1. PG says

    Michael didn’t need to release stunt “remixes” featuring other, more talented artists in order to break records.

  2. Max says

    Sorry, Katy. There is just no comparison. Michael Jackson will always be better. He was a true original with raw talent, great songs, and iconic videos. Do you honestly think you could compare your forgettable, manufactured tripe to songs like “Billie Jean” and “Man in the Mirror”?

  3. tranquilo says

    Yuck. Forget birds falling from the sky, freak weather, and the drop of the US’s credit rating. If her auto-tuned prom anthems take the crown away from one of the last century’s greats, it really is “end times”.

  4. Bruno says

    That is so cheating. You didn’t see Michael adding Debbie Gibson or Tiffany to a remix to get that 5th #1 hit.

  5. redball says

    For me, Katy usually is a wan 2nd-place to Gaga. But LAST FRIDAY NIGHT is the sh!t and Missy Elliott had me on the floor with her “Friday night was nice and loooooooooong” double entendre.

    Missy and Luda are always great for the lewd yet hilarious lyrics.

  6. Sam says

    Teenage Dream > Born This Way


    But obviously Bad is better than any of this drivel

  7. Matt says


    I’m sure you have never made a homophobic comment ever in your life. Get over it.

  8. Joe says

    It’s a different era entirely. To equate the sale of these “singles” with what it took to do it before the digital era is pointless. Michael will always rule.

  9. Brian in Texas says

    The true test of any artist is how they perform live. Katy sounded like sh*t on SNL and really doesn’t have much stage presence. Her songs are catchy but will be forgotten in 3 years.

  10. Red says

    Michael Jackson’s songs were vastly superior to Perry’s and will be remembered forever.

  11. sean says

    @sam ur an idiot the two albums are completely different katys is marketed towards teenagers light and fluffy and gaga is marketed to 20 somethings and is much darker comparing the two is just stupid

  12. jason says

    Katy is crap. The release of this remix proves just how fake she is. She’s exploiting Billboard magazine’s flawed policy of double-counting sales of a song title sung by different performers.

  13. max says

    if you really dont want katy perry to reach number one all you have to do is listen to more lmfao “party rock anthem” and nikki’s “super bass”. listen to it on itunes and on the radio. that will keep katy perry from getting another number one hit. listen to them three times a day if you want to.