1. Dale says

    I remember when my older cousin (by 10 years than me) came out to his father and was kicked out of the house. He came over to my grandmother’s house and told her what happened. She told him, he has made a tough decision, but he will always be her nephew Jimmy and to be careful. I’ll never forget that as long as I live. Too bad I didn’t have the courage to tell about me back then.

  2. says

    It was a really great moment on the show and hopefully inspirational words for any lgbt who needed to hear it.

    My only issue with the segment was when Lawon mentioned that he deals with being gay by not talking about it in his family. Jordan seemed to sigh with relief to hear that. Almost as if to say “Good, keep it in the closet.”

    Jordan’s boyfriend, Jeff, has went off on homophobic rants in past episodes and just recently got into an argument about how it wasn’t right for gay adults to be around kids in school. While Jeff very clearly has a problem with gay people, Jordan doesn’t seem to have openly said how she feels, but her reaction to Lawon makes me think she is still uncomfortable with the idea.

    I think Lawon finds himself in a tough grey area that a lot of gay people deal with. They’ve come up out of the closet, which is half the battle, but family only accepts them if they don’t talk about it. So it’s like one foot is in the closet and one foot is out.

  3. Jeremy says

    @Nathan: I didn’t take Jordan’s reaction as “good, keep it in the closet”. I saw it more as she just understood what his situation is, likely because she knows other gay people who share that situation. It is unfortunate that the whole scene was not a part of the clip. Immediately after Lawon told his story, Jordan said that she would not love her kid any less if they were to come out to her. Jordan is a good gal and definitely a lot smarter than people give her credit for.

  4. Jeremy says

    @Nathan, again. Dangit! I forgot the best part that this clip directly cuts off. Jordan is saying that Lawon is the goofy guy who is always joking and making people laught and that it was good to see the serious side of him. She basically said he is good people. That to me really speaks to who Jordan is.

  5. Brooklyn says

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