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Hundreds Rally Over String of Anti-Gay Attacks in Long Beach, CA: VIDEO


Hundreds of people, including Congresswoman Janice Hahn (D-CA), gathered in Long Beach last night to protest a string of anti-gay assaults in the area, Karen Ocamb at LGBT POV reports:

Only one of three separate attacks in two weeks has so far been confirmed as a hate crime. Police have arrested 21-year-old Jorge Ibarrias of Torrance, who was chased down by Eric Avila after Ibarrias allegedly attacked Avila’s friend Martin Sanchez on July 24 outside The Falcon bar. Ibarrias has been charged with felony battery with a hate crime enhancement.

Watch a news report from the rally and two reports on Ibarrias, AFTER THE JUMP...


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  1. This is a great way to show solidarity and that you're not going to live in fear. At the same time, the thugs who commit these crimes don't care and if anything become more emboldened seeing hundreds of people coming out in protest of their actions.

    The way to stop these incidents is by communities all coming together and making it known it won't be OK for these street trash thugs and low-lives terrorize them and create problems. And the police doing their part to keep a watchful eye and focus on these thugs who commit hate crimes and other violence. We don't need to see any more victims of this terror and it can be put to as much of a stop as possible if people gay and straight stand up for their right to freedom without harassment.

    Posted by: Francis | Aug 5, 2011 11:15:45 AM

  2. "...and if anything become more emboldened seeing hundreds of people coming out in protest of their actions."

    What facts do you base this opinion on? Because I seriously don't see hate crimes as a co-ordinated conspiracy or a war of zealots, but rather as spontaneous crimes of opportunity.

    I also don't see hate-criminals heading out to the streets actually thinking, "After seeing hundred of people coming out in proest of my actions, I'm really going to give them somthing to protest now".

    If you're right, we should stop standing up for ourselves, apparently. Except that then you say "The way to stop these incidents is by communities all coming together and making it known it won't be OK for these street trash thugs and low-lives terrorize them and create problems".

    Isn't that exactly what you do when hundreds of people come out in protest? So protesting both emboldens them AND it stops them?

    Instead of criticizing citizen action or creating a climate of false fear, I suggest we applaud the people of Long Beach for taking action and offer our support.

    Posted by: justme | Aug 5, 2011 11:33:51 AM

  3. Long Beach is my hometown. We have a large and active LGBTQ community here, and by and large our neighbors are warm friends and supporters. We don't cotton to thugs coming here and committing hate crimes.

    A few years ago an acquaintance was gay-bashed by a group of Orange County rich trash punks in front of a local watering hole (the famous Silver Fox, aka "the Grey Poodle"). But before they could actually hurt the guy, a group of Silver Fox patrons ran out of the bar and started whaling on the bashers and actually bear the tar out of the little snots.

    One of the punks was actually thrown THROUGH the windshield of their getaway car, then pulled out and beaten some more. The bashers hightailed it out of Long Beach, and the bar patrons just went back into the bar and enjoyed a round on the House.

    Our bashers are always from out of town. We had a recent string of bricks or rocks thrown through bar windows, accompanied by the usual cries of "F**king f****ts!" It was some meth-fueled a$$hole from Rancho Palos Verdes ("RPV" for those in the know), of course.

    And we DON'T put up with it. And no one should. Cheers to my fellow Long Beach citizens for putting on the rally!!

    And boo to them for putting it on while I was stuck on the freeway going home from my job in Santa Monica!!

    Posted by: One of the CA 36,000 | Aug 5, 2011 12:11:06 PM

  4. I think it's 100% amazing that there is sign of solidarity, Justme. I think it's a positive thing that lets it be known that you have a large group of people behind you and there to support you and have similar interests in protecting innocents in the community from crime.

    But, this isn't going to stop these thugs from committing crimes. What stops them is putting fear into them that stops them from doing such things in the first place. They look at these rallies and laugh because they have no respect for the participants. Solidarity is great, but that needs to be combined with action taken to protect and prevent these incidents from occuring again. And that action is extra police out on the streets in vulnerable areas, and extra alertness, if you see something/someone suspect, call 911.

    So yes, I want to clarify I am not criticizing this rally in any way.

    Also, One of the 36,000, you're right, the attackers in two of the attacks are said to be from other parts of the state. Ignorant people in an open-minded area are not a good mix.

    Posted by: Francis | Aug 5, 2011 12:53:13 PM

  5. Protesting could probably help but paying his victims medical bill might actually make him think twice about hitting a gay pedestrian [or anyone for that matter] without provocation.

    Posted by: Canalien | Aug 5, 2011 10:20:57 PM

  6. I agree with Congresswoman Hahn


    Posted by: Canalien | Aug 5, 2011 10:25:38 PM

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