay additional taxes (except those that they already take out of your paycheck). If you’re making barely $15,000 a year, should you be forced to pay lots of taxes on that, compared to a billionaire who might have a higher tax percentage, but feels absolutely no pain paying it? (I speak as someone who at one point was working 2-3 minimum wage jobs–and still got socked for a thousand bucks due to the IRS in taxes come springtime.)

    I’m not a fire-breathing Socialist who says that taxing the rich is the answer to everything. But if you look at the dialogue that’s been going on, the Democrats are the ones who put cuts to programs on the table (albeit under pressure), and are now talking about raising the eligibility age for Social Security, means testing for Medicare, etc. The Republicans refuse–REFUSE–to even speak of closing tax loopholes for the ultra-wealthy, lest they wind up paying even a dime more. Closing loopholes is now considered a “tax increase” in their eyes. Which party is thus more concerned with the common working person and the middle class in America?

  6. don carmon says

    one good thing obama did, his first week in office, was to get rid of the bush ban on stem cell research.
    science, not religion, should always be considered when tackling research.
    no more anti-science presidents, please!

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