1. rustytrawler says

    Um, seriously? “the gritty world of hipsters and urban professionals.” I hope that was copied verbatim from a press release…

  2. justme says

    I could even be accused of being a hipster and an urban professional — but if this world is gritty, I’m Martha Stewart.

  3. Matt26 says

    I’d like to see a series about gays who are sexy and active, yet “normal”, everyday guys (looking hot) WITH smart and deep scripts and excellent actors.
    The shower pics look hot, maybe they just had some great dialogue.

  4. MikeInSanJose says

    Dunno about the gritty/hipster stuff, but I sure am glad to see more of Danny Roberts!!! He looks a bit older, but still fantastic!! MOREMOREMORE!!!

  5. Kevin_BGFH says

    What network will this be on, or is it still being shopped around? Hope it’s HBO or Showtime so they can show us more….

  6. Brandon h says

    Didn’t know Danny was an actor, not that its a surprise that a reality show contestant is trying to get into acting.

    I had SUCH a crush on him in High School, it was like the last season of the real world before it got all mega boozy.

    Guess that crush never went away, cuz damn.

  7. Eric says

    “it steers clear of cookie-cutter WeHo clones and thrusts us deep into the gritty world of hipsters and urban professionals.”

    haha I’m pretty sure the hipsters and urban pro’s are also part of that category so nothing new here. I like Matt26’s idea much better, write a script my man!

  8. Mimsy says

    Oh, sigh. I was so crazy about Danny on The Real World: New Orleans and I liked Darryl on Noah’s Arc. Generally I avoid hipsters like scabies but I would watch my favorite eye candy.

  9. Dan says

    The fact that they don’t mention a network makes me wonder if they’re still shopping it…

    God help us if this goes to Logo, here! or some other crapwork.

  10. Dan says

    Read all the way thru. Negotiations. Got it.

    HBO seems good to be true. Showtime seems like the next best choice.

  11. Tony says

    If goes to LOGO they’ll do one season and we’ll never see it again.

    And I doubt here! could raise the money to produce it, considering here! is a complete scam run by con artists.

  12. Rick says

    Thank you, Matt26. I mean, we all love hot sex scenes, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a show in which the main character is a gay guy who is professionally successful, not at all effeminate, knows his neighbors and is liked by them, has straight friends, and does not jump in bed with every attractive stranger he encounters as soon as possible.

    You know, just the kind of character we see straight guys depicted as all the time.

    Is that so hard to do?

  13. brenda says

    The big news about this still network-less show is that, possibly, an simultaneously African-American and gay actor (Darryl Stephens) will have a leading role in an interracial social fictional drama playing someone other than a drag queen or an effeminate gay man (which is all well and good but we need a broader range of depictions).

  14. Kristofer says

    Danny was the first time I remember seeing an out guy on TV. I had the biggest crush on him when I was a kid, and I still do. I’ll probably watch this just for the eye candy.

  15. Dback says

    It’s thrilling to see openly gay actors playing gay characters, just for verisimilitude–no well-meaning quotes to the media about what an “honor” it is, or an acting “challenge” and all that. Daryl Stephens is a beautiful man, but Danny Roberts…whew. Not enough adjectives. Can’t wait to see more clips/pics from this. (I don’t think I can handle many more shower pics though, I may pass out.)

  16. JeffNYC says

    Nothing is ever good enough for some of you whiners! (It must be miserable to be your boyfriends!)

    This story has an OUT African-American actors sucking face in a shower with an OUT white guy WITH BODY HAIR…and you still complain “They’re not real enough! They’re not gritty enough! I want a series about people as unlikable as me!”

    Grow up. Learn to differentiate between what’s good and what’s TRULY not. Stop complaining reflexively.

    Danny and Darryl are the ones keeping it real here, not you.

  17. Brian in Texas says

    Crossing my fingers that it gets picked up. Good to see Darryl Stephens working.

  18. sugarrhill says

    What’s this “normal” you bitches keep throwing around? And also what TV shows depict single straight males that don’t sleep around with every attractive woman they meet?

  19. Pickles55 says

    I can’t believe y’all found so much to complain about from a few photos and a bare bones description. LOL Bless.
    Love Darryl. It will be great to see him on screen again.
    We need MORE gay series. I don’t care where they are or who produces them.

    The more the better. The only way visibility works is if there is so much variety that we can all pick and choose.
    No one series can be everything to everybody or represent everyone’s experience.

    The concept sounds perfectly fine to me.

    Let’s wait and see the execution before we rip it to shreds just on GP.

    There is still NOT a representative number of gay dramas and sitcoms on tv across all networks.

    If we don’t support these shows and give them a chance to gain an audience, who will?

    The assumption that any new gay movie of tv show is going to be “stereotypical” and bad is just internalized homophobia poking its ugly head out of the self-hating cave.

    Perhaps we could just let the show actually get shot before we shoot it down.

    Just a thought.

  20. Dee-dee Colbert says

    Darryl Stephens is sexy ass hell, it only stands to reason that the show is going to be hot n sexy too. He is a very good actor. This is going to be a very good show, I can feel it! I just hope it plays on a foreal network.

  21. Lance says

    Danny was my first man crush, and apparently it’s still going strong. I actually really don’t like seeing him in this light. It cheapens him. Also, why is he kissing that man in the shower and not in our marriage bed?

  22. Mark says

    Not to hate or anything, but it always surprises me when men on this site get all giddy over shots like this – like a bunch of teenage girls. Don’t you guys have access to porn?

  23. Blake J says

    I do not like finding out about these shows too soon, because they have a good chance of not being made!
    I was looking forward to “The Miracle Year” that was supposed to be on HBO but it was not commissioned beyond a pilot episode.

    A show about gay men that stars openly gay men, one of which is black, would already be a step in the right direction and hopefully they have the right kind of people writing it, so it will be more on the realistic side!

    I am curious as to what being a “normal” gay is, because every time a show includes a gay character, there are always people complaining about the realism.

  24. JeffNYC says

    I believe the bitterness is not as pervasive as it seems on the Comments section of this site. Just a few bitter guys who on Towleroad 24/7 and like to be the “First Responders” to every post.

    It’s a shame because they set a bitter tone that is not Andy’s and not that of most of Andy’s readers.

  25. FunMe says

    JEFFNYC at AUG 3, 2011 3:20:48 PM: you comments are right on! Queens complain all the time and it simply reflects on their own unhappiness, insecurities and negativity.

    I think it’s GREAT that this TV series is being made. I love the fact that they avoid West Hollywood and focus on the downtown area of Los Angeles that does have lots of hipsters. And gays, too! Thank goodness someone out there is writing material that is not the same old same. I wish them the best in getting signed!

  26. MATTSY says

    always thought Darryl was sexy-even when he was acting like a big queen on Noahs Arc!!

  27. justcorey. says

    Danny & Daryl – YES, PLEASE!!!! I’m glad to see them both back on TV as I was super bummed when Noah’s Arc went off the air. Danny, well he was TOTALLY my crush back in college when I used to watch The Real World.

  28. Mrs Patrick Campbell says

    Mary with the hairy chest looks hot but the ubangi looks like a fug body.

  29. No Fan says

    Darryl Stephens comment about his claim to fame potrayal in Noah’s Arc was a bit offensive. He described Noah’s as a group of African American men existing in a “chocolate bubble”-and by extension was making a slur against all other portrayals of African American gay men in film whose love life and frindships where with other African American gay men.

    Is it right to assume he has no problem with larger gay film where 99% of the actors are white–a vanilla bubble.

    Not a fan of Darryl Stephens.

    If he wants to play, ALWAYS PLAY, opposite white men, then all the power to him. But he needs to stop making disparaging remarks against black gay film which is by the way his claim to fame.

  30. jamal49 says

    JEFFINNYC and SUGARRHILL Thanks for saying it. You saved me the trouble of taking some of these whiny, ungrateful, “normal”-obsessed buttboys to task here.