Tammy Baldwin An Early Favorite For Wisconsin Senate Run


Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin has not yet said whether she plans to run for Sen. Herb Kohl’s soon-to-be vacated Senate seat, but a Public Policy Polling survey shows the openly gay lawmaker has a good shot at winning.

From PPP:

If Feingold sits it out Tammy Baldwin is looking like the early favorite. In a three way race with Ron Kind and Steve Kagen she leads with 37% to 21% for Kind and 15% for Kagen. And in just a two way race with Kagen she leads 48-19.

Certainly Baldwin is at her strongest in the three way race with voters describing themselves as ‘very liberal,’ with whom she leads Kagen by 42 points and Kind by 47. But she’s also up 19 on Kind and 31 on Kagen with voters identifying just as ’somewhat liberal’ and even with moderates she basically runs even with Kind, getting 23% to his 24% with Kagen back at 16%. In the head to head with Kagen, Baldwin is up double digits with every ideology group. If she runs and Feingold doesn’t, she’s going to be pretty difficult to beat in a primary.

Chuck Wolfe from the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund says that he and his organization will make Baldwin’s campaign their “top priority.”


  1. Gregv says

    Why does the media almost always use the cliche “openly gay” instead of just “gay,” now? “Openly” seems to be used to describe anyone who has ever mentioned to anyone even once that she/he is gay, even though it might be assumed to mean they are somehoe extra emphatic about stating they are gay.
    We never hear of the “openly Jewish senator Barney Frank” or the “openly biracial and openly Christian Obama.”.
    I only use “openly gay” in context, to contrast with someone’s “closeted” period of life or to claify a distinction that excludes closeted people.

  2. Rachel says


    I believe openly gay is most often used in this context because Baldwin was the first openly gay person to be elected to a first term in the House of Representatives.

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