1. Wes says

    It may sound like treasonous economic terrorism, but oh no they’re the ‘Real Americans’ and patriots.

  2. ggreen says

    Most of these blue hair birdbrains have retirement accounts that are directly or indirectly tied to the nation’s credit rating. Will they still be cheering when they can’t afford to pay for gas for their motor homes they use to drive cross-country and tie up freeway traffic?

  3. Mike says

    I just see a bunch of dumb people who achieved middle class status do to being straight normal, average, and a small amount of hard work. Now they don’t want to pay taxes so they can eat more meals at breakfast restaurants and order even more household products from magazines.

  4. Beth Ann Sprinkle says

    They are happy. That is their goal – to burn the place down if no one will listen to their obnoxious ideas. Keep in mind this is a group of rapidly aging folks who are being marginalized. They’re not used to having a voice. They had the loudest voice of all during the 60s when they were kids. Now they’re going to go kicking and screaming to their graves. “Listen to me damnit!!!”

  5. neverstops says

    it is, however, a good strategy for republicans

    if you have democrats locking horns with the “tea party” (as opposed to directly with republicans), it will be a lot easier for republicans to win votes next election by as the “moderate voice”

    the only down side (for them) is that they are creating a bigger mess that ultimately they will have to clean up

    as frustrating as these people are, i think they may be acting as a red herring – d’s are only going to exhaust themselves by focusing battles on tea people

  6. Dale says

    Yeah! We did it! Now get over it and do as we tell you!

    Oh wait!, How come my interest rates just jumped? Hey what happened to my 401K, I had more money in it then they say today!

    Ignorance being led by the Koch Brothers. So sad.

  7. walter says

    don’t these tea party morons realize that their social security and medicare benefits will also be taken by the tea party not just future generations. as a person gets older brain cells die maybe a certain point older people shouldn’t be allowed to vote due to dementia. don’t get upset i am an older american.

  8. jerry says

    “He who laughs last,laughs best ”
    I sincerely can’t wait till these peole need nursing home care and find out that medicare covers almost nothing of nursing homes and for most states medicaid plans they need to pauper themselves in order to get any assistance whatsover, will serve them right if they have to end their days in a decrepit state sponsored charity ward.

  9. Mark says


    “if you have democrats locking horns with the “tea party” (as opposed to directly with republicans), it will be a lot easier for republicans to win votes next election by as the “moderate voice””

    The Tea Party IS the Republican party. It’s the Tea Parties that vote in primaries and caucuses and give us extreme lunatics in their image such as Sharon Angle (remember her? from just a few months ago in Nevada? Yea I know, 9 months is a long time). Angle ran as a republican against Harry Reid.

    The ‘moderate voice’ you’re referring to has no real juice within the republican party and has no chance of getting past the republican nomination process. You cannot be nominated as a republican if you don’t appeal to the Tea Party base.

    As a side note, it was really funny the other day when I was talking to an old lady who kept rambling on about how Obama is “destroying” our economy. I asked her “how?” and she said that medicare is being cut, as are a whole slew of social security programs. I was trying so hard not to giggle. What I really wanted to say to this dimwit was “Really? Medicare and Soc Security programs are being cut? Newsflash: That’s a republican idea, embraced by Obama, and if a republican gets elected next president, you’ll have a chance to see that idea in full swing.”

  10. bearmanbill says

    and if you didn’t need any further proof as to see the quality of these citizens ….. did you hear the very end of that clip?? She complained of being ‘objectivized’ i love it when people just make up words. Conversate amongst yourselves …… :-)

  11. Artie Rimbaud says

    Happy to see the United States and its economy hurt? They look like traitors, walk like traitors and quack like traitors.

  12. Redebbm says

    Cheering at lost jobs, cheering at possible cuts to Medicare/Social Security, Cheering at the government loosing its ability to act in the people’s interest.

    And they say gays hate America…these people just are so selfish…there is no other way to put it.

  13. Jim says

    Good! Now I know who to send the bill to for my increases in interest rates on my mortgage and credit cards!

  14. says

    The Tea Party deserves lots of criticism but it is dishonest to blame them for decades of profligate spending and the growing debt crisis that results from it. They weren’t around when the two parties were spending like drunken teens with dad’s credit card and they don’t deserve the blame for the downgrade. Any private company that goes further and further into debt gets downgraded and the same is true for governments that have been badly managed for decades.

  15. billmiller says

    ggreen, you are spot on, I am 58 years old, 32 years retired at a steel mill, I have lost some $25K in the last several months! I cannot afford to drink tea or the koolaid!