1. Fenrox says

    Ok, seriously, Why do some comments never make it up on this page? I know you aren’t screening (Or hopefully you would have screened some of the more vile ones!), So why is it that some comments fall through the cracks?

  2. Jim says

    As a member of the clergy (an honorable calling) for nearly a quarter century, I find this report and the language used by someone posing as a priest extremely offensive. I realize that this was done in “fun” but it is just wrong.

  3. Jonathan says

    If the clergy is such an honorable calling then why do we hear so much about their penchant for diddling kids? Jim, get over yourself and your “concern”.

  4. RaleighRob says

    I bet that was a fun day!
    In the first pic, is that Bourdain’s lovely Italian wife next to him? She’s been in an episode or two of his show, and is quite a delight.

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