1. NoSleep4Sam says

    I would like to publicly state that if anyone would like to make a movie of me travelling around the world, walking around, going to the beach, having fun at events, etc. I am totally available, and I can clear my schedule as needed.
    I will even do it for a 30 second or 2 minute movie. I will do it for any required length you need. I’ve very open to negotiation.

  2. Jack M says

    Fantastic editing, and please no more snippy comments. There’s a lot of things wrong with the world, but our planet Earth and the people on it are amazingly beautiful.

  3. metroptomist says

    By the way… be sure you go to Vimeo and check out “Learn” and “Eat,” which are also part of the series. Well-done and definitely envy-worthy.

  4. FunMe says


    I would love to see a slow moving version of the areas he visited for more details. Beautiful visuals including the young guy. Great smile!

    I encourage everyone to get to know more of the world, it really is a beautiful planet we live on.

  5. Bakeley says

    Well shot, but it makes everything about the pretty boy. Anything that isn’t him is reduced to a millisecond. The underlying message is kind of that foreign places are ours to consume. Something about it disturbs me: Style over message. Pretty, but masturbatory.

  6. shibby says

    @Marc C That’s what I immediately thought of when I saw this. While this one is neat, I think the “Where the Hell is Matt?” video is so much more moving and uplifting.

  7. Marc C says

    @SHIBBY: Agreed! To this day whenever I watch it I choke up. It’s real, it’s from the heart and it’s imperfect. In short, art.

    I’m not saying the scenery or editing was bad in the video that Andy posted. But that’s really all it is. It’s like watching the microwave. No depth and no emotional connection.

  8. MrJ says

    what makes gays so bitter? you cant even watch a simple beautiful video that is more interesting than anything else you’ve probably done this year and appreciate it. Carbon Footprint? Oh f*ck off.

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