1. Brian says

    there’s already a show in Vegas that does this… it’s (still) called Blue Man Group. :)

  2. AedanCRoberts says

    Blue man group is a very different act than this. This is something I’ve never seen before (at least done this well). It is flashy, unique, polished, and incredibly fun to watch. They deserve to win a competition where the prize is a Vegas show. All these singers? They are fantastic- but their true prize is the national audience and exposure. None of them are right for Vegas.

    So with that in mind this team by FAR gets my vote for First Place.

  3. justme says

    Blue Man Group was created four years before Stomp. Neither of those shows are anything like each other or like this one. Don’t know how you could do an entire Team Illuminate show, but this one number was delightful.

  4. FernLaPlante says

    Brian must never have seen Blue Man Group b/c it is absolutely nothing like this.

  5. Brian says

    Blue Man Group has an extended sequence that’s all el-wire, much like this act, except they’ve been doing it for years. The difference with BMG is that they have real music, a real band, and a whole bunch of other skits/sets/antics/etc.

    This (Illuminate) is a neat act that might be interesting for one or two sequences, but it’s hardly original, and I also don’t know how they’re going to stretch it out into a 90 minute Vegas show. It’s not Terry Fator, it’s not Blue Man Group, it’s not Ka…

  6. Brian says

    (and for the record, I think Stomp and BMG are different though somewhat related acts. Stomp has no resemblance to iLuminate; Stomp unfortunately also is somewhat of a flat show because it’s just people hitting things in different ways for an hour.)

  7. Brian in Texas says

    This could easily be a 90 min Vegas show with a well thought out story line and the bigger production budget they would have if featured in a Vegas show.

  8. Terra says

    They could easily travel the world doing nightclubs and make some very good money. Why limit themselves to Vegas? Too bad they probably signed their souls to Pierce.