1. justinw says

    Ah, time for another pathetic attempt to get public attention. The money must not be coming in fast enough. I really enjoyed the silence coming from Wasilla: thanks -so- much for breaking it.

  2. Max says

    Funny how the left throws around the word “terrorist” at anyone and everything nowadays except Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Taliban.

    Keep it up, and soon the word “terrorist” will mean absolutely nothing, just like the word “racist.”

  3. Ed says

    @Max: I’m sorry to hear that you feel being racist is ok.

    And as a proud member of the left (which I assume you are not) the groups mentioned ARE, in fact, considered terrorist organizations.

  4. Max says

    Ed, you read one thing and understand another. Being racist is not ok, but shouting “racist” at everything dilutes the meaning of the word (i.e. crying wolf). “Racist” has been so overused that it doesn’t actually mean anything anymore. If someone who opposes tax increases and wants a balanced budget amendment is now a “terrorist,” then what is someone who blows up a civilian market in order to establish an Islamic theocracy?

    And you are incorrect. Media vanguards of political correctness, such as the BBC, prefer to use terms like “extremists” or even “activists” to describe terrorist organizations, followed quickly by an excuse or justification for their terrorism.

  5. Thomas says

    We should call tea party members what they are – anti-american. When you vote to keep corporate jet subsidies, but cut medicare – you harm real people while protecting corporate profits. Enough is enough with these yahoo’s. Representative elections now – with unlimited parties. Its time for a true democracy.

  6. girlplease says

    oh max, why don’t you actually come out and say what you mean? the zionist undertones are just so transparent.

    what you mean to say is: ANY actions taken to resist israeli brutality and occupation are, without exception “terrorism.”

    any actions taken by the israeli government to maintain the status quo, steal land and water, bomb, blockade and put the indigenous palestinians into modern warsaw ghettos is “justifiable self defense.”

    girl, please. who are you kidding?

  7. Ed says

    @Max: Holding a process hostage only to do the bidding of the most extremist members of your party pretty much qualifies as “acting like a terrorist”. Willing to destroy unless you get what you want, yup, that’s Republicans.

    Crying “racist” all the time (ie crying wolf) does not diminish the virulent hatred summed up in that word. I’m sorry, then, that you see so much racism and let it slide.

    Maybe the media you choose to watch refers to those groups as “activists”, however the news I watch (and read) refers to them as they are: terrorists.

  8. TJ says

    Absurd! Everyone knows that Failin’ Palin, the Quitter, is simply a big media whore! She’s too dumb to be anything else.

    It was okay for her to put bullseye targets on her website before the Arizona incident. Lots of people would like to slap (something on) you dumbass, but it’s not a sticker on your forehead!

    Curious. I haven’t seen her carrying her “sack of potatoes” kid since she was talked down by the young lady who suffers the same affliction as Tripp. Guess she can’t take the truth and is embarassed by her son’s illness…

  9. Steve says

    Patriot = Anyone who agrees with me
    Terrorist = Anyone who doesn’t

    I hate the way the Right Wing uses these terms.

  10. says

    If you don’t like “terrorists” or “racists”, than how about “subversives”.

    The Tea Party radicals are out to destroy government as we know it. Only difference between them and those “outside agitators” who are monitored by the FBI, eventually arrested and fined, is that these “Tea Party Subversives” have managed to become elected officials of the very government they dispise and are hell bent on destroying, giving them legitimacy, and cover, while working their magic.

    You tell me who’s more dangerous?

  11. paul says

    Max…the tea party were actively calling for a default which would have effectively destroyed America as we know it today. They also have been calling to destroy the president. They want to destroy medicare, women’s health care, care for the sick the elderly, food stamps for the under privelledged, health care for millions, the EPA, the government, the environment, the planet, clean water, roads infrastructure….what exactly do you call all that destruction ?? I know what many sane people would call it.

  12. Rob says

    Oh, she’s still around? It must be sad to have gone from being the mythic Great Right Hope to being irrelevant even to the tea baggers.

  13. walter says

    is having terrorist painted on your head something similar to painting bulls eyes on things? if it is you got what you asked for. the description of the tea party as domestic terrorists is pretty accurate . they are unwilling to compromise and everything their way. when will the american people wake up and boot this tools of the rich and big business to the curb.

  14. says

    She is a mouthpiece for nothing but hatred and dissension. Sarah Palin’s rhetoric and violence-inciting imagery IS a form of terrorism and a prime example. She held Jared Lee Loughner’s hand while he murdered people with his misguided sensibilities. I was compelled to draw a visual commentary showing her handing him the gun on my artist’s blog at She’ll go to any lengths and keep spewing her insanity for that attention (and the money of course.)

  15. jerry says

    The Tea Partiers are terrorists ( and racists ) and will go to any lengths to acheive their goals of “smaller gov’t”, of course, so long as their government sponsored benefits aren’t impacted (and those benfits are of course payed for by the coastal elites living in blue states that hate “real ‘muricans”)
    In addition to being a terrorist, racist and homophobe sarah palin is similar to the herpes virus, just when you thought it had gone away, it comes back.

  16. Rick says

    Wow…a worthwhile comment by Biden? He is totally right. Secondly, rather than place it on her forehead, I would suggest over her mouth.