Michele Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll, Tim Pawlenty Leaving Race


It was a good Saturday for presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, who won yesterday’s symbolic Ames Straw Poll with 4823 votes. Ron Paul came in a close second with 4671, and Tim Pawlenty struggled into third with 2293.

Bachmann wasted no time sending out a celebratory fundraising email to supporters thanking them for the “historic” votes.

“I want to thank the people of Iowa for for this tremendous victory,” she said.

Together we sent a message that we intend to make President Obama a one term president. The Iowa Straw Poll was a important first step in what will be a long race for the presidency. Now we turn our attention toward winning the Iowa Caucuses and taking our message of reining in wasteful spending, keeping taxes low, growing our economy and creating jobs to the people of New Hampshire, South Carolina and all 50 states.

As for Pawlenty, apparently that third-place showing was enough to convince the former Minnesota governor that he doesn’t have what it takes to win the GOP nomination: he will reportedly announce this morning that he’s packing up his campaign and headed home.

With regard to the other nominees on the ballot yesterday: Rick Santorum received 1657 votes, Herman Cain counted 1456, Mitt Romney received a surprisingly low 567, Newt Gingrich 385, Jon Huntsman 69 and Thaddeus McCotter received 35 out of the 16,892 cast. Rick Perry, who announced his campaign yesterday and wasn’t on the poll, received a 718 write-in votes, suggesting that he has massive support in the Hawkeye State.


  1. Robert in NYC says

    Friens, if Bachmann ever wins the nomination in 2012, you can bet Log Cabiners and GOProuders and gay Civil Libertarians will rally around her, anything to make sure no African-American or Democrat ever wins the White House again guaranteeing that we will NEVER have full equality.

  2. say what says

    perry didn’t necessarily receive the 718 votes

    Erin Rapp, Communications Director for the Iowa Secretary of State, the department overseeing straw poll write-in votes said they determined intent of the write in Parry votes ( pushed by Stephen colbert) and rank them as Perry votes

    In other words, at this moment in time it is not being reported how many of those 718 Perry votes were joke votes by stephen colbert watchers writing in Parry

  3. ohplease says

    And yet again, Iowa Republicans prove that there is nobody more out of touch and straight-up out of their minds like an Iowa Republican. Enjoy your once-every-four-years festival of insane hatred and stupidity, Iowa Republicans! Stay classy!

  4. Your Mom says

    Jason, what an insult to Farrah Fawcett. Bachmann looks nothing like her. She can’t hold a candle to the former in the looks department. She’s ugly in and therefore, ugly out.

  5. brianinla says

    The only person worth talking about from the entire field of candidates is Ron Paul. As a proud gay man I’m sure it’s shocking to many of you that I’d be for him, but he is a true believer in equality and liberty. Sure, his conservative values and upbringing cause him to fall on the side against gay marriage, BUT (and this is a huge but) he is The Defender on state’s rights and that’s what we should all be fighting for! Each state should be allowed to pass whatever laws they want within their borders, and the federal gov should have no say over it. That’s what Ron Paul supports. Not Obama. Not Bachman. Not anyone else, when you really look at their voting records. Obama has done nothing for equality of gays, and expecting a president to do that is just silly. It will not happen. So, what’s next dear gay brethren and sisters, STATES’ RIGHTS! If Cali, NY, Iowa, etc., want gay marriage, we should have it! If Texas, or other states, don’t, so be it! Just don’t move there :) I don’t want anyone imposing their laws/beliefs on me, and I don’t want to impose mine on others. I urge you all to think outside the box and look into Ron Paul. Party doesn’t matter, just ideals, philosophies, and the understanding that liberty is given to all of us.

  6. say what says


    Ron paul would nix SS, Medicare, Medicade, public schooling, the EPA, the FDA, the CDC, water toxins limits, civil rights, all taxes etc ad infinitum as unconstitutional

    the only thing Ron paul supports is USA soldiers defending our borders and NOTHING what so ever else

    This was tried via the Articles of Cinfederation ………..Congress of the Confederation that lasted a whopping 8 years

    Congress of the Confederation was a dismal failure and after 8 years the founders decided the FED needed to be strong and real america was born

    U can shove your idiocy along with crazy ron paul up your ass and drop off the planet. We have enough nutz all ready

  7. brianinla says

    Wow, Say What. And we wonder why people don’t like us. You’re insulting, rude, and completely wrong on your history and what Ron Paul stands for. If you were the voice of reason for our community, we’d be utterly doomed. And on another note, why are you so nasty to a person who voices an opinion other than yours?

    And regarding the Fed and the Articles of the Confederation, you’re missing the point. I’ll spare the historical lesson on that (I’m an attorney who spent decades learning the history of our political system and I understand very much that the Confederation Congress/Articles didn’t work for this country), and that wasn’t the point.

    Expecting the federal government to recognize the rights of gay men and women is asanine and will not happen in the foreseeable future. Our country is incredibly conservative when it comes to social issues, and that isn’t going to change. Sure, more people support the idea of gay marriage, but that is VASTLY different than the federal government granting full equal rights to gays. So, all I ask is what’s next. What is our next argument we can use, and succeed with?

    No need for bashing me sir, those outside of our community do enough of that.

    I just ask people to think outside of the box we’ve been stuck in for decades, with very little success.

    (Oh, and regarding SS, Medicare, and Medicaid, their all ponzi schemes that are broke and that won’t exist by the time I’m old enough to collect from them. So yes, I think that’s something we could think outisde of the box about too. I’m sick of paying into a system, though my hard earned money, when I won’t even be able to collect from it in the future. Call me silly for believing that life, in some ways, could be a little more fair.)

  8. Travis says

    Wow, brianinla, if you hate the system here, why don’t you move to one of those fair countries, like Russia, or Eastern Europe? I bet you won’t get any of those icky social services over there. There, perhaps you can exercise your fundamental right to die in agonizing poverty. Just remember to be a dear and take all your libertarian friends with you please.

  9. brianinla says

    I appreciate the advice, Travis, but I’m a very proud American and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. And, I never said I “hate” the system. The system is broke though, no way around that, and in stead of beating the same drum, over and over, with no avail, I’m only suggesting that we try something different. And my original post was about gay rights, not entitlements.

    But, since it seems to be getting some attentions, I’ll digress. People collect anywhere from 5-10 times the amount of money from SS then they put into it! Did you know that? I have a family member who was made OVER 10 times more from SS then he paid into it. So, in my opinion, it’s honestly just a matter of math. It doesn’t work out and the future generations are the ones who are going to be impoverished.

    You do know that SS as we now know it is not going to exist in the future, right? I mean, I don’t think any pundit on either side argues that. Sure, there’s different arguments regarding how to address the system, repair it, fix it, etc., but something has to change because SS will not be around in the relatively near future. So…

    But hey, I like various opinions and different ideas. That’s what being an American means to me.

    Sadly, it seems for a lot of people (and a couple so far on this site alone) that voicing different opinions means I’m “nutz” or that I should move to Russia.

    That’s not the vision I have of this country at all.

  10. say what says


    Ron paul supporters are majority Teapartiers and stormfront people (if you didn’t know stormfront= anti-semitic white supremacists)

    crazy is as who crazy supports

    I recommend you go talk to a therapist before we see you on the 5 o’clock news barking at the moon while dressed in a loin cloth made from the pages of Atlas shrugged

  11. anon says

    The straw poll hasn’t been a good predictor of anything in the past several election cycles. However, this year the association with business interest money and the straw poll, not to mention top consultants, has meant that the weaker candidates will lose fundraising capability coming out of this. The average age of a straw poll “voter” is something like 55. It’s a very good place to get a ton of trinkets and free food too.

  12. brianinla says

    Say What, you continue to inspire me to be nothing like you.

    Since I’m guessing you’ve never even been to a Ron Paul event, let alone met the majority of his supporters, your generalization and stereotyping of a large group of American citizens is ridiculously off base. Some things never change in this country.

    While it doesn’t seem like you educate yourself much before you spew your hate, try googling “jews for ron paul” and “black for ron paul” and just see what comes up. I have been to countless Ron Paul events and have met several jewish americans and countless black americans (i don’t use african american bc i have several black friends who are not of african descent and hate how all black people get lumped together as “african”) and they absolutely love Ron Paul and his positions. But, I’m sure you also have a nasty opinion on them as well. Ron Paul has massive support from minorities and he is endorsed by various religious organizations of all types.

    So, once again Say What, you are wrong.

  13. says

    Ron Paul is a selective libertarian, bad for gay people, bad for women, and bad for anyone who believes government should serve the people. He’s also way too old and kooky to get anywhere near the White House. But let’s keep him and all the other fringe Repub’s in the race, since the real nominee will be sane but enormously boring.

  14. brianinla says

    Well Ernie, I will agree with you on the enormously boring bit. The odds of Ron Paul getting the nom are slim, but some of us are holding out hope!

    However, you are mistaken on Ron Paul. He is most certainly not a selective libertarian. He is a defender of liberty in every way, so I would love to know where you think he is not a libertarian.

    And, please don’t speak for me. I am gay, and Ron Paul is not bad for me. I have a group of gay friends that are supporters of him as well.

    And bad for women? Must be his pro-life stance. Well, again, sometimes liberty outways the choices of some people. See, instead of thinking about the mother’s choices, Dr. Paul (an OBGYN doctor who has delivered over 4,000 babies) thinks about the life and liberty of the unborn child. Choice does not outweigh the right to live.

    You should check out the latest national coalition that has been formed for Ron Paul. It’s easy… Women for Ron Paul. Google it.

    Plus, I believe that government should support people. But in a limited way since I don’t want government control and intervention in all aspects of my life. How can government serve me? By protecting my life and my liberty. That’s what our government was intended to do. Not to provide cash and other financial support to anyone who asks from cradle to grave. Unemployment benefits and food stamps are going to millions of people, and many of them have been collecting for years. Sure, it would be great if our government could provide that for everyone always, but unfortunately there’s a little problem. It’s called money, and we don’t have any of it here in this country. Well, unless the Federal Reserve prints it out of thin air and continues to destroy the value of our dollar.

  15. Randy says

    The only message I get from the Iowa straw poll is that any reasonable attempt to unseat Obama will have to come from the Democrats, because at least they aren’t loopy.

  16. PDX Guy says

    I can never decide which are more deluded, the Log Cabin/GOProud types or the Ron Paul bots.

    No one has ever explained why Ron Paul is a Republican if he has all these different beliefs. Why not a Libertarian or an Independent?

  17. says

    Ron Paul’s chances of winning the nomination aren’t slim, they’re non-exiistent, so if he’s your dream candidate, whatever. And, yes, believing that women should be deprived of the right to choose what they do with their bodies is not a libertarian view. His support of DOMA is bad for marriage equality. Since civil marriage benefits come only from the government, and heterosexual couples will never give up those benefits, marriage equality will only happen when the federal governmente stops excluding gay couples from their rights. Paul’s not afraid to take stances, credit for that. Fortunately, he’s too old and off-kilter for those stances get anywhere near the White House. A quasi-libertarian President supported by Tea Party extremists is the last thing this country needs.

  18. brianinla says

    And what about the liberty of the baby? That’s the point. A woman’s choice of what to do to her own body shouldn’t outweigh the right to life of the unborn child. What about his/her choice? That’s where the libertarian looks, and that is the only libertarian view that can be had.

  19. brianinla says

    And yes, at first I was surprised by Ron Paul’s seeming support of DOMA. But then I did research and found out what he said. DOMA protects states’ rights, and that’s why he “supports” it. If people in Kentucky don’t want same-sex marriage, Californians shouldn’t be able to force them to. That’s his stance there.

    States’ rights goes both way. The states that want same-sex marriage should have it! And those that don’t, should have that choice too.

    And hey, I’ve been living in West Hollywood, proud, out, for six years now. Clearly this is the type of place I want to live, but I don’t want to force my views on others, and vice versa.

  20. ZigZagBoom says

    “Expecting the federal government to recognize the rights of gay men and women is asanine and will not happen in the foreseeable future.”

    Actually, the federal government did just recognize the right of gays & lesbians to serve in the military, so there.

    You’re going to fall on deaf ears here, Brian, maybe you want to head on over to Newsmax or Worldnutdaily, it would be a better use of your time.

  21. Redebbm says

    I just hope one of these “States rights” touting Republicans realize that some states want Gay Marriage and some states are moving to Single-Payer Healthcare systems.

    As usual they will be hypocrites, Wanting to pass Federal Marriage Amendments (Like Bachman insists while nominating anti-gay judges under the guise of “nonactivist”) and insist that the government can’t have anything to do with Healthcare.

    These candidates have no ideas to fix our economy, and get people good paying jobs. They thrive on saying anything that is the opposite of Obama, THAT IS ALL. They have nothing else. They even oppose a Healthcare bill THEIR party advocated in the 90s, because our President and Congress wanted to find anything to create a compromise bill.

    Any gay person who votes for one of these loons thinking that they will represent them and their non existent “conservative values” and nonexistent “fiscal conservatism” are just fooling themselves. Once they are in office, all they will do is brag that they “Got our country back” while it falls apart.

  22. says

    @Brian: The states’ rights argument hurts gay people. DOMA hurts gay people. We will be unequal if marriage is left in the hands of the states. Straight people will not face such discrimination, ever. So Ron Paul’s arguments, and yours, completely fall apart. Support him and the faux libertarian POV if you wish, but don’t pretend it’s good for gay rights, because it isn’t. It’s good for libertarians and social conservatives posing as libertarians. As others have said, you’re not going to convince most gay people to vote against our own interests, and Ron Paul and the other Republicans in the race are indisputably against gay interests.

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