Bachmann: Anti-Gay Bullying Is ‘Not a Federal Issue’

In Michele Bachmann's universe, bullying gay kids is a matter of states' rights. And that's all she has to say about it, thank you very much.

CBS reports

Alex Limon says he came to a Michele Bachmann rally here for one reason: To ask the Republican presidential candidate what she intends to do about school bullying in her district that reportedly targets gays.

He got to ask his question, but he didn't get a lengthy answer. 

"That's not a federal issue," Bachmann said, before moving on to the shake the hand of the next person waiting to speak to her.

Her implication: homophobia is not a universal wrong, and states should determine just how far a student can go in harassing a gay peer. In her own district, there seems to be plenty of leeway: 

Limon's question grew out of a recent New York Times report about a Minnesota school system that's largely located in Bachmann's congressional district that's become a flashpoint for a controversy about how to discuss homosexuality with students.

The paper reported that there have been a spate of suicides in the school district and that the Justice Department is investigating anti-gay bullying in the system.

You can see why she doesn't want the feds involved: they're already involved in her district, and they're liable to cause her hassle. 

UPDATE: Bachmann's flippant little statement comes a day after the mother of a gay teen who committed suicide in her district met with campaign staffers and appealed for Bachmann's signature on an anti-bullying petition. The campaign later said she "will respond to the petition after she has had an opportunity to review it." You know, it's tough to come out against bullying. There are so many angles to consider. 


  1. Eaves says

    Okay, but… she’s still a US Representative for her district and constituents. You, know, that thing she has called a job?

    Or, don’t the folks she’s being paid to represent matter any more?

  2. candideinnc says

    I am sick of this beyotch being able to cut off followup questions with, “That is all I will say about it,” responses. These interviewers need to do more by way of telling HER, “You want this job, and we want to know what you think, so we would appreciate you aswering the questions and not dodging everything that you may think doesn’t serve your campaign well. Remember, the term used to be public SERVANT, not master.”

  3. Rob says

    Good for her. It shouldn’t be a national issue. Parenting should be a national issue. Doesn’t anyone know how to raise kids anymore? Bullying starts with parenting.

  4. corvidae says

    Does anyone else find this photo absolutely sidesplittingly hilarious? I’m tempted to add “Here’s Bachmann! Bachman for President” or somthing underneath.

  5. TSG says

    She has never ever done anything for her constituents in District 6 (of which I am sadly one). District 6 has the highest rate of home foreclosures in Minnesota which probably says a lot about the average IQ of the voters here and why she keeps getting reelected. I’m expecting her presidential campaign to be broke before much longer. The real money is going to Romney and Perry. Not every politician that comes out of MN is a complete idiot though. We also have Al Franken in Washington and he’s turning out to be a brilliant Senator. If we could only get people of his caliper of any party to run.

  6. Bart says

    Neither is marriage but she want a constitutional amendment against that.

    My first response when I see or hear Michelle Bachmann is “who cares, she’ll never get the nomination.” But the more I dismiss her, the more I believe we need not only to dismiss her but disgrace her as well. This woman is everything that is wrong with the Republican party, in particular the Tea Party. She represents the absolute worst in American values. Disgustingly so. We need not only to call her out on her horrendous and obvious insanity but to make her feel the revulsion that any feeling, fair-minded, sane, positive citizen of this country has to someone so delusional and hateful. She needs to be mocked. She needs to be talked over. She needs to be rerided and ridiculed at every step.

  7. Rin says



    She should care because she is NOT the President, she is a representative of that district. She should care because she lives in that district. She should care because she’s a human being.

    I hate that people only care about issues of money, not community, not humanity.

    Kids today have so much pressure on them because all “society” cares about is their GPA, their ability to compete, and their future ability to earn.

    We live in a world of lost children, zero values, and every man for himself attitudes.

    She wouldn’t even really need to propose any amendment. She’s that “Only Nixon could go to China” example.

    If she, as a super conservative Christian et al, called a meeting of parents and discussed gay bullying those parents would talk to their kids.

    She just doesn’t care. Or doesn’t care enough.

  8. Eaves says

    “Okay, fine. So it’s not a federal issue. Well, congresswoman, I’m a citizen of the district you were elected to represent, so let’s talk about it as a local issue, then. As my duly elected representative, what do you plan to do about this local issue that’s affecting our district?”

  9. Joe in CT says

    I dislike Bachmann intensely and consider her presidential candidacy a complete farce, but this posting and some of the hateful comments it generated are unfortunately over the top. Yes, she’s an idiot who wants to turn back the clock on gay rights. We don’t need to contrive situations to draw out her biases, they are already well known. To say she has “blood on her hands” is just as pathetic as the anti-gay vitriol some of her supporters spout.

  10. oneway says

    Lemme get this right…

    Bully: Leave it to the states; no need to comment.

    Vaccination: It’s already a state issue, but, hey, since I’m the champion for anti-intellectual mouth-breathing, lemme show you just how stupid I am.

  11. John Equality says

    The immediate followup question should have been “so you’re saying that since it’s not a federal issue, it’s not your concern? As a resident and representative of this district–and as a mother yourself–you don’t care at all about kids killing themselves? Can we expect you to be that callous about the very real problems plaguing everyday Americans if you were to become president?”

    Oh, and Joe in CT: When someone who is empowered to do something about people dying willingly chooses not to do anything at all, then yeah, she *does* have blood on her hands. People like Bachmann constantly tell horrific lies about us; it’s about time we told the horrific truth about them.

  12. Rin says

    @John Equality

    I feel that way a lot about all of us. None of us do enough to feed the poor, care for the sick, shelter the homeless, protect the defenseless.

    I ask myself every day: what did you do today to help someone?

    Sadly, I used to be able to make a list every day. Now, I’m just behind the curve.

    We are all of us guilty of not doing enough to help others.

  13. Silus Grok says

    Bullying isn’t a Federal issue. It’s a very local one. But that’s not an appropriate answer from someone hoping to be president.

    How does a presidential candidate who believes in local solutions answer that? They something like this:

    “Bullying — at school, on the internet, at the workplace — is a serious issue. And it’s one that demands a serious response. But it’s not one that demands a Federal response. I believe that the Constitution of our nation requires that some questions (most questions, really) be answered locally. This is one of those questions.”

  14. Alex Limon says

    I would have asked her a follow up question but it wasn’t that easy to even go up to her and ask her a question. plus she avoided the question three times and finally on the fourth time I asked her about speaking out aganist anti-gay bullying I got the response you all know “its not a federal issue”. Then moves on to shake the next persons hand. I did this for all the young gay youth of her distric that get bullied and the ones that arent here with us anymore because the bullying got so bad they didnt find a way out. :) and for Justin Aaberg and his mom Tammy Aaberg since the day before she turn 130,000 signed petitioners asking her to speak out aganist anti-gay bullying in her district. so the timing of her coming to my home town was perfect because I wasnt going to let this chance to ask her in person about her stands on anti-gay bullying.

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