1. sleepy bear says

    Yeah, I wouldn’t consider this guy to be gay friendly… at best he’s amorally indifferent. He has used gay people so many times as the unfavorable target for many of his jokes. He’s just using gays in his own way like his mirror counterpart, Anne Coulter.

  2. RDUB says

    Bill Maher is a smart, funny, and outspoken ally. Life is incredibly disappointing if you think that you are always above being the butt of a joke. Always consider the source. I appreciate Bill’s support!

  3. bobbyjoe says

    Unless you’re Marcus Bachmann and/or insufferably uptight, Maher’s humor is not offensive to gays, and he’s consistently been a GLBT ally. He has a lot of GLBT guests– Chaz Bono was just on, for instance, and Dan Savage is a regular guest and was even a correspondent for Maher’s show at one point. If anything, Maher’s probably been more genuine on these issues overall than Jon Stewart and “The Daily Show,” where Stewart sometimes puts on that “why can’t we all get along” act, whereas Maher’s more likely to call an idiotic bigot an idiotic bigot and not pretend like both sides are equally culpable and if we all just politely listened to each other everything would be okey-dokey.

  4. Gregoire says

    Again, some gay people don’t have a sense of humor. Bill Maher is an advocate for the gay community and directly addresses the issues on his show.

    I can’t stand Bill Maher because he’s a misogynist pig.

  5. Jake says

    Lets not forget the starter of IGB project is always a guest in Bill Maher’s show. WHO on TV has anyone more controversial and gay invited to their show than Bill Maher? NO ONE.

  6. Rin says

    I’m starting to get all “meh” with this campaign. It’s losing the punch and becoming meaningless now that celebrities are trotting it out.

    I actually like Dan and his partner’s first video. I thought it was long enough and powerful enough to send the right message.

    Now, I think instead of filming these things start a grassroots community movement to start programs in the schools.

  7. fern says

    I’m not speaking specifically about Maher, but the humour of late night comedians in general seems to be highly instructional on not only “how” to bully but also “who” to bully.

  8. Susan says

    It’s all part of growing up…. growing as a human being. Life is not easy and trying to make it easier is not the answer. AND don’t be an idiot and listen to Hollywood. What do they know anyway???

  9. jj says

    @ Rin IGB was never meant to be the end all be all of helping gay kids. Why not have videos like these as well as starting grassroots initiatives in schools. The videos serve a function the initiatives will not, and that is allowing access to kids whose schools and/or parents are hostile to gay-positive interventions with kids and see gay adults talking to gay kids as “recruitment”. That’s why IGB was started, the kids in the most jeopardy are the most out of reach to gay adults through conventional, in person means.

  10. Rin says


    I agree, but don’t you think that it lost something when straight celebrities and athletes who probably never got picked on a day in their life make these commercials just because it looks good for them–sorry, my cynicism went into overdrive.

    Dan’s message, the first one…I was quite taken with it and I’m not a Dan Savage fan (but i love his partner).

  11. Fred says

    There are plenty of people in this country who would like to see Billy-boy Maher beaten without mercy, for his thoroughly vile comments about women. This overgrown, sloppy-thinking scrap of scum takes no responsibility for what he says. He is not a responsible man.

    Is that of any interest here?

    Do you identify with Bill Maher?

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