1. topher says

    “First of all, I agree that Jesus Christ is the lord” — the fact that a president has to state his religious views even to respond to a nutjob like this one is utterly discouraging.

  2. Versatile Opportunist? says

    The crowd knew what to do. Too bad Obama had to pander to a nut job.

    Yeah, yeah we know you’re a nice guy — next time just ignore the crazies.

  3. ratbastard says

    This is a story why? A mentally unstable man heckles a politician is a story why?

    There are mentally unstable religious people, mentally unstable environmentalists, mentally unstable gay activists, mentally unstable conservatives, mentally unstable ‘progressives’, etc. There are also TROLLS and SHILLS of all the above.

    Nothing to see here.

  4. Artie says

    Bible-believing Xtians are antithetical to democracy and the ideals of the American Revolution. Rational gay, bi and straight people are all beginning to realize this. Don’t feel sorry for these fundie Xtians because of the contempt they attract. They are an alien people in our midst.

  5. jamal49 says

    I don’t think the President was “pandering”. It’s a common way to calm a deranged person down. Agree with them. Then hope they get taken away–FAST.

  6. david says

    Xians are so weird. according to their mythology, the anti-X appearance on earth is a sign that the rapture is near and that’s when they’ll all be sucked up by that giant Dyson in the sky and into eternal bliss. then jeebus will come back and battle and destroy said anti-X in the battle of armageddon. so why the pissy attitude? it’s a win-win for them and they’re all jacked up about it like it’s the end of the world. guess what? it’s the exact end of the world that they have been waiting and praying for. go figure.

  7. Scott C says

    “I don’t have the impression he’s dangerous, but he has issues that could use some help.”

    If I’m not mistaken Jared Loughner wasn’t considered dangerous until he killed 6 people and injured 14 others.

  8. Gregoire says

    I would hardly call that ‘pandering’. I’m sure the first black president of all people has been well versed on how to handle a wackjob heckler/potential assassin.

  9. Redebbm says

    …and everyone wonders why he hasn’t been able to get a ton done in his first term. That heckler represents a good chunk of the House Of Representatives today.

    The right will never admit they find this man legitimate, they hate him as president for non-economic reasons, though they have no problem putting bush’s mess in his name. They will continue their bitter rampage even if it means more people get thrown out of work and the economy worsens for millions.

  10. Art Voigt says

    Anti-Christ. yeah me too. Anti-Christ means you must have a loving heart and be out for the other guy instead of your self.

    The so called Christians and turned the name of Jesus into Hate and the name of Satan into tolerance.

  11. Jay says

    I find this heckler far less offensive than the morally and intellectually degenerate pundits on Faux News, like Meggan Kelly who defended the a-holes who booed a gay soldier at the last GOP debate. If Ms. Kelly had even the most basic sense of decency, she would have scolded these anti-gay bigots for their juvenile behavior. She should also have chided the candidates for spinelessly ignoring the rude behavior.

    I lived in another country, 7000 miles away from the U. S. for five years, yet as soon as I stepped off the plane at LAX I felt I had come home at last. Although I found much to admire in that country and her people, I never even considered returning there. I am not so sure I would feel the same way today. I am, right now, very pessimistic about our future because of the current political climate.

  12. Shannon says