1. justme says

    Not the single best spokesman for the community, but he’s not the worst and he’s not wrong in anything he’s said yet.

  2. says

    he’s not even REMOTELY wrong in anything he said here.

    did i like his “tactic” in the bar? no. do i understand where it came from? yes. would i have done what he did? no. would i have said “something”? YES.

    Bristol did indeed show her true colours with her specific use of the word “HOMOSEXUAL” – and all LGBT and LGBT-supportive people need to clue in to exactly WHO uses that word, and realize WHY.

    There is a very specific reason that the anti-gay bigots in culture use the word “homosexual” and folks who arent’ aware of it had better brush up on it.

    Bristol is a pious little hypocrite, as well. Making all her money from giving….talks about abstinence? if she truly BELIEVED in her message she’d be doing it for free. as is, getting knocked up was the best financial move of her life.

    and her new story on getting pregnant? tried alcohol for the first time (yeah right), got drunk, passed out in a tent, levi screwed her while she was unconscious, woke up and talked it over with him, decided not to do it again, then decided to do it again with no condom and BOOM ! – she’s pregnant.

    yeah right.

  3. me says

    I agree with Just me. Although I’d add that I’d rather have this guy as the “gay spokesman” than Perez Hilton anyday.

  4. FULCRUM says

    Whether this guy is right about his opinion of Sarah Palin or not. He deserved to get punched in the head by Bristol. And the fact that he is trying to act so “offended” by the way she said the word “homosexual” – after he called this girls mother a “F’ING WHORE” – in the most seething way possible – is laughable. I don’t like Bristol and I don’t like anything about that family – but she didn’t say anything with NEARLY the amount of hatred that he did. He is a 47 year-old man – he should have NEVER behaved like such a total jackass. And I’m pissed for wishing Bristol had cold clocked him.

  5. says

    He is so right……..
    She tries to say who should have babies, parades around in a Christian born again self righteous shirt and seems to be under the impression that anyone who hates hre quitter mother must be a “homosexual”.

    She is dumb and putting herself in the public domain with her TV appearances. That makes her completely deserving of negative comments.

  6. Matt says

    I don’t know anyone can be in agreement with this idiot. His behavior was completely 100% inappropriate! Regardless of how he felt about her Mother, he should not have behaved in that manner. The man needs to grow up and seek some help regarding his anger.

  7. Trust says

    This guy needs to STFU. He’s now calling Bristol a racist. Based on what?

    I am as far left as you can get, but if anyone talked about my mom (who is a Republican) in the way he did, that dude would not be standing.

    And his argument that a young mom has no credibility to speak about abstinence is ridiculous. That’s like saying only non-drug users can speak to drug addicts about staying clean.

    Go away, dude. Seriously.

  8. Gigi says

    @Matt – If you watched the video it was Palin who attacked this man, cameras in tow. He was perhaps a bit too passionate and could have used better language but Palin was looking for some press for her “reality” show and she got it. “Why do you hate my mother? Is it because you’re a homosexual?” That pretty much says it all. To her credit, having a shrill shrew for a mother doesn’t really give her the coping skills to deal with a situation such as this.

  9. paul b. says

    I totally understand where he’s coming from and Bristol was there…time for target practice! I think it would have been more appropriate if Sarah was there to receive his greeting…that would have made total sense. But Bristol is the next best thing! We’ve got good reason to be angry and venting it healthy…where’s Sarah when you need her?

  10. says

    @ Matt : yeah, and we all need to cooperate and talk about our differences and how we can resolve them through a civil discourse.

    Yeah, and there should be bi-partisan cooperation in the Congress.

    Don’t you get that the ideological divide is unbridgeable, that the extreme right is just that , extreme.
    It would be a dialogue of the deaf.
    The aim of the extreme right is to role back on our rights, to reintroduce DADT and the sodomy laws……why ?
    Because we are all sinful and abominations. Ask Palin and Santorum and Bachman……jeez, her husband has even made a business out of denigrating us.

    Spare me the homage to “politeness”……that ship has sailed.

  11. SFShawn says

    Since Bristol and her demented mother are both such serious attention and media whores her next reality show visit will probably be San Francisco’s Castro district but she might want to watch her pretty little(medically enhanced) mouth since the gay men/queens/homos here would both verbally and physically smack her(or her pathetic mother)down without hesitating. Now that is some “reality” TV I could watch! :)

  12. Matt says

    @ GIGI

    “a bit too passionate” really? That’s what you call it?

    Please, he is a bad example for anyone to be following. He is nothing but trash fighting with trash. He needs to grow up and chill. What was he trying to accomplish or prove?

  13. says

    She used the word HOMOSEXUAL.

    DUDES…..that freakin’ speaks volumes.

    you show me someone who chooses to use that word who isn’t a bigot and i’ll show you a unicorn.

  14. Matt says


    So what should we do? Start calling every evangelical christian a whore or any other derogatory name….if all civility is out of the window, why not just beat the hell out of everyone that doesn’t agree with you. Being a gay man, living in the current situation, I too become frustrated but it doesn’t do anyone any good to turn that frustration into hatred. Being angry is one thing but volatile hatred is just unacceptable.

  15. Mary says

    This guy looks a little like Roger Simon of Pajamas Media. Although Roger Simon would NEVER speak to any woman the way this man did.

    Kiwi, we finally agree on something! Yes, getting knocked up WAS the best financial move of her life (so far.) And it didn’t even occur to me to consider that if Bristol really believed her abstinence message she’s speak about it for free. That’s a good point.

    As a social conservative myself, I’ve always found the Palin family an embarassment. What kind of woman would parade a pregnant unmarried daughter around on a convention stage? Any liberal teenager of 1986 would have known what was wrong with this. Yet Sarah needed to be told? Now Bristol is a “star” for ….being an unwed mother! And we can’t even blame this on the RINOS. Conservatives are hardly critical of her for this breach of etiquette that they would have screeched about to the high heavens if it had occurred in the Obama family. Sarah was “one of our own” so we had to overlook her lack of digity. Sad.

    I’ll be happy when the whole Palin family exits the national stage for good.

  16. Brian says

    ANON got it right. The man could have expressed his dislike for Sarah Palin in a less aggressive manner, with less abusive language. Calling the woman a ‘whore’ is preposterous (really, who would pay for sex with that?). Calling her a lying, fear-mongering homophobe would have been right on the money.

  17. Matt says


    You just made my point! You are just as bad as those you hate. A hypocrite to the nth power! Hate begets hate, poor soul, when will you learn?

  18. The Iron Orchard says

    HE WAS PAID!!!!
    Reality TV is totally staged. Do you really think they just showed up at the bar with their camera crew? This guy was a plant and the whole thing was a set-up.

  19. FunMe says

    Even though I agree with what he said, he did not deliver his message correctly. I guess it was because he was so drunk and wasn’t able to give her good answers on why he detests her mom. And there are MANY reason to detest sarah plain, yet he was unable to articulate that.

    Also, when bristol says “Why do you hate my mother? Is it because you’re a homosexual?” He should have said something, what!? Are you calling me a “fag”. The way bristol said it does sure seems to me that she wanted to say “fag”.

    Read more:

    Maybe he should have been calling bristol a whore instead … I mean she was sleeping around before “marriage”. Oh wait! She never got married! What a “fornicator”! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    At the end of all this mess, it does not matter. She’s just having the confrontation for some drama. Her “reality” show will stink just like her mother’s tv shows. Remember, sarah palin is polling very low, so they are getting their comeuppance already

  20. FunMe says

    ACORLANDO: the bar is on Sunset Blvd. and not necessarily on the gay strip. But yes, it is a bar with MANY gays living in the city, not to mention a city council that is half gay.

  21. PilateError says

    He was a drunk without a foot to stand on that made our community look terrible; he instigated an argument that had no substance and looked the drunken fool because of it.

  22. Rin says

    @Lil Kiwi

    You said:

    She used the word HOMOSEXUAL.

    DUDES…..that freakin’ speaks volumes.

    you show me someone who chooses to use that word who isn’t a bigot and i’ll show you a unicorn.


    I’m actually concerned now. You can’t tell tone, but I’m painfully serious….

    What is the preferred nomenclature? I honestly didn’t think homosexual was bad. Whatever someone wants to be called, I would like to call them that.

    Tell me what is preferred. I usually say “gay” and say “homosexuality”, but…I hope I haven’t said “homosexual”. I’m worried now.

    I think I say gay all the time.

  23. Hollywood, CA says

    This guy does not speak for “The Community.” You don’t go after people’s children for their crimes. No one’s screaming at Ivanka Trump, or Bernie Madoff’s kids, etc. If it’s Sarah Palin, take it to her, and bring an actual argument. “I just hate you” isn’t an argument.

    This guy was out of line.

  24. Rick says

    “she might want to watch her pretty little(medically enhanced) mouth since the gay men/queens/homos here would both verbally and physically smack her(or her pathetic mother)down without hesitating”

    Oh, how courageous–hitting a 20-year-old-girl or a 50-something mother. I am so impressed.

    I just want to ask you one question, though, SFShawn. Would the same “men”, including yourself, dare to hit Todd Palin or any other straight MAN associated with Sarah Palin?

    Go on, tell me the honest truth.

    Pathetic. (And I say that as one who despises the entire Palin family).

    (Are you paying attention RIN?)

  25. Rick says

    @RIN Some people consider “homosexual” incendiary because it sounds “clinical” and was the term used up until the 70’s to describe us, at a time when we were considered to be mentally ill. So it has all that historical baggage associated with it.

    “Gay” was created as an alternative that did not have that negative historical connotation.

    Kind of like Afro-American and then black and then African-American replaced Negro, the word Negro also having had unpleasant historical and “scientific” connotations associated with slavery and oppression.

    And it is true that the Religious Right’s insistence on using “homosexual” rather than “gay” has reinforced that negative connotation.

    Of course, the word homosexual is really no more inherently insulting than the word heterosexual–if used the proper way, the two terms are equivalent–but that is not usually how they are used; ergo the issue with the use of “homosexual”

    Of course, all these characterizations are erroneous for most people, since a degree of bisexuality is the norm for the vast majority of the population, but this is not about semantic correctness, it is all about politics and emotion…….

  26. Blackwater says

    All then gays bashing the Palins, and yet as Governor one of Sarah Palin’s first acts was to veto a bill that would have DENIED rights to same sex couples.

    Sarah Palin is the most gay friendly politician out there. More so than Obama more so than any GOP candidate.

    You people here show your total and complete ignorance and outright hatred coupled with mass stupidity.

    You should wake up. Many prominent gays support Sarah Palin strongly.

    Check out the Chicago boys at HillBuzz or Tammy Bruce.

    BTW, the California state coordinator for Organize4Palin is gay.

    But go ahead with you hate-fest. It makes you look petty and small.

    I’m just sorry Bristol didn’t kick this moron rick in the nuts!

  27. Reynoldo says

    Oh pllllluuuuuuze! This guy is on the payroll for this crap show. TMZ just happened “catch up” with him? Give me a break. The whole thing was a set up to promote both TMZ and the Wasilla trash’s show.

  28. Reynoldo says

    @ Iron Orchard – Thank GOD someone else gets it. The whole thing was set up from the start. TMZ, the production company, the Wasilla tramp and Mr. Clean-wanna be are all in on it and paid.

    Yeah, TMZ just HAPPENED to show up when Mr. Clean was out and about.

    Get with the program kids! It’s FAKE!

  29. newcityspot says

    I don’t see anything wrong with what he did. He’s just a civilian like us presented with people who can’t do anything better with their time than seek attention and the spotlight. If you’re signing the contract to get attention from the public, then you should get everything coming to you. Hey, she was a bar filming a reality show with cameras all around, was she out on her own private time being discreet? Hell no! She deserves all the attention she gets, negative and positive, because that’s what she signed up to get. It doesn’t take much to read the rotten core of their personality. and she exposed her mother and herself as gay hating mother and daughter. Hope they both choke on moose fat. Oh, wait, they just kill them for game.

  30. AG says

    If homophobes were smart they would link to the comments threads on this website all the time. It’s one thing to have one loathsome gay man to insult the mother of a 20 year-old woman, but it says volumes when the broader gay community seems to approve of or sympathize with this behavior.

  31. says

    Completely unacceptable behavior in any civilized society on the part of Stephen Hanks. Calling someone’s mother a whore is beyond the pale. He is one bottom feeding person. The lowest of the low. Any self respecting homosexual should condemen him without any hesitation. The fact that many support hinm show how low the homosexual community is getting. They think they can shout down anybody who disagrees. Well news to you guys and gals. That is the wrong way to make yourselves aceptable in society. You are turning people more and moe against you with this sort of dispicable behavior.

  32. Rin says


    You really don’t think that telling someone that their mother is a “F***king wh*re” is unacceptable behavior in a civilized society?

    He couldn’t have just walked over and talked intelligently about her views.

    The truth is had he walked over and said that the public position of Sarah Palin was one that he disagreed with and felt that it was “hateful” and “hurtful” all of the sympathy in the world would have gone out to him–who knows, a conversation may have been started.

    Now, it will be on Fox News and other outlets and even mainstream liberal people who weren’t hatched from eggs will wince because you don’t talk about people’s mamas!

    He didn’t say it to Sarah Palin. He told her daughter that her mother was a “whore”.

    Incidentally, I’m not real happy that its okay to still call women whores and c*nts and lovely things of that nature. It’s no different than calling someone a fag. It’s just hurtful to more than just the person you said it to. Ask your own mother how she would feel if someone called her a whore.

    I always think less of people that call women whores.

    Sarah Palin is many things. A harpy. A dum-dum. Ignorant. Ridiculous. Trivial. A queen of the double-standard. But she’s got a bazillion kids with the same guy and they seem happy, so a “whore” she is not.

  33. ummm says

    If you want to debate politics with a stranger in a bar, then fine. If things get a little heated and profanity ensues, OK, it happens. But starting right off the bat with “Your mom is a whore” is nothing but bullying of the worst sort. He is a disgrace, and Bristol Palin deserves an apology. How can ANY gay man support this idiotic display?

  34. SFShawn says

    Honestly if these supposedly “straight” men came into the Castro and into a gay bar and started denigrating gay men then the answer is YES they would get a beat down. Plus you obviously don’t despise the Palin family that much if you refer to 20 year old unwed mother Bristol as a “girl” and Sarah Palin as a “50-something mother”. Pleaseeeeeee. Try honesty sometime! It’s very refreshing.
    We both know they are both skanky attention seeking whores just looking for their next media ‘fix’ and additional ways to denigrate gay men. I’m not impressed.

  35. skponggol says

    If someone were to call my mother names, I’ll fight back with everything I have.

    I’ll defintely go nuclear if words like “whoore” and “bittch” are used.

    Bristol Palin has a lot of self-control and discipline than most people

  36. stevenelliot says

    maybe little miss bristol will think twice about parading around west hollywood with her fundo apparel. I dont go trapsing through bum-f**k tennessee with a “i love men” Tshirt.
    and frankly, Im proud of this “homosexual” screaming at this entitled, no-talent, brat.
    I had a man say to me one time when he pulled up beside me at a redlight. He was on my ass and I slammed the brakes to piss him off. He pulled up besdie me at the light and was screaming “faggot, faggot!” I heard him and rolled my window down and said “what did you call me?” This 55 year old guy says “You must be some sort of homosexual….” I said “You damn right Im a fag and get the F**k off my ass!” That homosexual word? It smacks of scientific…like pedophile, or socio-path. Thats why they like it. It catagorizes us. It simplyfies us into a sub-human class….like the word “negro” was used

  37. SFShawn says

    Dictionary Definition of Whore:
    1) A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain.
    2) A person considered sexually permiscuous.
    How is that not the PERFECT word to describe mother AND daughter?
    Thanks Stephen for saying what A LOT of people wish they had the balls to say to these STUPID attention seeking whores.

  38. edcguy says

    I cannot imagine a worse insult than “You’re mother is a whore” I’m 45 years old and I’ve suffered alot of insults in life but never that one. Most people wouldn’t dare utter it. Bristol Palin didn’t deserve it, and this clown is a disgrace to gay men.

  39. Thomasina says

    I am with Rin on the word “homosexual.” I understand that when it is used by people with a history of being anti-gay like the Palin family, it can be a “dog whistle” to signal homophobia without using any of the harsher slurs. However, I definitely don’t think that its use ALWAYS signals homophobia. I know an older lady who is very much in favor of gay rights and who always cheers for gay married couples in the New York Times “Styles” section who uses the word “homosexual” sometimes, and from her it sounds like a completely neutral (if slightly dated) descriptor–nowhere near as offensive as it would be to hear someone say “colored” or “Negro,” for instance.
    I think the real issue here is that Palin wasn’t just anywhere shooting her idiotic “reality” show–she deliberately went to one of the gayest neighborhoods in the country for a reason. It wasn’t much of a leap to assume that she might see a gay man in *West Hollywood;* I’m sure her producers were hoping for a confrontation for the show. It’s like staging a Nazi Party march in Skokie–she went to where people would be most outraged by her presence, and then acted shocked, shocked when people were outraged by her presence.

  40. floria1 says

    BRAVO — she came into west Hollywood wearing a sweatshirt with a glowing cross (from the anti-teen sex fest she $poke at) …. with a Camera Crew…. this guys is a hero.

    Every time you are around Dominionists and people who support them we should denounce and shame them …. yes even calling them devils and whores when they sell out the way Palin has….. anyone being critical of this man does not realize or care the corporate selling of Dominionism for votes.

  41. Yeek says

    In some ways I actually PREFER the word homosexual – because it makes the fewest assumptions about the person, positive or negative. And listen, that word isn’t going away just because it has a clinical tone to it and was used to pathologize people based on sexual orientation. So was “queer.” People use “gay” as an insult. The word ‘homosexual’ was first used in an argument to REPEAL sodomy laws in the 19th century. It was used to defend us. I think a rose (or bigot) by any other name would smell as sweet or foul. The only way to win is to own the word, take it back.

    I think this guy may have a reason for behaving the way he did, but he doesn’t have an excuse. If he was straight, he’d be screaming “abomination!” at gay people walking down the street. He’s just the other side of that ugly, hostile, fundamentalist coin that has been such a blight on the world. This whole event will bring nothing but sympathy for Palin, undeserved though it may be.

  42. SS says

    This guy is an idiot. Every bit as ignorant as Sara Palin or Bristol. He was calling someone’s mother a whore. If someone called my mother a whore, or any of the names he called SP, I’d confront that person too. Good for Bristol. It doesn’t matter how awful Sara Palin is…she’s Bristol’s MOM. And if you have a close, loving relationship with your mother, then you can understand and applaud her for standing up for hers.

    This guys was NOT articulate. Especially for someone who claims to be so passionate about politics. He couldn’t answer one of her questions factually. A sad, embarrassing spokesperson he is for the gay community.

  43. Max says

    Imagine if everyone behaved the way this man did. You don’t get a free pass on bad manners just because you’re gay. Trash.

  44. Bri says

    It doesn’t do our cause any good to be a rude and ignorant heckler. I won’t even bring up all the ridiculous glitter bombing stunts. It may seem funny at the time, but the rest of America sees it differently. It’s okay to be passionate about political ideals, or something as basic as human rights. But being stupid just reinforces the stereotypes and diminishes the efforts.

  45. Annie says

    Tsk, tsk. The way that angry heckler Hanks said “Sarah Palin”…Ya know he’s a misogynistic hetero-phobe for sure. Wonder how much time he spends hanging out at bars, screaming obscenities at young girls. Where is Dr. Phil when you need him? (Oh riight..he’s busy bonding with whatsizname) So, does mad heckler’s verbal hate crime illustrates the new liberal civility?

  46. NwYrkr says

    now that TMZ “caught up with him” I’m totally on-board with team “It was staged”.
    This will give Bristol an opportunity on her reality show to distance herself from her mother during those scenes when the “star” just speaks to the amera elaborating on whatever event was just televised.
    Total set up.
    But for all you people bashing this guy, wake up, people like the Palins do not respond to intelligent, well reasoned, polite discourse they only respond,if at all, to rants like his, sorry we are, and will remain, a country deeply divided.

  47. truthteller says

    There is no reality in “reality” shows. They are scripted by professional writers who are in a fight to get credit, by the way. The situation was totally staged but her words came from her heart…why did she say, you hate my mother because you are a homosexual and he (pointing to the guy sitting next to him) is your lover?

    Who would make that assumption and who would use a loved one as a weapon unless you meant to demean and dehumanize them?

    Would you call someone a heterosexual and accuse them of having a love relationship with the girl sitting next to them at the bar?

    come on people, get a clue.

  48. redball says

    He’s an American hero. And for the record, he didn’t say just “whore”–he said “money-grubbing whore” (i.e., whores herself out politically for MONEY) and a “media whore” (i.e., whores herself out for ATTENTION).

    I call her this all the time when I talk politics w/ my close friends and I’D SAY IT TO HER FACE as well…and to her adult (i.e., FULL-GROWN) daughter’s face too.

    Sarah P. is nothing more than a more famous version of Ann Coulter. And she demands $75,000 per speaking engagement, as of 2010.

    She’s a f.u.cking whore who doesn’t care about how her actions affect this country–just as long as she gets paid those millions year after year. And this is not a sexism issue as there are a great many MEN who are whores in a similar vein as well, including men of the cloth (Pat Robertson).

  49. Kevin Thor says

    Bristol has surrounded all rights to privacy as she makes $ off a being a hate monger through her celebrity. Her mother is just a parasite. Unpatriotic and un american . Christian evangelicals are one of the largest hate groups in America.

  50. ratbastard says

    Obnoxious, loud mouth. If I encountered this clown in a bar, no doubt he’d end up with a broken nose.

    ‘Racist homophobe’………LOL~

  51. ratbastard says

    What’s the sensitive, PC substitute for that evil word ‘homosexual’? Person of same sex attraction [PSSA]? What’s that sir? My mother is a whore? Oh, you must be a PSSA.

  52. Rin says


    J. Edgar Hoover was a horrible person and quite possibly gay. If I ran up to one of his kids (if he had them) and screamed:

    You’re father’s a miserable faggot!

    How many of you would think well of me?

    Certain words hurt more than the individual when they are said and contribute to negative stereotypes.

    Lincoln said that we should appeal to each other’s “better angels”.

    You are all much better than this. Looking for a reason to excuse bad behavior because he is part of your group…well, that’s no reason at all.

  53. Texistentialist says

    Re the term “homosexual”: What annoys me is when a newscaster (usually a male, local-channel desk-anchor) pronounces that word by emphasizing the first two syllables so it comes out “HO-MO-sexual” (instead of the standard “homoSEXual” — same for “heteroSEXual”). The public’s ear catches “HO-MO” and Mr. Bad Necktie gets away with it.

  54. gomez says

    as a homosexual, yes i said it, i understand his anger towards the right wing but he acted like a drunken classless tool and shouldve gotten a knuckle sandwich. he gives us all a bad name, just like the booing for the gay soldier gives repubs a bad name. cuts both ways

    pathetic how some of you homosexuals are defending him. omfg, i just said the “h” word, again. someone revoke my membership

  55. Don says

    I’m gonna have to side with Bristol on this one. He called Bristol’s mother a whore, and no matter what your opinion of Sarah Palin is, it was out of line. Bristol reacted the way any person would if their mother was called a whore. Stephen Hanks is a moron!

  56. khan says

    we need an army of this man…. an we are him, we are our own troops if only we knew it. but we’re forever bound by the limits of timid decorum. all gay bystanders –like bystanders everywhere, at any time– crunch a quick neurotic algebra at crucial moments– “can i say the right thing, will my voice wobble, will i say a wrong thing, will i be made to regret it later…” and the answer is silence. everyone becomes so afraid of saying an imperfect thing that nothing gets said. this man deserves a medal.

  57. Homer says

    Good for him..the bar was in West Hollywood and nobody but the guy called her out for her and her family’s media whore-mongering at the expense of the LGBT community.

    Civility has a place and time to be correctly used – not in a bar, not with that hypocritical twit. For those saying the guy was a plant – put your money where your mouth is and show proof.