1. ohplease says

    “Make it better”. Exactly. Taylor’s a smart, good man actually doing something about bullying, instead of being a famewhore with a self-aggrandizing fad designed primarily to keep him in the news.

  2. Codswallop says

    I’m so appreciative of his efforts I’m not even going to make a tawdry comment about how attractive he is!

  3. Demian says

    Men like Hudson Taylor and Ben Cohen are role models for all straight men: be comfortable with yourself, be kind to others.

  4. Roger Walcker says

    I watched Hudson Taylor speak at Portland, Oregon’s Gay Pride. He spoke passionately and I was personally thrilled to hear him in person.And being an “out and proud” gay Christian Architect, Hudson was EYE-CANDY!

  5. uffda says

    Why isn’t Thomas Robert kissing Hudson Taylor right this minute on camera? That’s all I can think of when I see them. They make me dizzy.

    But the serious comment is “ALLIES”.