1. Married in MA says

    Sounds very much like a country western song. I am sure some will want to cover this. Video is bizarre, but that’s Gaga!

  2. NoSleep4Sam says

    This video just feeds unfair stereotypes of mermaids.

    Also, is anyone else reminded of the serial killer from The Cell?

  3. nodnarb says

    I really don’t like this twangy crap at all… it sounds like something Sugarland would record. (after they stop killing people)

    But the video is visually spectacular.

  4. wayne says

    The song landed on the country music charts this morning! Who would have imagined Gaga goes country?! Beautiful video!

  5. Jay says

    LOVE the video! I don’t understand the hate over this song, though. It’s my favorite song on the album.

  6. Wes says

    I too am not a fan of the song. Just feels utterly bland. The video however is anything but. Funny how things turn out.

  7. Gregoire says

    Part of the video’s genius is that it doesn’t seem to immediately be ripping off anybody else’s prior work.

  8. says

    this is so not the type of song that i would normally like but i actually do.
    and this video is definitely 1000 times better than her last one. just as weird as i like/expect her to be.
    and i was also reminded of marilyn manson with this video.

  9. Mow22 says

    I think I’ve seen this video before (cinematography and aesthetically-wise).

    It’s called “The Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson.

  10. Mack says

    Two new references in this video: Annie Lennox (Eurythmics “Who’s That Girl”); Bette Midler’s Delores Delago (the actual Delago reference was seen more on stage, as Gaga’s mermaid worked the stage in a wheel chair). None of that is criticism, just observation. The Annie Lennox reference is very clear, down to the style of the male drag. Still, I’ll root Gaga on, since she uses her platform to advance a dialogue for our community to win our rights…something we may need now more than ever, as we see the Religous Right completely co-opt the Republican Party at such an uncertain time.

  11. Robert says

    Being a huge fan of Marilyn Manson, I can see a lot of his influence, especially since Gaga has stated she is a huge fan of his. Loving this video, its finally a weird over the top Gaga video, unlike the past 3 videos which were kinda bland. Loving the side ass on that guy too! Yum yum!

  12. mike27 says

    Mack, you are ridiculous. I had no idea Bette Midler invented mermaids! Thanks for clearing that up. I have heard about the buzz regarding a disabled mermaid and Gaga’s use of a similar character but this video is hardly a plagiary of such an idea. She dresses like a mermaid and is in a bathtub… Calm down and enjoy the music, the video and the advocacy.

  13. Brian in Texas says

    She’s really branching out and taking a lot of chances on this album. Good for her. I dig it. I saw her sing this song live and it really showcases her singing chops.

  14. Thomas says

    It reminds me of the Tim Burton movie Big Fish, and a sorta Southern Gothic folk story. I like the video a lot, the song too.

  15. nodnarb says

    The mermaid in a bathtub is more like Splash than anything Bette Medler ever did. But the video’s basic premise of being changed into something else is a fairly common trope that many artists have tackled.

  16. Mack says

    Mike27, I have defended Gaga as much as any other single person on this sight. So, please do not misunderstand me. Picasso said, “Good artists borrow, Great Artists steal.” I’m not denigrating Gaga, her music or her art. Having said that, calling me “ridiculous” is childish and demonstrates a lack of musical history. Gaga took to the stage as a mermaid in a wheel chair, something Midler did at least 28 years ago. You tube “Bette Midler Delores Delago” and have a gander. Gaga’s “Joe Caldarone” is a drag figured nearly identical to Lennox’s in “Who’s That Girl,” which in 1983 landed Lennox all over the media. Heck, she even attended the Grammys that year in that same drag character. This is not a knock of Gaga, this is an appreciation that she is saluting some of those who came before her. She has referenced all sorts of former artists, and I think that’s great–if she didn’t, those like you may never learn their history, Mike27.

  17. Bryan says

    Great free-wheeling melody with a beat – makes the hairography seem almost new. The voice is incredible with the whiskey/torch thang. When was the last time a huge pop start had a voice at all, much less one that could bridge genres with abandon and still be instantly recognizable for itself?

    If anything, the vid suffers from too many striking images. There’s enough thematic material and imagery for five such efforts. It’s like a meal where every dish includes foie gras and truffles. It’s a big heap of jewels in search of a setting, but you know those square state kids are gonna slurp it down like Jello shots.

    But it still amazes me that some Diva has finally stood up, out and proud, for the community that supports her, and yet the petty, silly queens above (and no doubt below) can’t get beyond spurious comparisons. They find references to Madonna and Bette Midler hiding behind every bush and miss the Hans Christian Anderson and Botticelli. (Migod… The nude makeup. She looks like an understudy for “Primavera” as conceived by the Borg.)

    The woman rocks, and wears her weird really, really well. Long live LG.

  18. Mack says

    One more thing, before I’m attacked again, I just want to say that I’ve enjoyed reading the comments this time around on Gaga. So far, no one is making personal attacks, they’re commenting on the content of the video and her artistry. I hadn’t thought of Marilyn Manson, but yeah…I can see that, and I hadn’t thought of Daryl Hannah and splash, and maybe there’s a bit of that in there too. (The wheelchair is where it got into Midler territory, and what’s wrong with that? Midler has been iconic, and why not reference her?). Every artist worth their salt draws upon history and art that came before, it is the way they grow. If I didn’t like Gaga, the song or the video, I’d not comment. Love the video, and the song is terrific too.

  19. BRAVO KILO says

    Can you let go of the hate people and focus on the fine Taylor Kinney? That man is beautiful!

  20. Thomas says

    @MACK Bette Midler jacked the mermaid in a wheel chair bit from Jackie Curtis, one of Andy Warhol’s “superstars”, and I am sure Jackie Curtis stole it from someone else.

  21. michael says

    That was an extraordinary piece of visual theater. I’ve only been a casual Gaga fan but that just converted me to a full-on devotee. Brava, Gaga, brava.

  22. paul says

    about as edgy as Taylor Swift…or a Christina Aguilera album track…or even old Cher. Avant garde ? Not so much. Mediochre radio rock.

  23. Mack says

    @THOMAS….exactly…and thank you for educating me on Jackie Curtis. I had no idea, and now I’ll look it up. Thanks so much. Why is a casual observation, one that includes kudos to Gaga, seen as “hate” or something that one needs to “calm down” from. Really, reread my initial comment, there’s no hate or disrespect there. Really enjoy Gaga, I’m saving the disrespect for Rick Perry! ;o)

  24. nodnarb says

    Ok, I’m bored at work, so I googled… this song and the video are apparently about Gaga’s on-again-off-again boyfriend Luc (they’ve been together 6 years hence the “6 years” shout out). I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend!

    He tried to suppress the fantasy elements of her (i.e. the mermaid scenes), so she left. And now she’s returning to him but now she has some artificial parts.

    I’m still not clear why she’s in a corn field dressed as Bob Dylan.

  25. paul says

    utter rubbish. Sorry…absolutely bland, dreadful and completely ordinary. She was a mildly interesting dance artist but now she sounds utterly utterly banal.

  26. jaragon says

    Great song and brilliant performance- interesting video with its bizarre sci-fi/horror imagery- who is the hunky mad scientist-lover?

  27. BRAVO KILO says

    That’s Taylor Kinney in the video! He is so hot. He, most recently, played the role of Mason Lockwood on “The Vampire Diaries.”

  28. say what says


    😛 Not a gaga fan BUT if I turn down the volume I can definitely appreciate Taylor Kinney being in the video

  29. jason says

    Lady Gaga is a lame copy of Madonna. Like Madonna, her bisexuality is fake or confected. She used it to market herself to the sleazy straight guy fantasy and not to help the GLBT cause.

    When are gay men going to wake up to the fact that people like Lady Gaga enable homophobes? They appeal to the straight guys who hate us.

  30. antisaint says

    Musically I prefer this song the way it went down at Elton John’s thing a year and a half ago, but the video was pretty cool.

  31. DRoseDARs says

    Watched this vid posted on JoeMyGod. I was promised pop music. I was not given pop music. I am disappoint. :(

    Video: Classic Gaga weirdness, having only the most tenuous connections to its song.
    Song: A somewhat different sound from her. Not great, but not bad either.

  32. Robert says

    The Marilyn Manson parts I’m referring to is the overly gothic getup in the middle of nowhere (Man That You Fear), the scenes where she is in the doctors chair (Beautiful People), and the general androgynous nature of her male alter ego (The Dope Show, Don’t Like the Drugs, etc.)

    Out of everything in this video, the one thing that I find the most out of place is the dance parts. Ever since Bad Romance it almost seems like she puts in these dance pieces to try and repeat the formula. I think the only video that accomplished that well this summer was Party Rock Anthem.

    And I want to comment on the whole Mermaid thing too. Bette Midler may have been the first person to do the whole Mermaid in a wheelchair thing, but Mermaids are universal, and how else would a mermaid travel on land? She doesn’t own the image, its universal.

  33. Victor says

    God, she is such a TERRIBLE dancer! It hurts to watch.

    She should just give up those dance parts. It’s kinda embarrassing.

    Btw, yes, this video is very reminiscent of Marilyn Manson aesthetics on the “The beautiful people”, “Sweet dreams” and “Man that you fear” videos.


  34. no-no says

    The greatest female singer since Mariah Carey :)
    Born this way: Madonna
    Alejandro: Ace of Base
    You and I: Shania Twain

  35. SFRowGuy says

    Come on people. Get your priorities straight! (!) The music is okay, but what’s the name of the ‘Dr. Frankenstein’ guy in the video. The guy is HOT!

  36. Matthew says

    I came too late to the party. The video is no longer up. Guess I’ll have to do some Googling now.

  37. JAMES says

    Just the usual Gaga pap. Throw everything at the wall and pray something will stick. Er, no.

    She’s lucky she has the slap, wigs and cozzies. Cause that is one plain little girl.

  38. HAGA says

    Classic use of unconscious symbolism. This is not art. Its mind control collage. Wake up, gay consumerists.

  39. Alex N says

    Is there a theme because to me it seems absolutely incoherent. These types of vanity projects are supposed to be reserved for the aesthetically interesting, which explains why most of the comments here relate to the guy, and not to Gaga. She just looks so out of place in everything she does that strips away the usual blinding artifice, unlike Annie Lennox who always displayed an uncomfortable beauty and power in everything she did visually (and who is an infinitely more talented singer/songwriter). Regardless, the song is awful. It was a bland ballad when she was simply performing it live for a year, but at least it didn’t incorporate that terrible Mutt Lange Def Leppard production. In terms of Gaga, I think everyone can agree that in 6 months she has become the most overhyped and quickly deflated pop phenomenon ever. It is quite sad to watch and makes her every move all the more psychotic. Fizzle. Next.

  40. Joseph says

    Why does every video or song any artist ever produces have to be compared and contrasted from prior works of art/video? Maybe everyone should just perceive it the way Lady Gaga is attempting to portray the concept of her song from inside her own creative mind.