1. KEN says

    I think the judge will let the videos go public.I mean the transcripts already are public anyway. If he says no, I’ll be surprised.

  2. Mike says

    I hope the judge rules quickly so we can all move on. I would also expect the tapes to be released, and can’t figure out why they would remained locked away. That said, expect an immediate breathless appeal from the other side all the way to the supreme court – so this isn’t going to be settled yet for months! So ridiculous!

  3. says

    To any gay reader believing it is better to live gay in California then anywhere else, think again. I’ve lived in San Francisco all of my life, openly gay, and have faced discrimination because of being gay in almost everything I’ve done from school to sports to everyday living and working. I suggest you stay where you are, press for your own equality in the town/state you are most familiar with. It won’t get any better by moving to California.

  4. princely54 says

    Well, I PAID for the trial as a tax payer here in CA, so I BETTER be able to hear them at some point, right?

    To OS2GUY, I see your point, and I agree that people should fight to make their own community accept equality and our existence free of the threat of violence. But, you must realize that even saying ‘I’ve lived openly in San Francisco all my life’ is a reality that many young (and older) men and women just cannot know where they are living. While LGBTQ people in CA are still targets of hate and violence we GENERALLY have gotten farther down the road compared to more than a few other states/countries I could list. (I won’t. We all know where those places are.)

    While your living out all of your life is a brave and noble stance, you have to see that others who would do so would get them killed where they are quicker than a sunrise. Discrimination is one thing, openly accepted — even supported — violence against us is another.

  5. Tez Anderson says

    One has to look pretty hard for gay discrimination in San Francisco. That is not the fact for the majority us queer folks. It might be true in rural California but that is doubtful within the county or city of San Francisco.