1. Chris says

    Dislike the Kardashian family as much as you want, but damn they know how to make the dollars by not doing anything! Props to them.

  2. kodiak says

    Not to mention all the TAX DEDUCTIONS they’ll get for being able to LEGALLY MARRY AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL.

  3. jason says

    Can’t stand the Kardashians. They’re not exactly gay-friendly either. Almost all of them are a waste of space.

    The only people who really follow them are insecure females and misguided gay guys.

  4. TampaZeke says

    They might want to bump up the air date of the wedding show. Who knows if the marriage will last all the way to October?

  5. Matt26 says

    Who is she? Never heard. Why would any paper pay anything for her wedding pics? Whou would like to see them?

  6. justinw says

    I can’t believe somebody has wasted network bandwidth on this. I’d rather watch mold form on cheese.

  7. Chadd says

    I wish I could make that kind of money for having no discernible talent. But then I’m not a whore so I guess I will stick with my low paying real job.

  8. Rowan says


    DUH! It’s BS. Typical PR and to think you guys still fall for this? I know Towleroad isn’t the most PR savvy website but do you guys still believe what a publicist tells you? Really?

    Oh dear guys.

  9. Wayne says

    Give it a few more years… she’ll find her way to the Paris Hilton dumping grounds. The land of celebrities that don’t have any talents to keep themselves relevant.

  10. Ken says

    Why is a gay website joining the Kim Kardashian bandwagon? I am sick of hearing about her. I don’t care one whit about her and I don’t see why you do either!

  11. Jan says

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned the little kid on the video yet. Haha He’s over at the back making crazy faces behind the reporter.. fantastic! lol