1. says

    The best thing we can do, i.e., the gay community, is to avoid Jamaica entirely and keep our tourist and shopping dollars going to those places that do not discriminate against gays. We should also pressure Congress to stop providing any funding to the Jamaicans – they are your tax dollars, let’s make sure they are used in support of freedom and equality.

  2. Dairyqueen says

    I am so SHOCKED that they wouldn’t play the PSA. I give these people a lot of credit, but I am not suprised by the reaction. I stop buying Jamacian made products.

  3. says

    Roiling murderous homophobia wasn’t always the case in Jamaica. Back in the day Noel Coward had a home there. My late father was from Jamaica. Havn’t been back there sicne th year before he died(1963) But the place has dramatically altered. His borhters and their families got out of the place decades back, and have no desire to return. In short it’s a hell-hole.

    Not suprising the Jamaica is trying to get some goo PR going for itself, but it won’t work. It’s a downright dangerous place to go even if you’re straight. If you’re gay you’d be insane to vacation in Jamaica.

    It’ll atke another generation for these Buju Bantons to burn off.

  4. Skooter McGoo says

    Jamaica is an awesomely beautiful country, the people however have allowed hatred of gay people to ensure that the country will always on the #1 list of most unfriendly places on Earth, if you’re gay. Would not spend a dime there ever again and urge all the ones I know to do the same. I was just speaking of how they have gone so far as to kill and cut gays into pieces, not really inviting to tourists. Boycott Jamaica if your gay, they just might kill you for who you are.

  5. Really? says

    It’s easy to say we won’t visit or buy Jamaican products. And I won’t. But this does nothing to help our gay sisters and brothers who live there. They don’t have the luxury to wait out the death-by-old-age of the Buju Bantons. That’s what is so sad about these places.

  6. Cognitive Dissonance says

    Miss Stuffed Animal said: “BIG surprise here. Continue the boycott!”

    So says the so-called “blended gender” who wears wigs and makeup, refers to himself as an inanimate asexual object and attacks women with hir gender queer patriarchy!

    Stop bashing trans sisters such as Ashley Love and Autumn Sandeen! Stop attempting erasure of our own self identified trans narratives! Stop with your sexist attacks of Taylor, Pam and Autumn!

    Tell us the real story behind your plushie/fury nickname. And reveal your own queer transgender aka “blended gender” identity, sugah.

    We can wait. Persistence pays when you’re telling inconvenient truths. Two weeks, two years, a lifetime, it makes no difference, sugah.

  7. Gregv says

    “Boycott Jamaica if you’re gay.”

    I would leave out those last three words. I boycotted international companies that were financially supporting the Apartheid regime before It fell in South Africa and I didn’t need to be black to be aware of the injustice there.
    My partner’s sister, who adores and supports him, talked about having her wedding at Sandals Resorts in Jamaica. He told we couldn’t go if she did it there, because not only had that company until recently had a no-gays-welcome policy, but also that the Jamaican government and society had created a very dangerous country for gay people (and really even for straights who wander off their tourist compounds).
    After a local wedding, she ended up honeymooning there anyway, which to me is really a disappointing choice.
    Anyone who believes in human rights and basic security for everyone should not be helping to finance businesses and regimes that make the world more dangerous for people they love.

  8. Reggie says

    As someone who grew up in Jamaica, I can tell you that the hatred for gays will never change. When I lived there eons ago, there was not the level of violence against gays as there is now. But the worst thing you could ever be was a “batty man”. Nowadays, that hatred has manifested itself in actual violence. I agree with the boycotts. But don’t expect it to bring about any change. Avoid the island.

  9. Rosemarie says

    Not all Jamaicans are homophobic obviously…i am a Jamaican and I know lots of gay Jamaicans who live freely there. There is no need to financially cripple the country including gay jamaicans to drive the point across, that wont solve the problem, you can force ppl into tolerance, they have to see and accept it for themselves. My cousin who is gay owns a villa and makes an income from it in the tourist area…why should she suffer for TVJs decision not to run this PSA.

  10. ThinkFirst says

    @ RoseMarie
    The only openly gay Jamaicans that live free are in the local Jamaican cemeteries. My Only gay Jamaican friend fled to another country illegally to finally live live in poverty but without fear of death. You may know some gay Jamaicans, but if your post is truthful in the slightest, they do not live freely in any sense of the word.

  11. ThinkFirst says

    @ RoseMarie
    I also noticed how you said live freely there…instead of “here”.While of Jamaican heritage yourself, you do not have the authority to speak for Gay Jamaicans living in hell in Jamaica.

  12. LEON says

    Jamaica is poor country a peace loving and God fearing people. They do not at the present willing to accept gays in their beaches working in the street to have two so call men holding hands, next you are going to want to teach the children. We all know what is coming you going to want to adopt. HELL NO! Go and spend your dirty money somewhere else. Jamaica can do without you.

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