Gay Ohio Activist Uses City Commissioner’s Lapsed Web Domain to Showcase His Anti-Gay Positions


Dayton City Commissioner Dean Lovelace let his campaign website domain lapse, and it was quickly scooped up by an activist using it to highlight Lovelace's anti-gay positions, the Dayton Daily News reports:

David Lauri writes on that he opposes Lovelace in large part because of his 1999 and 2007 votes against ordinances to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. The 2007 law passed despite Lovelace’s “no” vote. “It’s not fair, but I think (legally) he can do it,” Lovelace said this week. “I think he’s a jerk. … I’ve not done anything to him, ever.”

Lauri, of Dayton, said Friday he has little desire to discuss the issue with Lovelace, who he said has been in office too long. Lovelace has served on the commission since 1993.

“I think it’s fine that he’s angry, but he has done something to me and every other gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender person in Dayton (through his votes),” Lauri said.

Lovelace tells the paper that he voted against the anti-discrimination law because he was pissed that the gay rights movement was being compared to the civil rights movement. Said Lovelace: “I say that’s crap. That’s crap.”


  1. HadenoughBS says

    This move is quite enterprising on the part of GLBT activist David Lauri. Kudos to you, sir, for realizing that your locally elected anti-gay bigot – Dayton City Commissioner Dean Lovelace – had let his campaign website domain lapse so you could swoop in and grab it. I’m sure the commissioner would have this to say about your actions to expose his bigotry: “I say that’s crap. That’s crap.”

  2. Gianpiero says

    I have zero zero zero sympathy for Lovelace, but this is another example of why, if you register a domain name that contains your name or that of your principal product (or blog), you really have to commit to renewing it forever, even if you’re not using it. Think of it as an insurance cost. I’ve had friends whose lapsed domains have been snapped up by their opponents or competitors. Easily avoided. Of course, one would never expect this asshat to have been that smart. Good for Lauri!

  3. ohplease says

    The commissioner is clearly an idiot and Lauri is clearly a very bright man. So why is the idiot the one who gets to vote on everyone’s lives? Good work, David, and here’s hoping Dayton wakes up and does the right thing. At least you’ve annoyed the idiot and that alone is excellent.

  4. MikeInSanJose says

    It appears that a certain civil servant doesn’t really understand the definition of “civil”, so how can he comprehend the meaning of “civil rights”?

    Here’s a hint… It has nothing to do with skin color, even though skin color has been used to deny civil rights.

  5. Daytonguy says

    Dean Lovelace has always been a jerk. He voted against the ordinance even though one of his colleagues (City Commissioner Mary Wiseman) was openly gay. Believe it or not, Dayton has a good track record electing openly gay candidates. Joe Lacey (also openly gay) was elected and still continues to serve on the Dayton School Board, and the entire county just recently elected the aforementioned Mary Wiseman to be a County Judge. She’s currently the only openly gay judge in Ohio. Dayton continues to be the rare blue spot in a sea of red that is south/western Ohio.

  6. lessthan says

    I love the attitude. “I’ve never done anything to him!!” Yep, you have done nothing except treat LGBT people like subhuman. You’ve done nothing at all!!

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