Round-up: Irene Idiocy, Gaga on Adele, Beck’s “Blessing,” and a Dung Battle

Road Libertarian pundit: "It is doubtful Hurricane Irene will cough up 8 bodies." The death toll now stands at 18. 

Brianbrown Road Brian Brown (left), head of National Organization for Marriage, says gays make religious people feel like "second-class citizens." Really, now?

Road Lady Gaga has high praise for Adele. But they'll unavoidably be rivals at tonight's VMAs. What will Gaga wear? Here's a survey of her latest outfits.

Road From Gaga to Qaddafi – the Libyan dictator was reportedly spotted in Zimbabwe. (Warning: graphic content)

Road Glenn Beck says Hurricane Irene is a "blessing" because it is "God reminding you" that you need to be stockpiling food for the end times. (With audio)

Road New Apple CEO Tim Cook – dubbed "the most powerful gay man in the world" – has been promised a million company shares. That works out to more than $300 million.

Road A film about Iranian lesbians is rankling some feminists.

Road Homophobia and Islamophobia overlap.

Road A woman wakes up in a strange room with no idea how she got there. Watch the short film.

Road Poop is allegedly flung in a 4.8 inch NY property dispute.


  1. say what says

    gaga is a better flash, bang, smoke and mirrors sales person while adele is more talented

    flash bang sparkle usually wins the easily distracted masses

  2. FernLaPlante says

    Gaga is just as talented as Adele. Just because she chooses to be a spectacle doesn’t make her any less talented. Adele is amazing too but in a subtle way. Both are very strong female singers. Don’t discount Gaga simply because she likes to push boundaries.

  3. Robert says

    Portal is such an amazing property. The original set the stage for Portal 2, which brings to life the characters in ways you would have never thought possible, and questions our humanity and what it means to be “alive”. I think I’ve watched the ending of Portal 2 more than 20 times now, it is the most stirring ending of a video game that I have seen in a long time. If you haven’t had a chance to play either of the Portal games, I would say do so now. They are classics, with a villian(ess) so memorable and lovable, IGN rated them the top villians of any video game, including Bowser.

    That short film is just a taste of what the games bring.

  4. Brian says

    I’m actually ashamed to share a name with Brown. It never ceases to amaze me that the bullies always try to turn the tables and make themselves out to be the victims. This little piggy cried ‘wha-wha-wha!” all the way to the hate rally.

  5. Dale says

    I’m sorry they feel like 2nd class citizens when nothing was taken away from them or even disturbed. They should feel rest assured that they still remain 1st class idiots.

  6. Rovex says

    On what level are Gaga and Adele rivals? They dont sing the same sort of songs and if you mean rivals for attention at the VMAs then, well, Gaga can have it. It obvious shes the one who wants it so very badly.

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