Maryland Governor O’Malley Discusses Shift to Marriage Equality, Forthcoming Bill: VIDEO

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley spoke this morning about the a marriage equality bill in his state which he intends to sponsor in the next legislative session. "I hope it passes. It should pass," O'Malley told Mark Segraves on WTOP's 'Meet the Governor' program.

Omalley Said O'Malley on the shift in his position from supporting civil unions to marriage equality:

“I had made a judgment...and thought that the place for consensus – the point at which that wave would crest, if you will – was around civil unions. I think we are past that point and I believe that the consensus that needs to be reached is on marital equality rights...And I intend to sponsor that legislation and make it part of our legislative agenda in the upcoming session.”

Added O'Malley on religious freedoms and equality:

“I think with every day that goes by I think people become more comfortable with the notion, you know, that laws need to be protected equally in a pluralistic society. And we need to find a way to protect religious freedom. … And sacraments should be left to churches and religious faiths, but a government of laws needs to enforce rights and protect rights equally among all people.”