1. Max says

    Commence with the excuses and apologist acrobatics:

    – “father of four”
    – “peaceful vigil”
    – “Scotland Yard got what they deserve”
    – “one of London’s most economically depressed neighborhoods”

    That “father of four” shot at a cop. Typical ghetto trash.

  2. Rowan says

    This is what happens when you get a Tory government and they makes the cuts STRAIGHT away. Oh well, maybe people will learn to frigging get into POLITICS.


  3. Jim says

    The poor, great entertainment! I love how they have absolutely not respect for their neighborhood or residents.

    They would rather destroy their neighborhood, then be dignified.

    If I was the city government, I would be saying to them, You destroyed it, you rebuild it. Can’t respect your neighborhood or neighbors, then we cannot respect you nor help.

    Have a great life in your ghetto losers.

  4. Ricco says

    I am glad that regular citizens are beginning to stand up to the police. It is unfortunate that there are those few who will take such an event as an opportunity to loot and destroy . . . but if as the police say, it was a war zone, then it is no different than what the British and the American governments have done in unjustly attacking Iraq and using it as an opportunity to loot Iraqi museums. Just because governments act like hoodlums does not make them righteous, and just because a neighborhood finally protect themselves from police brutality does not make them hoodlums.

    Hardly a day goes by that I do not read a story where police have executed people on a bridge on the heels of a natural catastrophe . . . or executed people on a subway platform . . . or called an innocent man a racial slur as they kick him in the head and stomp on his knees . . . or beat up a woman for denying him a drink when he was drunk, and on video no less . . . who have raided gay bars and put its patrons in the hospital . . . or took bribes to hack into private citizens phones . . . and on and on and on and on . . . Eventually people are going to wake up to the fact that the police are criminals with badges, and will, as the Tottenham neighborhhos citizens did, start fighting back.

  5. LiamB says

    That’s all well and good, and self righteous, Ricco. But exactly how is any of that the fault of the business owners or other home owners that suffer from these self indulgent violent acts?

    If they are truly angry at the police, PROTEST the f’n police. Don’t attack the livelyhood of your neighbors and city. That makes these protesters every bit the criminals they feel they are being treated as.

  6. evileuropean says

    @Max Very quick to jump to conclusions arent you? I seems that the bullet lodged in the policemans radio was a police issue (ie a rebound). Best to wait for the facts to ome out first.

    The reasons for the riots will have more to do than someone getting shot, that is the tip of the iceberg. No ones trusts the police, not after G20, not after the phone hacking and kettling. The police are seen as liars and bullies.

  7. pedro says

    Hijos y hijas de putas…These people should just be wiped off the face of this planet, they will never ever do anything but feed off the government tit and then complain they aren’t getting enough. They are blood suckers whose sole purpose are the roles of societal malcontents and criminals. At least castrate the men…

  8. James says

    Ugh, I hate ghetto people, they are the scum of the Earth. They didn’t protest the police, this isn’t protesting! All they wanted to do was cause trouble, and loot. Disgusting

  9. says

    Yes, because poor people have so much power in our hyper capitalist age. As the oligarchy sucks up all the money and power, we’re going to see more of this in the UK and the US.

    All of you “I hate ghetto people” are sad excuses for humans or homos, wining a shred of empathy.

    @JIM: it should be “than be dignified.”

  10. Jacknasty says

    “Ghetto people” burned out some buildings and looted a few shops.

    Billionaire banksters in Armani suits looted the whole global economy and left millions unemployed. They’re pure trash, the gutter scum of the world, and would have to climb up a ladder to lick “ghetto people’s” bungholes.

    Which they would do if you told them they could make a quarter at it…

  11. Derrick from Philly says


    Thank you for standing up to the White supremacist b.tches on this blog.

    Africans and Caribbean folks who migrate to Europe go there for better opportunities (the same reason Europeans went to Africa and the Caribbean 300 yeas ago). They do not go to Europe to cause trouble. Black and Brown people migrate to Europe by decision, they don’t go in chains. Therefore, they have a different attitude than we Black folks in the United States. But when they are meant with overt and deadly anti-Black racism–they had to respond. It appears that the London police allowed White supremacy overcome their professionalism.

    Pedro, your comment was hateful and stupid, maricon.

    Max, you are a Nazi, and that is particularly despicable in your case… and you know why, don’tcha’, faygele.

  12. Brian says

    All this because some thug shot at a cop.

    And per usual, Derrick from Philly blames Whitey.

    So tired, so predictable. Blacks are never responsible for their own actions. They’re always victims.


  13. Dan Cobb says

    RICCO, your inconsistency is showing. You compare riotous US governmental actions in Iraq with riotous behavior my minorities in London. But you conclude that the riotous behavior of the US government is bad and that the behavior of the minorities in London was good. They’re BOTH bad. You’re too partisan to see that fact. Is it true that this guy that the police shot was shooting at police?! If so, he deserved to be shot and the community should support the police. But no, the community could not see past the dark skin on their bones and destroyed their own neighborhood. Until such time as these minorities learn that disciplining their young males and FORCEING them to study and learn is the only way out of poverty, they will continue to languish in poverty and filth, be they in Africa, Europe, America or Asia.

  14. Dan Cobb says

    The world is getting it. The fact is that in Germany, Russia, Britain, France, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Italy, EVERYWHERE, the lesson is being learned:
    immigrants from cultures that discipline their young males –Korea, China, Taiwan, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, hindu India, etc. do very well within one generation in their adopted country. There is no problem with these immigrants and they apply themselves to learning and study. They become valued assets in their host countries. Whereas immigrants who fail to discipline their young men and who fail to teach their young men self-restraint, these immigrants: africans, moslems, west indians, etc. are univerally burdens on society and disliked by the native populations. It’s just a fact. Sorry, but you can go to any country in the world that has a large number of immigrants. The story is the same. Non-Moslem Asians do VERY WELL, are not a criminal menace, and within one or two generations are earning more than natives of the host country. This cannot be said of immigrants from Africa, moslem nations and the Caribbean. It all comes down to the culture’s inclination to discipline their young males and to force them into applying themselves to learning and accretion of work skills.

  15. Bryce Ageno says

    I love how they say they were their to protest a shooting, but destory property and start looting. They are lucky the cops didn’t start shooting more people.

  16. Inside says

    Unemployed (probably unemployable) muslim youth regularly torch cars in France. Now they are bringing it to England. Move along – nothing to see here.

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