1. hugo says

    I managed to listen to 3 minutes of that car mumbo jumbo. Hilarious.
    Somebody with a German accent to give it ‘high tech’ car cred?
    A british sound for the GPS because we like to get bossed around by the English?
    The only thing missing seems to be some kind of sex toy function since the car is now becoming your personal assistant, secretary, spouse, mother, mistress?
    Most importantly, though: can it fly?? I believe we were promised flying cars quite some time ago and they have yet to deliver!

  2. David says

    I’d love it if the car anointing believer prayed for warring angels to protect me. I think she’s adorable and that she’d be one hell of a fun dinner party guest.

  3. sparks says

    As much as I hate to sound like a dumb hick, I kinda agree with MIKEINSANJOSE.

    Not sure whether Ford was just aiming to sound more sophisticated with the accents, but frankly it’d inspire more confidence in a US brand to hear the advertising without a foreign accent. :)

  4. Paul says

    So in the future I can use the excuse of “Sorry I’m late for work, my car let me sleep in”?! I can’t decide if that’s brilliant subversive humour or nonsensical corporate babble. It’s a fine line these days.

    @Hugo, German accent, where? I thought that sounded quite the international Indian English accent (= a real insight into the future of technology).

    And the ‘heart rate monitoring seat’ sounds like they’re already thinking of the sex toy add on. Though last time I had sex whilst driving it wasn’t a terribly safe experience.

  5. says

    I honestly thought the Christian lady thing was a spoof of some kind… then I realized it was real.

    Awwww, I actually kinda love her. She’s such a little sweetheart, even if she is totally brainwashed.

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