1. MT says

    Am I the only person on the planet who did not go through this with wisdom teeth? I had all four of mine popped at once, and it took all of 10 seconds per tooth. I was eating lunch 45 minutes later.

  2. Chris Stansfield says

    The sad thing is that for most people the expense, time, and danger of going under a general anesthetic for this procedure is completely unnecessary. I a good dentist who knows what he’s doing with Novocaine and his instruments can do this with a local and it’s no more painful. I had a wisdom tooth that wasn’t even intact (it had broken when I bit into something) removed under local and my dentist was awesome.

  3. caperboi says

    He is adorable… I’m immune to novacaine, and they didn’t realize that till after i had my gums cut open, and each wisdom tooth drilled into 4 pieces and extracted seperatly.

    it was a nightmare.

  4. Jonathon Edwards says

    Why one should never allow a camera in your recovery room after general anaesthesia…

    And to the smart ass who lectured Emile about general anaesthesia…My wisdom teeth were fused with my jaw bone and required surgery to extract, surgery that I was under no circumstances going to be conscious for. What is possible is not always what’s best and muscling through a horribly unpleasant experience may be the advice Ayn Rand would give, but I’m glad Emile had a choice.

  5. Chris Stansfield says

    Who “lectured Emile?” Is he reading these comments? There was no intention to lecture, and obvioiusly some people will need a general. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who think that is the only default option. They’re getting charged through the nose for it and they’re also putting themselves in danger. Nor do I recommend “muscling through” anything- if you don’t need your jawbone operated on, getting a tooth extracted shouldn’t be any more painful than getting a tooth drilled- or do you recommend anaesthesia for that, as well?

  6. Abie says

    Is it not the height of celebrity narcissism to share every mundane medical procedure with the public at large? I remember having my wisdom teeth out, and I can’t for the life of me recall thinking at any point “Hey, let’s video this experience and share it with friends!”
    I always thought Emile Hirsch was a little bit smarter than your average Hollywood twerp, but I guess nobody there is immune.

  7. says

    I’ve always meant to do some layman’s research on it but never found the time – what is the evolutionary “explanation” for wisdom teeth again? I don’t remember getting any wiser when I had mine removed. Or maybe the reverse was what nature intended. Live life with them intact and what you can transcend without Novocain or propofol will make you stronger

  8. theotherlee says

    I’m no fan of the “Hollywood Machine” of narcissism or our cultures sick demand to know every little detail of celeb existence.. However, I wouldn’t be so quick to assign this video to “celebrity narcissism” … Seems to me that level of narcissism has spread to the “common person” too. Just look at the number of people with Youtube channels that do the exact same thing. Dental procedures, “extreme zit popping,” (no joke… ) and much more…

  9. Tagg says

    You can’t remove 4 empacted wisdom teeth with just local novacaine! The dr can work much fater when the patient is knocked out. Im sure his were empacted and starting to break through.

  10. McCoysMarketNY says

    MT & MichaelJ: Are you guys for real? 10 seconds per tooth and eating lunch 45 minutes later? Did you go to a real dentist? I had two out…was under liquid Valium…had to be signed out to another person when I left the office and basically prove I wasn’t driving…took about 48 hours to recover.

  11. Chris says

    Manny, our evolutionary ancestors had larger jaws that were underbites, like apes. Our jaws shrank and moved inward, but the teeth remained, and now they tend to crowd.

  12. Chris says

    I would say the “real dentist” would be the one who can do things as efficiently and painlessly as possible…mine took about 20 minutes total with a local.

  13. Derek Pearce says

    Mine were impacted and I had to be put under general and have surgery– my throat was swollen for a week after and I was bedridden for a few days. I can’t imagine having it done under local and then eating lunch within the hour!

  14. says

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