1. Randy says

    First, he was only in favor of civil unions. Then the MD legislature debated marriage and O’Malley was nowhere to be found — totally missing in action.

    Then: polls show that a slim majority of Americans support marriage equality, and that the trend is going towards full majority in a couple of years.

    Then: Gov. Cuomo in NY showed what real leadership is like and gets marriage equality for his state.

    So NOW — O’Malley suddenly decides that marriage equality is what MD need afterall!

    Just remember one thing: Politicians are NOT leaders! They follow the crowd and enter the room only when it’s safe. IF we are going to secure our rights, we cannot look to politicians to give it to us. Instead, we need to organize and get support across the board that is so strong, no politician can ignore it.

  2. K says

    @Randy He’s with us now. That’s all that matters. We had a miserable campaign last year, now we need to shape up. Let’s not push away our allies in the process.

  3. Gay Activist says

    He promises gay marriage – but will the Maryland Legusalture deliver???

    Also do not forget the other bill that is just as important for Marylanders –

    the Gender Idenity Rights Bill as well that will add “gender idenity” to the anti-discrimination legialtion that only has sexual orientation. Hate crime laws are already covered on the basis of both sexual orientation and/or gender idenity in Maryland.

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