1. Pete n SFO says

    actually, the gal makes an ‘ick-face’ but her partner’s comment, “yeah, that’s been brewin’ for years…” Well, that’s pretty funny, & he’s nonplussed.

  2. says

    It’s pretty obvious that line comments on the fact that after the build up, the kiss was lame, and not on the fact that they kissed at all. I bet this exchange is followed by a long, slow passionate kiss, which hopefully won’t end up on the cutting room floor.

  3. justme says

    I wouldn’t say “ick-face” at all, rather that a woman who knows two guys to be straight was surprised to see them being romantic at a straight orgy.

    Context is everything. This scene could just as easily been between two straight friends who were a man and a woman.

    Even though the kiss is as chaste as can be — which seems to be the joke here — I’m jealous of both of them.

  4. Mike in Asheville says

    DaftPunkDavid: not to be annoying, but, per OED, the misuse of the word nonplussed has actually become the common use of the word in North America.

    Quick question though, as you knew the proper usage, how are you “daft”?

  5. Hollywood, CA says

    Ha! I loved Tyler Labine in Zack and Miri make a porno… something about how he breathes out of his nose is so endearing. One of the sexiest BEARS in the Biz! Good fun!

  6. Gianpiero says

    Found myself standing behind Sudeikis at Starbucks a couple weeks ago. I know he’s famously heterosexual, but I thought he was definitely cuter (and younger) in person than I previously thought.

  7. Dback says

    I was almost seriously turned on there for a minute. (Both of them are very attractive in an outside-the-lines way.) Will definitely be seeing this and wondering how it all unfolds.

  8. daftpunkydavid says

    mike in ashevile:
    i know about the oed, but i am more royalist than the king on this particular word use :-)…also, “daft” is from “daft punk”, a phrase used by some english music magazine to describe the music of a french techno electro dance group, which then used it as their name…

  9. says

    I gotta say that only in America would this be a funny scene. Europeans would be like what’s the big deal? Americans are so lame. Men, straight men even, kiss each other on the lips all the time. It’s just a KISS! They’re not tossing salad for crying out loud. Lame. Yeesh.

  10. Fenrox says

    It was cute. The last line is in no way a dig on gay-anything. And just for the record, Is anyone here really offended by someone saying that gay sex is “gross”?

    It is and isn’t you cannot argue that it isn’t gross, because that is all subjective. Plus, I would bet most of the people who would answer yes, are just as disgusted by vaginas and so on.

  11. huskyshinobichouji says

    I’d much rather have tyler kiss zach galifinakis or even better, kevin smith instead
    Cause for me they’re both hot.
    I don’t find jason what’s his name attractive at all eww for people even mentioning him like that lol

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