Leonardo DiCaprio as J Edgar Hoover: New Film Still


Leonardo DiCaprio's boyishness has all but evaporated in this new still from the forthcoming-in-November flick J Edgar.

Entertainment Weekly writes: "The movie traces Hoover's life from his childhood in Washington, D.C., through his ascent to power in the 1920s, his 50-year reign over the FBI, and his death in 1972 — with Leonardo DiCaprio donning prosthetic makeup to portray the man well into his bulldog-like elderly years. 'To me, it's really a story of how absolute power corrupts absolutely,' says the star. 'He was always an outsider.'"

And, of course, his secret gay relationships.


  1. Tom says

    Looks great. Leo is an actor that has moved seamlessly from child to adult, making good films all along the way.

  2. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    As I remember, at the time of his death it was also revealed that there were rumors that J. Edgar was of mixed-race ancestry on one side of the family and there were those whom were suspected of exploiting this to keep the FBI out of their businesses. Also that this was another source of his “outsider” personality since his authority and reputation in the Old South and much of the pre-WW2 North would be destroyed by such an allegation even being made too-openly…no less it be possibly proven.

    Imagine the impact of the Dir. of the FBI being exposed as legally-“Black”. Some southern states defined that as even 1/8th or 1/16th …or even less in a few. Some of his own agents would have turned on him…one reason he reinforced the cult of unquestioned personal loyalty to him within the FBI over the decades?