Pressure Builds For Anti-Gay Hinkle To Resign After Craigslist Sex Scandal

Via the Indianapolis Star:


“I strongly recommend that Representative Hinkle resign his position,” said Marion County Republican Chairman Kyle Walker, “so that he can focus on his family and not have this situation detract from that or the work that needs to continue in his legislative district.”

Andy Harris, Wayne Township trustee and former Wayne Township GOP chairman, said the people he has spoken to in Wayne Township are “just shocked and floored.”

“It is not something they expected from Phil Hinkle,” said Harris, who attends St. Christopher Catholic Church with him and considers him a friend. “But if found to be true, he definitely needs to step down. . . . There’s no way I could support somebody running for an elected office doing that to their spouse and their family.”
Hinkle’s district is “fairly solid Republican” but with a strong contingent of evangelical Christian voters, said Brian Vargus, political science professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

House Republicans will be looking to retain a supermajority of 66 members in the next election, Vargus said. “And I think they would walk away from Hinkle” unless he can prove he didn’t do anything wrong.

For his part, Hinkle has made no indication whether he plans to step aside, but don’t be surprised if he makes a decision early this week.


  1. Jim says

    He should step down. Anthony Wiener did. Republicans should be held to the same standard as Democrats. Period. Of course, the ideal scenario would be for Mr. Hinkle to come out as a gay man; as if THAT is going to happen!

  2. bobsmart2 says

    It seems like the ones that thump the bible or try the hardest to keep people from being able to love each other. The true victims in this sorid tale would be the wife, children and the people who put thier trust in this man when they voted for him.

    He has let down the people who trusted him and supported him. Now lets see if he will do the right thing and resign and slink away to somewhere he can be who and what he wants, without hurting others.

  3. kodiak says

    I wish everyone would just relax about sex and have lots of it and talk about how great it is and leave out religion, etc. Never gonna happen. Especially when people come out against something then get caught doing that very same something. It is tragic for him, and now all his family members are waking up to a Hinkle they don’t know but thought they did. At the same time he is probably feeling really bad for hurting them and letting down the voters, but I hope he’s feeling some freedom from the pressure to stay closeted. Proof that homophobia is painful for everybody.

  4. candideinnc says

    The laments of the sad, sad, infinitely sad Rethugs are hollow to my ears. They had precious little to say about Diaper Dave Vitter’s whoring around on his wife. Their posturing as moralists is a sham. The hypocrites simply hate gay people and don’t want to be near them. I guess they are afraid the cooties will rub off on them.

    As far as this Indiana rube…he and his family can burn in the various circles of hell for all I care. He deserves all the shame that will be spent on his worthless carcass for his betrayal of gay people in America.

  5. Robert in NYC says

    The Log Cabiners and GOProuders are breeding grounds for this sort of thing, in fact the entire GOP is, infested with them, but hey’ll go on voting for those who vote against them and deny them full equality. It doesn’t bother them either because equality isn’t high on their pecking order of things, money is though.

  6. jim says

    Rather hard to feel sympathy for Hinkle’s family when they raced to put a coverup in place, according to the original newspaper article. Hinkle’s wife reportedly called the blackberry and offered the kid’s sister $10k to keep quiet about what had JUST happened at the hotel! With that response, it seems unlikely that Mrs Hinkle was unaware of her husband’s ‘extra-curriculars’, or that this was the first time something like this had threatened his image. Same with the daughter, based on her reported response.

  7. Rich says

    It is not “sad” it is hypocritical and disgusting. Not disgusting because of sex, but because this guy has been bashing the LGBT community for years. I’m not surprised that it is another holier than thou type who was caught. He deserves to be disgraced and humiliated.

  8. ohplease says

    “Of course, the ideal scenario would be for Mr. Hinkle to come out as a gay man; as if THAT is going to happen!”

    I’m pretty sure that happened a couple of days ago. You remember — that whole teenage male prostitute thing?

    Only a Republican could be the least bit surprised that an anti-gay Republican is actually gay. Coastal Republicans are flat-out sociopathic power-mongers, but Midwest Republicans are the worst — it’s seriously like they’re living on another, infinitely more stupid planet as they worship whatever hypocritical idiot criminal feeds their hate the best. These people are pathetic.

  9. Matthew says

    I feel sorry for everyone involved, but it’s really the beliefs he and his family espouse that led to this. Rather than do a little critical thinking, they follow the tenets of an ancient mythological book. It’s tragic to see what happens when people needlessly deny an entire part of their identity, but it’s certainly not shocking.

  10. Mark says

    “sHe” should step down now!

    Republicans are pathetic. Busted, hypocritical and with absolutely zero credibility. How can anyone now believe a word he says?

    Agree with Jim…No compassion for his family that immediately tried to “Pay the Gay” away. Thats not the first thing you do if your not fully aware of your husbands real interests. Of course they knew.

    What is SAD is that I can’t enjoy the same rights and benefits as this “married” man because of his hypocritical anti-gay stand. He should be exposed for the liar he is in a very public way!!

  11. walter says

    no pity for him or his family. they knew and with into defensive mode. my bet this isn’t the first time he has done this. if you preach hate don’t expect love in return.

  12. Henry Holland says

    “Regardless of why people lament Hinkle’s situation”

    I’m not “lamenting” his situation, I hope his life is a smoldering ruin of pain and suffering for years to come. Instead, he’ll probably go to one of Marcus Bachmann’s “ex-gay” centers, come back in a few years saying “The baby Jesus has healed me, HEALED ME I TELL YOU!” and the Bible thumpers will eat it up, like they always do.

  13. anon says

    Of course, very few of us heard of him before this week, so this story’s not going to last. However, the toothpaste is probably out of the tube. Each of these mini-scandals plays out a bit differently. Mark Foley resigned (they are ending the page program this year too). Larry Craig pled guilty and then tried quixotically to reverse it. Jim McGreevey resigned immediately and then went waaaay gay along with the world’s most acrimonious divorce. George Reekers denied everything and went into hiding. That drunk guy from California admitted everything and is trying to redeem himself, etc.

  14. Matt McCormick says

    I don’t think he should resign – that’s too easy. He should finish his term in shame and have to answer to his constituents when the tough questions keep coming.

  15. Bob R says

    I find it amusing that the Republicans feel sad, but were Hinkle a Democrat that sadness would be outrage. I guess this kind of activity, employing a youthful male prostitute is okay if you’re a Republican but a Democrat would be hounded out of office and there would be cries for legal investigations and possible prosecution.

    As for the GOP supporting, Hinkle voting Pastor Bayly, you voted for an anti-gay bigot and you’re reading Towleroad? Are you another self hating, closeted gay or straight and like to see what the gays are up to?

  16. Jeb Goodcarver says

    This man is a raging hypocrite. As a retired employee of the State of Indiana, I took an active part in lobbying the State Legislature for increases in pay and benefits, and this was one of the least willing to listen to our pleas for reasonable COLs and the elimination of the notorious 2% club, etc, etc. Apparently, his check was big enough. Big enough to buy sexual favors that Mitch called “sad…”

  17. Fair Question says

    Ah, another case of “forbidden fruit”?

    Apparently he didn’t get the memo but Republicans are supposed to f*ck the maid, not the pool boy.

    Arnold is practically a Republican hero now.

  18. BillyWingarten says

    There needs to be a movie called outrage II. A sequel to the orig outrage movie that outs a lot of capital hill mostly repub gay haters who ahve their member in the proverbial boys butt all the while claiming god and protect marriage.

    We have one of those creeps for sure where I live. I sent a letter to his wife, with a copy of the material on him I found on the web.

    Anythng at all to out these creeps. it they just kept their mouth shut and abstained from voting re gay issues, no one would care.

    But when they act like little hitlers all the while claiming the sanctity of marriage, to hell with them. For real.

    No one knows but you can bet that s number of gay kids have been driven to suicide by these creeps. NO mercy for them, they had their chance to be decent and keep quiet.

    And burn their churches to the ground for creating these kinds of creeps in the first place.

    Religion is the curse of mankind

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