Big Gay Ice Cream Shop Opens in NYC, Gets Benediction from Drag Queen, Anthony Bourdain, Bassoonists: VIDEO


Videographer Kathleen McGivney attended this weekend's opening of the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, the brick-and-mortar offspring of Doug Quint's beloved Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. You know you've won when Anthony Bourdain shows up to your shop in a priest's outfit.

Said Bourdain: "We are all God's creatures....Who among us has not yearned for the curious embrace of a Salty Pimp or seriously considered burying their face in a Bea Arthur? ... May you go forward and make a sh*tload of money ... Sell a lot of motherf**kin' ice cream!"



Big Gay Ice Cream Shop opening ceremony and benediction from Kathleen McGivney on Vimeo.