1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I watched the subway fight clip on youtube and didn’t realize that was a whole genre. I rode those NYC trains for far too long and am so glad to be gone from there.

  2. Ron says

    that debt video is bull. the us gov’t is NOT running out of people to sell bonds too. in fact, bonds are in such high demand right now that the price of them is going UP. core inflation for june 2011 was -0.1%. that’s not a typo.

  3. Gino says

    The debt for dummies video gets it mostly right. But I agree with Rodney’s point.

    Also, when discussing ways out of the “stagflation,” raising taxes and cutting spending are the only options mentioned. Doing one without the other doesn’t make sense. More important, the solution is for the Gov to SPEND money — sending it directly to consumers who can immediately put it back into the economy, and you know, pay their bills (aka the private sector). It’s a win-win.

  4. MrJ says

    I don’t agree that raising taxes on the wealthy would extend the recession. Basically this video said we should all just lay back and get f+ked and there’s nothing to do with it?
    ALSO that Madonna/Gaga sh*t isn’t funny, let’s put it away, girls.

  5. Charles Lemos says

    That Debt Crisis for Dummies video is so laden with factual errors that I suspect its actually titled the Debt Crisis by Dummies.

    It is facile and beneath the standards of Towleroad. How on Earth can you justify spreading right-wing propaganda? I have never been so angry at a gay blog as I am now. This isn’t an economics blog but you do owe your readership honest reporting and the above is nothing but dishonest.

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